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“I never felt safe. I could never trust, so I couldn’t ever commit. I was so sure that everything was gonna be taken from me, that I took it away from myself. I don’t really know why, Callie, but you do the same exact thing. Always with one foot out the door. Never taking the time to really connect. I think it’s because you’re scared.”

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Orange Is the New Black


Greys Anatomy

Scream Queens

Pretty Little Liars

The Big Bang Theory

and these youtubers

Shannon and Cammie

Rose and Rosie

Alfie Deyes

Joe Sugg


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- Orphan Black (Cophine)
- Lost Girl (I ship all the girls with all the girls, basically)
- Grey’s Anatomy (Calzona)
- Glee (Brittana)
- Pretty Little Liars (Again, girl/girl is my otp)
- Faking It (Karmy)
- The L Word (No need, right?)
- Rose/Rosie
- Bria/Chrissy