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im just gonna sit here and cry, thank you for drawing kinoshita i love him so much he's honestly one of my fave characters in haikyuu but i see so little of him so to have one of my fave artists draw him is just a damn blessing thank y o u

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here have more

fun fact even though he’s barely done anything ever the golden boy is one of my fave crows ✌️

Inktober Day 24! Comic mood practice with Critical Role characters ^__^ First off, Vex fearful for a loved one!



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Hey! I barely ever talk here but there’s something I really gotta get off my chest. I’m one of those artists that love looking through ppl’s tags to see what they think of my art since i’m hella curious.
But sometimes I also see reblogs of my art tagged with folks’ OCs and that’s where I’ll politely ask you to refrain from doing so. 

OCs are something very personal and dear to me, and seeing others tag them with their own feels… off… I’m really happy you see it as inspiring for your own characters, but I’d be much obliged if you guys wouldn’t do it ;; 

Mamma Mía Fix-Fic codas

So I did a little list with all the Wincest and Gen fixfic I could find, if you have any and want it to be added, please, send me the link ♥ Thank you to all the talented writers of this amazing fandom!


The Only Thing  by  non_tiembo_mala  Sam gets mind-fucked and tortured by a British bitch who somehow manages to walk away from it all in one piece. But he also gets back the brother he thought was dead, and Dean will always be enough.

I Still Got You  by  seraphyde  Dean, Sam and Mary are sitting down for dinner as a family for the first time since her return. Dean’s mind is elsewhere.

The Worst Part  by  ithinktoomuch4438  Come was still drying in his jeans. That was the worst part.

Aftercare  by  little_escapist   A little ficlet set right after the episode Mamma Mia, because Sam needs some time after all he has been through.

Into Place  by  SummerRunaway  “So what’s going on in that dome of yours, huh?” Dean grinned, nudging Sam’s rib cage gently as he kicked his feet up onto the bed beside his brother.

Sam shrugged. “The past few days, I guess. Mom, the British chapter…you.” He turned his head to give his brother a look that made Dean feel like his soul was exposed. “You’re meant to be dead, Dean; thrown into the Empty. And yet you’re here.”

A few scenes of 12x02 we never got to see.

Hurt  by   bccalling  Dean takes care of Sam after his brother’s ordeal at the hands of the British Men of Letters.

Not all healing is physical  by  Amberdreams  Reaction to Season 12 Episode 2: Mamma Mia.  Castiel healed their injuries and left them to their own devices. Yet somehow, after everyone should have gone to bed, all three Winchesters are still awake.

Nightcap by frozen_delight  It is what it is. Coda to 12x02 “Mamma Mia”.

‘As it was, shall it ever be…’   by   Fenix21  So, this is just a little bit of nothing. Just a quiet moment between the boys and some of the uncertainty they feel, mostly just indulging my busted up heart after seeing Dean sitting in the kitchen floor drinking his beer and looking at those photos like a little boy lost. Poor baby.

The Gnostic Winchester Gospels: Faux Resurrection 12.2by sandymg Dean saves Sam from the British Men of Letters. Alt scene for S12X2 Mama Mia


Untitled and Untitled by @semirahrose

tracing our steps forward  by  TolkienGirl  Dean’s gone through enough memories tonight.

It’s Complicated  by   kisahawklin   After the first illusion, Sam can’t trust anything anymore.