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Martinez paints a picture of a society full of people plagued by our own insecurities. Advertisements play to those weaknesses. We can be made to feel ugly, or crazy, or otherwise lacking and yet the quick fix won’t work because it is simply a bandage for a bigger problem. This is a 47-minute, visceral and venomous cultural critique cloaked in a backdrop of ethereal calliope-influenced electronics. We can try all we want to play and pretend to be perfect but deep down we all walk around with some degree of lasting damage. This is a brilliant and gripping record which is equally beautiful and twisted. It will haunt you in the best way possible. It is a pop record that will make you think about your life and maybe even your mistakes.
—  Allan Raible reviews “Cry Baby” (x)
Recently the bright camera flashes interrupted Kris Jenner youngest daughter’s Fourth of July while she was trying to watch the fireworks near their home.
“I texted Kylie and I said ‘Hey Kylie are you having fun? Mommy is on her way’ and she wrote back ‘No, I’m crying’ Jenner said. I said ‘Why Honey?’ And she said 'The paparazzi are everywhere – I just want to be a kid one day’. That broke my heart. It is very, very tricky… and it is a choice that I made.
The Face of Hate: Angry Gay Black Men?

Virginia — The former employee of a local news station shot and killed two of his ex-coworkers on air, was pursued by police and then killed himself. He was black and they were White. Apparently he also faxed a manifesto/suicide note to ABC News. Here are some of the reported highlights from his 23-page document: “Why did I do it? I put down a deposit for a gun on 6/19/15. The Church shooting in…

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5 Seconds of Summer on the Meaning Behind Their Music
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