abc tom

the fosters just addressed the issue of police brutality against a young black kid, this is so important

people sleep on this show but it honestly is one of the best shows on television and it sheds light on a lot of issues and people you never get to see in mainstream media. and the way they handle these issues is just so important i love it

So Tom confesses that he killed Frankie Vargas under direct orders from Cyrus. I knew that he would do this. This is his last act of revenge against Cyrus, who is getting ready to face the music. Of course we all know that there’s a twist coming that will eventually complicate things even more.

Also Olivia giving Mellie the latest news, which they’re very happy about. Now they’re closer to getting the Oval together.

A few things to love about The Hour
  • Bel Rowley the kick-ass lady producer who won’t take sexist shit from anyone
  • Covering real events from the era and tackling intrigue, crime, politics, racism, and corruption
  • Tom Burke in a suit flirting with his sliky smooth voice
  • Lix Storm who is a literal storm and is another awesome lady character
  • Freddie’s quips and constant sarcasm
  • Great development of not only major but minor characters, especially Randall and Lix
  • Peter Capaldi’s characterisation of Randall and his absolutely heartbreaking breakdown
  • Hector Madden being shown that just because you’re a suave womaniser who’s popular, does not mean you won’t face the consequences of your actions
  • Mrs Madden finding her independence over him
  • All of the fantastic 50s costumes
  • Journalists wanting to get the truth out whatever the cost