Sat, Oct 21st - Reblogs
Sat, Oct 21st - Reblogs

@letspurpleme​ saidYou are so right about this tv season.  Damn!  I find myself using demand more now because there is some serious quality shows out there in bulk!  I’m lovin it.  I love The Good Doctor too!  As for Olitz, on twitter I may be in the minority, but I think we’re gonna be ok.  I really am enjoying the season so far.

@eaudrey35​ saidwe all know in HW talent is the least thing u have to have.  Shonda Rhimes being inducted n the TV Hall of Fame is just laughable to me cause what has she really done?  how has she changed the perception of blk wm?  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.  She’s a token – point blank and the period.  and HW loves tokens.  As far as Olitz.  Merry go round that is all i am saying.

M is for “Mine”

Fandom: BTS
Pairing: Yoonseok
Rating/warning: PG13 I guess for alcohol use
Genre: Fluff, humor, and a little OT7
Word count: ~800 

Summary: Yoongi chaperones his six friends on a drunken IKEA adventure and wishes he hadn’t.

ABCs masterlist

Have you ever looked at someone you love and thought, “Wow, I’m so proud to know this person.”?

Alternatively, have you ever looked at the same person and thought, “I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. We are not here together, I swear.”?

While Yoongi is usually proud to call himself Hoseok’s partner, now is not one of those times. Not when Hoseok is twerking in the couch section of IKEA, screaming (and botching) the lyrics to Despacito at the top of his lungs. Yoongi isn’t sure why he allowed himself to be dragged along on this adventure with his fiancé and their five other friends when he knew something like this would happen, and he knew Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, and Taehyung were already shitfaced drunk. Perhaps he’s a teensy bit masochistic, or maybe it is because he wanted to look out for his friends, to make sure none of them ended up in jail for mooning a police officer on a drunken dare. Not again.

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Everybody needs to go watch Andi Mack on Disney Channel because it focuses on a mixed Asian family. The main character, Andi discovered that her older sister is actually her mother, so we guess she got pregnant when she was young. This series shows how Andi handle this new situation. Also, her friends are sweet. There are a funny and carry boy named Cyrus who will question his sexuality and a joyful and sassy black girl Buffy who will deal with discrimation in school with her natural hair. I think now Disney tries to create more realistic tv shows with good storylines such as Lizzie McGuire or That’s So Raven. If you like Freeform/ABC Family, you should watch it because it kinda have some Switched At Birth vibes :)

M a s t e r l i s t ♡

My full masterlist with all my smuts and drabbles and shits. And yes…I mean everything…even the shitty ones. I mean they’re all shit but…

Quick Notes:

•Ones marked with ‘🅡’ are requests

•Ones marked with ‘∅’ are (in my opinion) the dirtiest/best ones


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Bts Sexual Punishments When They’re Mad At You

 Abcs NSFW, Jungkook                                                                         
Male reader

         Female reader


• Jealous of a Puppy

Jimin and Jungkook
You, Jungkook, Jimin are all sitting down when Jimin asks you and Jungkook if you’ve ever had a threesome before.


Yoongi and Taehyung
Your two sex friends, Taehyung and Yoongi come over to play with you. Hard.



You and Yoongi are roommates and it’s very rare for two of you to do anything with each other. When he decides to be a bitch one day, you facetime him while he’s in the shower. He then gains fucking superpowers and reads your mind, knowing exactly what you want. He takes you into the shower with him to wake you up a little bit more.


Secret Admirer 🅡

Namjoon calls you and asks you to get drinks with him. When you get home, you’re a little bored. So, you decide to have a little fun with Namjoon. Afterwards, you find out a very big secret he’s been keeping from you. 


Not In the Mood

You come home from dance practice to find a horny Jimin that’s been waiting too long.

Magic Trick

While looking for a lighter in the kitchen, you come across some playing cards. The cards remind you of a magic trick you wanna show Jimin. This ‘magic trick’ makes him fall completely under your control.


“It’s October 3rd”

You and Jungkook have been the best of friends for years, but Jungkook thinks that you can be closer than you already are.

Slow Torture 🅡∅

Torture is a dish best served slowly.


Kookie gets sick and asks you to come over. You think that he wants you to take care of him but he really just wanted you there. He doesn’t want you babying him, but he lets you take care of him in the shower.


You had to clean the house. Jungkook was asleep. That was good. You didn’t have him to distract you from actually being productive today. Except…When he woke up….Well, you couldn’t really complain.



