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some great things about dr. shaun murphy

is a positive angel despite the fact that his coworkers mostly underestimate him and micromanage him, even after proving that he was perfectly qualified, if not overly qualified, as a surgeon

is a religious christian ! and seeks comfort in christianity ! portrayed not in a way that overdoes it but one of the rare times we get to see a christian in media who is a better person because of it ? its refreshing

eats his pancakes w/ lots of syrup

after losing two v important figures in his life (his rabbit and his brother) he dedicates the rest of his life trying to save others!

 spending a majority of his childhood enduring abuse and neglect from his parents, and YET SOMEHOW turning out to be a decent human being??? (note sarcasm) because not everyone who was abused in childhood spends their lives trying to tear others down and is something that a lot of networks need to grasp, seriously this trope is tired.


Crazy Crossover #4! 

Continuing my Star Wars interest, it’s time for Art Man!

Thrawn is a fantastic character, who, through his incredible deductions and collected manner, takes a couple of cues from the original consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes.

So, here’s the Grand Admiral himself, with a Classic Holmes twist, inspired by Sidney Paget’s original Strand Magazine illustrations.

My Thrawn design is a weird smash-up of Lars Mikkelsen, the Rebels design, the Dark Horse comics and the Outbound Flight cover art.

Why Force Romance?

I’ve been watching Grey’s for a long time, so I know that this show has always been about doctors and their relationships, but now that we are in Season 14, I don’t understand why the writers insist on forcing these odd, chemistry-deficient romantic storylines. Especially when there are so many better, more interesting stories that could be told.

  • Why is Arizona always in a relationship with a new person? Why can’t she just do actual surgery for once? She’s a kick ass ped’s and fetal surgeon. So many potential cool storylines
  • Owen and Amelia have been forced together since day one, only because they were the only 2 available (and God forbid anyone on this show be single). Owen could explore adoption on his own and what its like to be a single dad. Amelia needs to figure out who she is now and needs major therapy before she can commit to another person.
  • Jackson and Maggie…don’t even get me started. That came out of nowhere and nobody asked for it. The Japril breakup was actually pretty well done and necessary at this point in time, so both characters could focus on themselves and their kid and then find their way back together. WHY does there need to be another love interest involved?
  • Meredith is doing perfectly fine being a badass surgeon on her own. She don’t need a man!

These romances are all forced and unnecessary. We all know there will never be another Merder, Crowen, Slexie, Calzona, or Japril. So STOP TRYING to replace these relationships with new ones. You can have a couple relationships (benley, jolex) and still focus on other aspects of these character’s lives!!!

Shaun’s favorite holiday is definitely Christmas. He loves it. He doesn’t like the crowded stores or the cold bus rides in the morning, but he loves the little pieces. He loves the hot chocolate, and the fact that people are usually happier and nicer around that time of year. He likes watching the snow and he likes finding something that he knows Glassman would want as a gift.

But mainly, he loves it because of the memories he associates with it. When he was younger, Christmas was usually the one day of the year things were actually fine. It was when his father was nicer to him, and Steve was happy, and his mom was smiling. There wasn’t any fighting or yelling or cold shoulders. It was when they could all be together for an entire day without any problems or issues.

And it also reminds him of when he was a little older, and Glassman would celebrate it with him. When he would actually let Shaun help set up the tree instead of just telling him to watch, because he might mess something up. It reminds him of when he would receive fantastic and wonderful presents, even though sometimes the one he liked the most was just an old medical textbook Glassman didn’t need anymore. It reminds him of when they would watch Christmas movies, or sit together and watch the snow in comfortable silence.

Christmas always reminds him of some of the happiest times he’s had. So it holds a special place in his heart, and he looks forward to it every year.


Queen-Pt 2

a mature female cat kept especially for breeding

a woman eminent in rank, power, or attractions

a female monarch or chieftain: the wife or widow of a king or tribal chief

a goddess or a thing personified as female and having supremacy in a specified realm

an attractive girl or woman; especially :a beauty contest winner

Scandal 703 Review: From a Fitz Fan on Facebook

I downloaded the episode & watched it. I loved how much we got to see Fitz. My love of Tony/Fitz made it not boring to me but I can see how some people would think it was boring(especially if you’re not a Fitz fan). There was a few annoying things.

1. I hate how stupid they write Fitz. I refuse to believe a man who was a navy pilot with a PhD, doesn’t know that you have to call to activate a debit/credit card. One, he knows how to read. Two, he was an adult before he became president and or governor so y’all can miss me with that bullshit.

2. I REFUSE to believe that Fitz is “so out of touch” with racism & racial issues in this world considering his work on The Brandon Bill, his relationship with Olivia, & his work with Marcus. Now I know you can be white, sleep with black, & still be racist trash BUT THAT IS NOT FITZ. Fitz is the man who called out Olivia for her Sally Hemings/Thomas Jefferson comment in season 2. Fitz is aware of their differences & have done & acted accordingly as a man who loves an African-American woman.

3. Marcus TRIED ALL OF IT. His comments about Fitz turning Olivia into a homewrecking black ho were laughable at best considering that technically, Marcus himself would be considered the same because he was fucking with a married white woman who ended up dead & fucked up his whole career when he was running for mayor. Pot, meet kettle. Marcus pour us all a cup cause the tea is piping hot.

4. Also all this gassing Olivia up needs to come to a COMPLETE STOP. She made Fitz they say. I say LIE AGAIN! OLIVIA CAROLYN POPE HAS NEVER WON ANY OF THE PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS SHE HAS RUN. Fitz lost his first election so they rigged that. His second term was a sympathy term since his son died on national TV. Mellie, didn’t win! Vargas did. They literally went all around the riverbend to make Mellie a President when no one elected you, sis. I digress tho. The point is, they gassing Olivia up like her whole career hasn’t been making people in “power” feel like they need her cause she hasn’t won any of the BIG ones yet.

5. Fitz & Marcus fight wasn’t expected. Fitz was right in his assessment of Marcus. He could be doing more & doing activism but he wants a seat at the table. I feel like Marcus is a big contradiction because in one breath he calls Olivia out her name but has done the exact same behavior. Case in point him calling her a black homewrecking ho when he slept with a married woman & the fact that he criticized Olivia in the Lawn Chair episode for not being “black enough” or working for the wrong side but then he turns around & worked for those same people. They really turning Marcus into one of those fake woke people.

6. Mellie’s little talk with Marcus. I liked her saying Fitz was a good man & her quote about the weather change but she tried it too. Fitz is such ineffectual garbage but ALL OF Y’ALL NEED HIM. She basically told Marcus to ride Fitz coattails until they drain him dry. She did it, Liv did it, now it’s homewrecking black ho #2 Marcus’s turn. If Fitz so worthless, why y’all on his dick? Why y’all need him to make shit happen? Why y’all need him advance y’all? Be great on your own. It’s sad to say but now I don’t trust Marcus & see him as another soul sucking leach to latch on to Fitz & drain him damn near dry.

7. Eli coming to get Fitz to come back to DC was predictable & annoying. He has spent seasons trying to tear them apart for seasons. Been complaining about Fitz being weak & Olivia being mediocre if she is with him but to Fitz is the first place Eli runs. Like that was really counterproductive. It makes EVERYTHING over the last few seasons that got them to this point pointless. Why did they go through all of that for Eli to finally bring them two back together.

8. The promo for the next episode…why Olivia mad tho? Like sis, if you really BOSSED UP, don’t have to explain yourself to no one & you should be chilling but here you are mad…about something.

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