Everybody needs to go watch Andi Mack on Disney Channel because it focuses on a mixed Asian family. The main character, Andi discovered that her older sister is actually her mother, so we guess she got pregnant when she was young. This series shows how Andi handle this new situation. Also, her friends are sweet. There are a funny and carry boy named Cyrus who will question his sexuality and a joyful and sassy black girl Buffy who will deal with discrimation in school with her natural hair. I think now Disney tries to create more realistic tv shows with good storylines such as Lizzie McGuire or That’s So Raven. If you like Freeform/ABC Family, you should watch it because it kinda have some Switched At Birth vibes :)

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hi love! do you know where I can watch the billboard nomination live? I live in Europe and I really don't wanna miss it. have a great day and I love your account <33

  • I shared links HERE 
  • The Red Carpet is at 6 pm ET and the show starts at 8 pm ET at ABC
  • You can find a time converter HERE - Or you can just google “BBMAS” and it will give you when it starts (considering your location).

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Best Big Brother - Dean x Sister!Reader

Warnings: Little bit of angst, the rest is fluff (What a suprise right?)

Word Count: 973

A/N This is for @highonpastries ’ “Pastries 250 Celebration” I’m late I know I’m so sorry but I hope you like it nonetheless. My prompt was “I know it’s off topic but could I have a banana?” It will be bolded in the fic.

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Dean had just spent the better half of the ride back to the bunker lecturing you about the hunt you had just finished. Your father usually did this, if anything happened during a hunt that involved you, and something he didn’t plan on, you could just expect a speech to come your way.

“Now, you know not to pull stupid stunts so I have no idea why you thought that was a good idea,” Dean said pulling into the bunker garage. Dean kept rambling on but you had lost all attention in anything he was saying.

What had happened in all honesty, wasn’t that bad. You had simply… charged a demon who was coming at Dean from behind. He would have gotten hurt or even killed if you hadn’t of done anything so you didn’t understand why Dean was so mad at you. You had tried to defend your actions earlier in the drive but gave up when Dean kept interrupting anything and everything you had to say on the topic.

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listen if you’re not watching speechless on abc then you absolutely should
the show
•features a disabled main character
•said character is actually played by a disabled actor
•the jokes/humor don’t use jj’s disability as a punchline
•when I first saw the promo I was scared of that happening but the show hasn’t done that
•accurate disabled representation

lance tries again
  • <p> <b>lance:</b> there's 21 letters in the alphabet right?<p/><b>Keith:</b> im pretty sure there's 26<p/><b>lance:</b> oh right.. i always forget U,R,A,Q,T ;)<p/><b>keith:</b> dude how can u forget, A is like the first letter of the freaking alphabet, what are you in grade school?? you should really learn your ABC i cant believe you even made it to the garrisons *ramble ramble*...<p/><b>lance:</b> why him.<p/></p>

“MJ will be my new name. No more Michael Jackson. I want a whole new character, a whole new look. I should be a totally different person. People should never think of me as the kid who sang “ABC”, “I Want You Back”. I should be a new incredible actor, singer, dancer that will shock the world. I will do no interviews. I will be magic. I will be a perfectionist, a researcher, a trainer, a master. I will be greater than every great actor roped in one. I must have the most incredible training system, to dig and dig and dig until I find. I will study and look back at the whole world of entertainment and perfect it. Take it steps further from where the greats left off.“ - November 6th, 1979/Destiny Tour (Journey From Motown: Off The Wall.)

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If you Google BBMA 2017 Google actually gives you the local time it would be aired in your time zone at at the top. The bbmas official Twitter will stream the red carpet and as for the show you probably just need to find a stream for ABC channel and you're sorted. Probably also just look for bbma stream on the day of the event on Twitter and it'll be tons of people sharing links ^

^^^^^ (thank you! this is true, a lot of people share info on twitter)

Y’all want to know the first names of them Friends of the ABC when you could be interested in more important matters, such as which ones like pineapple on pizza, which ones hate it, and which ones are neutral on the matter

There is absolutely no reason to lose hope or give up on Caryl, just because there’s no interaction in the finale.

Let’s all remember a few things.
1. Remember last year’s finale? There was some seriously unfinished business. Scott Gimple said we weren’t shown who died in the finale because that wasn’t Season 6’s story. The bashings, the death’s were Season 7’s story.

So, if he used that logic again, he’s probably thinking that ending Carol and Morgan’s storyline is part of Season 7’s story, and her reuniting with Team Family and moving forward and healing with Daryl is part of Season 8’s. You gotta close the chapter that you’re currently on before progressing.
Whether this makes sense to you personally is up to you.

And 2, let’s not forget everything we have been given. Episode 10, paralleling with Richonne (“ I can’t lose you. We say that to the one’s we love. ”), Morgan and Carol’s conversations (“ Dary didn’t find you because of me. ”, “ you have to talk to Daryl about that. ” did you get what you wanted or was it just too late to get away? “).

That opens a door to Carol and Daryl talking. It’s been said that this will be addressed.

3. The ” One Way “ sign was pointing backwards, away from The Kingdom. Melissa McBride confirms this but she couldn’t say more about what it meant.

There’s no reason to lose hope. Season 8 is a new chapter.

Also, Norman made it clear as day that Carol is the most important person in the world to Daryl. Scott Gimple says he (Daryl) allows her solace but he doesn’t want that for him or her. They made episode 10 basically all about Caryl and how Daryl will go to any length to keep her safe and protected because she’s the most important thing to him.
That wouldn’t have happened for them to just brush off Caryl and toss it in the drain. That wouldn’t have happened unless there was more to come, more to be revealed and explored. They wouldn’t have done that for nothing.

There is more. You just need to hold on. You need to remember what we’ve been given. You need to stay positive. You need to block anti’s and ABC/ABD'ers so that you don’t take in their negativity. You need to take care of you and your ship. You need to protect what you love.

Hold on. There’s no reason to let go. Not yet. Not now.