Let me tell you about my day. It involves books. Lots of books.

Two words - Book Expo. It’s a paradise for book lovers! Seriously! What can be better than cheap books?

My first stop was an “exchange point”. I had some (and by some I mean 7) books that I didn’t want to keep anymore. Some of those books I’ve had for years and haven’t read, some I’ve started but never finished. It was time to say goodbye and I’m happy I made that small step. In 4 of those books I put a post-it notes with some nice words. Like “Indiana Jones… on water.” or “Magic? Chocolate? Mystery? 19th century? Yes please!” I just wanted to make someones day by making them smile.

And instead of 7 books I took only 5. There wasn’t much to choose from and I was okay with that. Because my main goal wasn’t to get free books, it was to give someone a chance to read a book I’ve had for way too long. So I got 4 books for myself and one for my baby sister (it’s not in the picture because my mom is reading it to her). I’ve always wanted to read something written by H.G.Wells and Steinbeck could become my new obsession.

My next stop was at my favorite place - Jānis Roze. They had some really cheap books. Boxes upon boxes filled with books from one euro to 5 euros. I spent only 9 euros an got some really great books. I was super pumped to find The Girl Withe The Dragon Tattoo Vol 1 and A Game of Thrones Vol 1 for 3 euro each! Previously they were 13 euros! Each! And because it’s stupid not to buy a graphic novel for 3 euros, I got them both. And then I found a beat up copy of World War Z. The cover was torn in one place (I already fixed that) but I’ve been dying to read this one for a while. And it was 2 euros. So I bought it. I have nothing to say about Death of Kings. I read the back of the book. Thought it sounds cool. And bought it. And if you are good at math (like I am) then you know that Death of Kings cost me 1 euro.

And my last stop (because I have self control obviously) was Zvaigzne ABC. They mainly have books in Latvian and they sold some of their old books for 3 euros/kg. If you are confused - don’t be. You pick the books you want, they weight them and then you pay for the books. Just like at a grocery store. I got 4 books for 5 euros.

So I got 75 Days by Ilze Eņģele. It’s a sci-fi book apparently. I actually don’t know much about it but I want to get more into Latvian sci-fi literature so I just had to have this book.

Then I found Idiots: Five Fairy Tales and Other Stories by Jakob Arjourni. This was recommended to me by another bookworm at a book club meeting.

Picked up The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman for the next book club meeting. And finally - Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. Because everyone is talking about Murakami and I want to tag along.

The only minus? The stickers on the covers. I’ll try to get them off but it won’t be easy. Basically they ruined the covers and I kind of hate that. But hey, they were cheap…

To summarize: I replaced 7 book with 13. And I spent only 14 euros. Great day huh?

P.S. This is my cat with all the books!

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ABC’s terror drama Quantico has cast its female lead.

The Help alum Aunjanue Ellis has been tapped to star in the drama pilot from Josh Safran, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The drama centers on a group of young FBI recruits, all with specific reasons for joining, who battle their way through training at the Quantico base in Virginia. As the drama intercuts between their hidden pasts and their present training, it also flashes-forward to the near future, where one of the recruits will turn out to be a sleeper terrorist responsible for the most devastating terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11.[X]