The Fosters 3x07 Faith, Hope, Love

Episode Description:

“Stef and Lena hesitate to give their blessing when Mariana’s biological grandfather tells her she must be baptized in order to be her new half-sister Isabella’s godmother. Callie’s actions at her birthday party are called out by Stef, and they make a big decision in order to avoid jeopardizing her adoption.”

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Love TJ.

Amy Freeze
Meteorologist for WABC-TV

In my first semester of college, I took a meteorology course that I passed by the skin of my teeth. Whenever I watch Amy Freeze, I wonder why, because she makes the weather so easy to understand. (And, YES, Freeze is her real surname!)

Maybe it’s the mom of four in her that helps her to break down what’s going on in the skies above our heads as if it were child’s play. Or, perhaps it’s her Utah-Indiana upbringing that’s responsible for her down-to-earth reports filled with love and joy. Whatever it is, I’m grateful that she’s brought her talents eastward, to WABC-TV here in New York City.

A three-time Emmy Award winner, Freeze also has a passion for sports and fitness, which she integrates into her role at WABC. Previously, she served as a sideline reporter for various sports teams. 

Check out this recent feature story she did on the Civilian Military Combine:

And, be sure to watch Amy give the AccuWeather forecast from Monday, August 19, 2013:

She’s such a darling! If you’re a fan, be sure to show your appreciation. Don’t be shy, she doesn’t bite.

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Castle Season 7 DVD: Extras

AUDIO COMMENTARIES – “Driven” episode with Director Rob Bowman, cast Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever, and Writer David Amann; “Reckoning” episode with Nathan Fillion and Michael Mosley, Creator/Executive Producer/Writer Andrew W. Marlowe and Executive Producer/Director Rob Bowman.

RAGING HEAT WEBMERCIAL – Castle goes viral in this uncut Raging Heat webmercial.

“DEFINITION OF LOVE” PERFORMED BY SHAY-JEAN THE DYNAMIC DUO – The never- before-seen, DVD exclusive music video that Ryan and Esposito created for Castle and Beckett.

THE CAST BEHIND THE CAST – They are known as background and stand-ins, but for the cast and crew of “Castle,” their role is an essential part of the atmosphere that creates a realistic setting on the show and makes it possible to finish each episode on time. The cast will introduce us to some of the familiar, and not so familiar, faces of those who have been with the show for many seasons, as we go behind the scenes for a day in their life on “Castle.”