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“Would u ship me with someone from One direction in real life & forever in your mind pls. Im Carlye I’m a straight girl Im a Scorpio and a hufflepuff I’m 5'3 I love to play video games and watch YouTube I’m in band my friends call me loyal &the "innocent one” Im an introvert I’m also called a walking meme lol my hobbie is sleeping lol…&I’m currently obsessed Tumblr and I love ur blog lol Thx:)“

One direction: I ship you with niall Horan

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Just like you I think niall would 100% be a hufflepuff you and him would instantly hit it off. -whenever the two of you get together to hang out the two of you would just chill wheather you would listen to music or watch youtube. -You favorite thing to do together would be for him to play guitar for you and he’d teach you how to play.

In Real Life: I ship you with drew ramos

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When he fist met you he loved that you weren’t like other girls instead of wanting to go shopping your favorite thing to do is play video games. -Yall would spend hours in front of the tv or laptop playing video games together it didn’t matter the game you’d laugh and play forever. -Your favorite thing was nights together you’d cuddle up in bed and he’d sing you to sleep.

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~hope you like it! 😊

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