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I hate L myself but how is L the leech when she has the new ABC show, the second album, Glee history, Broadway history, and the endorsement bs? Amelia has??? ... a creepy piano bar she will probably force D to play at. Failed bands. A non album. No SAG card. I doubt she's in the WGA or Prod Guild.

I don’t get the lea hate at all. She is hardworking and plays the game well. If she was a man, folks would talk about how sexy her ambition is.

Amelia doesn’t have it. We should celebrate all women that do.


Just created a new blog for my lady-loving interests. Can you please reblog/like if you post any of these, so I can follow you?

- Orphan Black (Cophine)
- Lost Girl (I ship all the girls with all the girls, basically)
- Grey’s Anatomy (Calzona)
- Glee (Brittana)
- Pretty Little Liars (Again, girl/girl is my otp)
- Faking It (Karmy)
- The L Word (No need, right?)
- Rose/Rosie
- Bria/Chrissy

Signs / TV Shows

Aries: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Taurus: Greek
Gemini: The 100
Cancer: Grey’s Anatomy
Leo: Glee
Virgo: Scandal
Libra: What Not to Wear
Scorpio: Revenge
Sagittarius: Saved by the Bell
Capricorn: Mad Men
Aquarius: Lost
Pisces: Medium