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When you make a tv show reference in front of a group of people knowing that only one person in that group is gonna get it and they get it.

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In an unbelievable coincidence, David Tennant, Danny Pudi and I were interrupted multiple times by “Breaking News” during our interview about Ducktales with ABC News.


Still on the Doctor Who World Tour with their fourth stop in Sydney, Australia, Peter and Jenna continue to do interviews, photo calls, and screenings to promote Series 8. During a morning interview on ABC Radio (hosted by Robbie Buck), Jenna started to recall filming Peter’s regeneration scene and uttering his first line. Trying different ways to say, “Kidneys!” he sang it at one point. A blooper reel exists of this scene, and I’d still love to see it! 😂

Actors & Actresses who have inspired me to pursue my Acting Career Part 2

Ellen Pompeo [Greys Anatomy]

David Tennant [Doctor Who, Jessica Jones]

Danai Gurira [The Walking Dead]

Kevin Mckidd [Greys Anatomy]

Kerry Washington [Scandal]

Robert Knepper [Prison Break, Twin Peaks the Return]

Keira Knightley [Pirates of the Caribbean, The Imitation Game]

Jensen Ackles [Supernatural]

Winona Ryder [Edward Scissor hands, Stranger Things]

Leonard Dicaprio [The Great Gatsby, Titanic]

Yeah you will need to narrow that down a bit..

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