Your best friends, Bts, come over and spend the night. You had to wake to feed your fatass dog, who just has to be fed in the middle of the night. While doing so, you were surprised to see a sleepy Hoseok sitting on you couch and playing video games.


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Daddy’s Home 🅡

Jinyoung comes home from a long day of working and just wants to be fed. You made him a cake, but…that’s not really the taste he’s longing for….

✕Monsta x

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Sweety Pi

Wonho wants to come over and spend the night. You know that he only wants to so he could get in your panties. You tell him the only way he could come over is if he lets you tutor him.


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VIXX Reaction To Buying Their Girlfriend New Jeans, But She Can’t Fit Them Because She’s Gained Weight 🅡


Try To Be Gentle 🅡

You love your friend, but you hated her parties. It was only ever people fucking in your face as if they knew you were a virgin. You’ve only ever watched porn, yet have never done anything to yourself. Your friend, Taekwoon, helps you get rid of this problem.



Wonsik always holds you tightly during intimate moments. In return, you do the same.


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Trust Me >> Chanyeol



Your best friend, Sehun, introduces you to the oh-so-famous-and-talented, Park Chanyeol, who you just adore. When Sehun leaves to handle Xiumin’s bullshit, you two get know each other very well.



You decide to have a sleepover with exo and a few of your friends. You and Xiumin end up have ‘fun’ but have to make sure that you don’t wake the boys or shit’ll hit the fan.


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Far From It

You go to Comic Con and meet a boy you’ve seen before. He tries to slip a boner pass you, but you wore your glasses today

♡ Bobby


The members of iKon, your best friends, throw a huge house party. A lot of people are there; almost everyone in YG and a few others. Everyone including Bobby. He was your friend with benefits, maybe more. You were pissed at him. Though, after being locked in a closet with him, you decide to let it slide.


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Ten ♡

No Control, No Filter

You and ‘your friend’ ,Ten, were at some wedding both your parents made you go to. It was full of old people, weird smells, and was boring as fuck. The two of you slip off to a closet to…’grab a broom’….


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♡ Taemin


You’re sleeping on top of Taemin on the couch when he starts playing with your stomach while you sleep then he finds out he got a little big something from you..


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Yongguk ♡

Liquorice Bitch

Your friends Daehyun and Youngjae introduced you to the other members of B.A.P and you and Yongguk get to know each other very well in the practice room

“you should learn XYZ language”
“why don’t you learn ABC language”
“you’d do much better in life if you learnt XYZ language”
“you might want to think about learning ABC language”
“why do you always speak XYZ language”
“why are you learning a language that no one speaks”

*whispers silently* shh, let people enjoy things

Attn: Still Star-Crossed Fans

Did Still Star-Crossed change your life? 

Were you left wanting more after that finale?

Do you think ABC is shady as hell?

Do you want to see more of Lashana’s gorgeous face?

SavingSSC is here to fight for the little show that could. We’ve seen wonderful petitions floating around the internet, as well as countless people wondering why a show with such a beautiful, talented cast wasn’t given its fair chance. This account exists as a starting point  for what could be a campaign to get our show back. In order for that to happen, we’ll need as much man power as possible. 

We figure, if a show without any promotion was able to generate this much interest, imagine if Still Star-Crossed received the support it deserved! We’re down to accept campaign and promotion ideas. It doesn’t hurt to try right? 

listen if you’re not watching speechless on abc then you absolutely should
the show
•features a disabled main character
•said character is actually played by a disabled actor
•the jokes/humor don’t use jj’s disability as a punchline
•when I first saw the promo I was scared of that happening but the show hasn’t done that
•accurate disabled representation

Ask my musical ABCs

A. Would you take “Amadeus” as your middle name?

B. Beethoven or Brahms?

C. Your favourite concerto?

D. Best dynamic to play at?

E. Your favourite ensemble?

F. Best film soundtrack?

G. German, French, Italian, English, or Russian opera?

H. Haydn or Bach?

I. What’s your primary instrument?

J. Jazz or “classical”?

K. Your favourite key?

L.  What’s the latest you’ve turned up to a rehearsal?

M. Thoughts on marching?

N. “New music”. Art or rubbish?

O. What is your favourite orchestra?

P. Favourite pop/rock artist/band?

Q. String quartet or string orchestra?

R. What’s your current repertoire?

S. What’s your favourite Symphony?

T. Trumpet, trombone, horn, or tuba?

U. Music for university/career or hobby?

V. Violin, Viola, Violincello, or Bass?

W. Wagnerite, or anti-Wagnerite?

X. Favourite percussion instrument?

Y. Why do you make music?

Z. What’s your sleep schedule like?