abcs of johnlock

a funny thing about me is that i watch a show and i want to be what’s in the show,like:

*watches grey’s anatomy*
me:oh hey i want to be a doctor

*watches htgawn*
me:oh hey i want to be a lawyer

*watches supernatural*
me:oh hey i want to be a demon

*watches sherlock*
me:oh hey i want to be gay


My new 30 Days of Johnlock Fanbook finally arrived from the printer today, and small posters of my Sherlock ABC.

Also there’s postcards, one Sherlock and four Cabin Pressure ones, too, but I can’t show them all yet since the drawings were made for the Cabin Pressure Artbook. And finally there'smy other fanbook, Sherlock after the Fall.

If you want to purchase any of the stuff, let me know. The fanbooks are 7,50 Euros each, but together they go for 12 Euros. The poster is 2,50 Euros. The postcards … don’t know … guess I’ll just add them if someone orders a book. It wouldn’t be very cost effective to mail them separately, would it?

Shipping internationally is 3,50 Euros, and 1,50 Euros for shipments inside of Germany. Payment works best via Paypal (please contact me via email to arrange payment and shipping: khorazir [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Sneak peeks at the interior of the fanbooks can be found here:

Alright, listen up. If you ever plan on asking me out or anything like that, you'd better use one of these:

Will you be the Dean to my Cas?

Will you be the Companion to my Doctor?
Will you be the Rose to my Nine?
Will you be the Clara to my Eleven?
Will you be the River to my Twelve?
Will you be the Amy to my Rory?

Will you be the Jack to my Ianto?

Will you be the Sherlock to my John?

Will you be the Brennan to my Booth?

Will you be the Beckett to my Castle?

Will you be the Meredith to my Derek?
Will you be the Callie to my Arizona?

Will you be the Hermione to my Ron?
Will you be the Ginny to my Harry?

Will you be the Meg to my Wonder-boy?

Will you be the Hazel to my Augustus?

Will you be the Annabeth to my Percy?
(you can use Wise Girl & Seaweed Brain if you want ^-^)

Will you be the Clary to my Jace?

And if you can think of any other fandom related thing, then feel free to use that. And yeah, some of them are gay couples, get over it. I like them.