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Elroy Klee, graphic designer and brand communicator from Netherlands. Working together with brazilian, mexican and english artists he reaches a great field of art. While having his roots in graffitti and mural drawing, he is fully into 3 dimensional ideas of typography. Enjoy them!


A research on letters — The experimental typographic project vertical, horizontal, half-circle was inspired by the observation of differences between communication to humans and to computers. While the instructions given to computers should be precisely defined and give and expected and constant result, instructions to humans are personal, built on anticipation of knowledge and its correctness is barely questioned. Therefore we will always get an output on our instruction given to a person, but often not what we imagined. Strict instructions describing the letters of the alphabet were given to volunteers. Since every instruction can be interpret personally, completely new alphabets were created.

Publication and additional website, a project part of the graphic design course, Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague.

April - June 2015 


Wordy Wednesday
Pushing Pillows [x] 

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Watched The Fault in Our Stars yesterday and all I can say is wow.

I’ll admit I didn’t like the book (I prefer Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska) as much but the film was done amazingly - from the all star cast (Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley were both fitting for their roles) to the A+ soundtrack (Ed Sheeran, Grouplove, Kodaline? I mean come on), production design and the way the story was portrayed, I couldn’t have expected anything more. 

I also came out of the cinema weeping like a baby because really, all my emotions went wild on every scene of the film. I’ve never been this…emotional. Ever.

Have you guys watched TFiOS? How did you find the movie adaptation? :)


Stuff I’ve worked on last week (which apparently are both very girly in nature):

1. Watercolor drafts. I’ve been meaning to learn more techniques on flower painting, so hopefully I get to squeeze that into my schedule!

2. My sister celebrated her 18th birthday last weekend - and being the “creative” big sister, I designed all her materials for the event. I also taught her a bit of watercolor so she painted her own invite. 

Happy start of the month, everyone! :)