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Scandal Season 5 | Bloopers: Extended Version [  x  ]

  • Edit #1: This video is no longer on YouTube - I don’t know why they just won’t release the full blooper reel! 
  • Edit #2: Someone has upload the video, I’ve changed the video link (source)

L is for Loki Laufeyson! Trickster god of Asgard, mastermind, adopted brother of Thor, adopted son of Odin, on and off marvel super villain, anti-hero, shapeshifter, first Avenger villain, manipulator, the list goes on……

A few things to love about The Hour
  • Bel Rowley the kick-ass lady producer who won’t take sexist shit from anyone
  • Covering real events from the era and tackling intrigue, crime, politics, racism, and corruption
  • Tom Burke in a suit flirting with his sliky smooth voice
  • Lix Storm who is a literal storm and is another awesome lady character
  • Freddie’s quips and constant sarcasm
  • Great development of not only major but minor characters, especially Randall and Lix
  • Peter Capaldi’s characterisation of Randall and his absolutely heartbreaking breakdown
  • Hector Madden being shown that just because you’re a suave womaniser who’s popular, does not mean you won’t face the consequences of your actions
  • Mrs Madden finding her independence over him
  • All of the fantastic 50s costumes
  • Journalists wanting to get the truth out whatever the cost

ABC News journalist Tom Llamas was roundly criticized on social media after he tweeted that he informed police of people “looting”. Llamas’ tweet sparked intense backlash over a familiar issue: People should not be accused of a crime when they’re merely trying to obtain food and survive in the wake of a natural disaster.

Under Texas law, punishments are increased for crimes like robbery, burglary, and theft if committed in a county that is declared by the governor to be a disaster area.

For example, the statement notes that in Texas burglarizing a home normally brings a punishment of two to 20 years in prison, but now would bring five years to life in prison if convicted.