FO: Suke-Suke Cowl (aka the purple blob). Made for and gifted to my mom for Mother’s Day, this cowl design is wonderfully deceptive. It looks awful for 90% of the time you’re knitting it, and then you drop a few stitches and it turns out fantastic. My skeins were also slightly mismatched, with one a little more pink than the other, and it gives the cowl a bit of an accidental gradient effect. I also love that it’s reversible!


FO: Sail Away Socks (pattern page). I started these back in June when the pattern was released, but only just got around to finishing them. I’ve been so busy learning to sew (more FO posts in the near future! sewing is so much faster than knitting) that I only just realized this is only my fourth pair of socks this year! Compared to last year (when I knit 11 or 12) that number seems so low. 

On these socks, I particularly love the way the trapezoidal shapes were formed, and the way they actually look like the sails that inspired them. The yarn is Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock, which was also the June shipment yarn. I enjoyed working with it, although I’m skeptical about the 100% merino content for hardwearing socks. I did go down a needle size to compensate, so I hope they hold up!


It was R’s birthday this week! He doesn’t ask for much, so when he politely squealed over the option of some Mass Effect mitts I just couldn’t say no!

I started with the charts for the Paragon/Renegade symbols, and added the N7 signs and stranded colorwork on the palms. For the blue glove, the red swoosh of the N7 was done in intarsia, and the letters on both gloves were duplicate stitched. More details are on my project page.