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Boy did I love Cole’s speech about labels

I am so in love with Jude’s acceptance storyline. I was right there with him. I am afraid of labels. I am afraid they will box me in and make me a certain way and I don’t want to be confined to that label. I just want to be me. I don’t want others to have a conception of me that defines how they will perceive me. I used to go around saying “I’m an introvert. I’m an INFJ.” And to anyone who knows what those labels mean, you know that there are a lot of notions about what is an introvert and being an INFJ. And I used to pretend that I couldn’t be anything else but that one thing. And to be honest, it really prevented me from a lot of personal growth. 

But it’s good to remember that labels are really powerful. At one point, that label introvert really helped me understand something about myself that I was really really ashamed of. And lately I’ve been feeling like not using a different label isolates me from other people who are similar in

So here is me. I am asexual. I don’t and have never felt a sexual or romantic attraction to a person. I don’t desire intimacy, especially sexual intimacy. Whatever else that means, I’m not really sure yet. But I know that this is me and that putting a label on it makes me feel like I’m not broken.

But I am more than just my sexuality and it’s not the most interesting thing about me. 

So there. (:

Can We Take A Moment and Appreciating Lena Foster.

I mean she is one of the two black women (Abbie Mills) on TV written with respect and dignity. From her talks with Jude, to her mother about the differences of light skin and dark skin in the AA community, to Mondays episode with explaining to Stef about WoC hair. Like seriously she is AMAZING. 

If you aren’t watching The Fosters water you doing with your life.