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My very first Children’s Book is at long last finished! I feel this is really an accumulation of all the things I have worked so hard to achieve! A piece of my heart and soul has gone into each page of this little alphabet book, and I couldn’t be prouder of it if I tried.
That being said, I’d really appreciate it if everyone would share this link, thank you so much everyone!
And here’s hoping that this is the first of many many more books to come from me!

- Vulpes

So, regarding the efforts to save Still Star Crossed.

I work with internet marketing and there’s one thing that fandoms usually ignore: THE POWER OF FREAKING GOOGLE SEARCHES.

Remember that ABC is a corporation of the 21st century. As such, they’re most certainly keeping an eye in every single detail of their online presence.

Let’s say that they start to notice an increase in their website traffic coming from people who searched for SSC related keywords on Google (they get this data from analytics and google webmaster tools). These reports on website traffic are sent to the board of directors (or to the head of the marketing sector) at least once a month.

But why would this be more important than, say, a twitter trend? Well, because networks KNOW that it is always the fandom that organizes twitter trends and hashtags. How many shows have we seen being cancelled even tho the fandom trended and trended and petitioned?!

But google searches show the interest of the COMMON PUBLIC in the show. It’s what your grandmother or your aunt or anyone NOT into fandoms would do if they had interest in knowing more about a tv show. It’s what I used to do before I got into fandoms.

So please, if you have the chance: search on google for the show and CLICK ON THE ABC WEBSITE IN THE RESULTS. If you see an ad from them, click on it (chances are that they have better reporting from ads than from organic clicks). Do it on every computer and device yku can put your hands on. Do it with incognito mode. Do it from different browsers. Do it on public libraries, at work, home, school. On your mom’s computer/phone.

Some search suggestions:

“Romeo and Juliet sequel for tv”
“Rosaline Capulet”/“Benvolio Montague” (basically any character name from the show - avoid names from the original play)
“Still Star Crossed book adaptation”
“Abc romeo and juliet”
“Abc Shakespeare show”
“Still star crossed cast”
“Still star crossed watch”
“Still star crossed episodes”

Stenonychosaurus is BACK!! I am ridiculously excited about this.

Why am I so excited about the return of a somewhat-obscure genus of troodontid that hasn’t been a recognised scientific name since the 1980s? Well, I’m glad you asked that weirdly specific question, because I just happen to have an answer.

Stenonychosaurus used to be one of my very favourite dinosaurs when I was a small kid. It was in one of the first dinosaur books I ever owned, and to be honest the main reason I loved it so much was probably because I was proud that I could say its name properly. Cut forwards a couple of years and I find out that Stenonychosaurus has been lumped into Troodon. I was sad, but I got used to it.

And now Stenonychosaurus inequalis has made its glorious return, just as Brontosaurus did before it! And “Troodon formosus” has been shackled with quotation marks and sent to the dungeon of nomen dubium. I probably shouldn’t be this vindictive about the recovery of a species, but I am.

So now you know the tale of my old friend Stenonychosaurus. We are now reunited at last, and shall continue to have many wonderful days together.

At least until another study does something else weird with it, anyway.

The Laugh and Learn Linen ABC Book. Alphabet of Talkative Animals. NY: McLoughlin Bros., 1901.

Each letter is represented by a different humanized animal with a short poem - illustrated in red and black. Interleaved are 6 wonderful chromolithographs of humanized animals and rhymes, all printed on linen pages. 

  • me: let's watch Harry Potter again
  • me: *criticizes everything*
  • me: *cries over the music*
  • me: *points out every difference from the books*
  • me: *giggles over how cute and young they were*
  • me: *yells at the screen every five seconds*
  • me: *mentions every pottermore update and wiki article on Harry Potter ever*
  • me: *sobs over the incorrect characterization*
  • me: *literally does not stop talking*
  • me: let's watch another one

dragonfeathergazette  asked:

Hey there! There's no better place to ask than here, so I'm hoping all paleoblr will help me. I'm making an ABC book for my brother for next Christmas (He has Down's Syndrome and Autism and he LOVES ABC books) and I'm aiming for a dinosaur ABC book this year. What I need from everyone are recommendations for dinosaurs of each letter. Things that are fun or easy to say - his pronunciation is not the best. Help an artist out?

Oh my goodness this is great! 

Would Yi be appropriate for Y? It’s a very short name, but it is pronounced “Ee” and not “Yee” so… 


Vintage Russian ABC book for elementary school (1986)

When I was a kid, I had one exactly like this one! There are multiple editions of ABC book, all with different pictures, so when I saw this one I felt a little overwhelmed. It’s such a dear book. :) My copy is tucked in my parents’ bookshelves somewhere!

Available on Etsy: