“An Iota Alphabet” by Maia Kobabe. A letterpress alphabet book designed, set and printed by hand on a Chandler and Price press and a Vandercook Press. I have some of these finished books for sale on etsy

Each page of this book features a different historical typeface, from a 72 point Della Robbia for ‘A’ to a 16 point Poliphilus for 'Z’. The type faces decrease in size over the length of the book. Each page of the book has one more letter of the alphabet than the previous page, and each page is slightly longer than the page previous page. When the cover and title page are lifted the whole alphabet can be read, with each letter showing in a different font. Most of the books were stitched at the spine but a few are held together instead with a Chicago screw and can be spread out in a fan or spiral. 

The book is 1.5 inches tall, 18.75 inches long and half an inch thick at the spin. It took over 8 months to design, print and hand stitch the whole edition (of 38).