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That’s no moon!* Actually, it’s a moon *and* a dinner plate, part of the Cosmic Diner collection from Diesel Living with Seletti.

I saw these in person at ABC Home & Carpet in NYC last Saturday, and of course I have STRONG OPINIONS, both aesthetic and science-related. Look for more soon!


*I will never tire of this joke.

Five Good Things


1. this dining chair from Anthropologie -  available for $168 each in my favorite pale blue shade. 

2. this earthy-smelling terre noir candle from ABC Home - it’s infused with soil and cold minerals, perfect for fall ($90). 

3. this lace balconet bra from Third Love - it looks dreamy and comfortable at the same time ($64).

4. California Rose all-natural deodorant - i haven’t used traditional deodorant in years and have instead opted for a natural approach. i’ve tried many (many) different natural kinds and this is my favorite thus far. i’m actually getting through the day without needing to touch up to avoid smelling! it also happens top be created by my brother and sister-in-law. it’s coconut oil-based with arrowroot powder, beeswax, baking soda and essential oils and dries to a light finish. ($8).

5. kishu binchotan from Sort of Coal - this multi-purpose stick is the absolute best way to purify your home from toxins, drinking water and bath water, among numerous others uses. 


                                 FRESH - BEAUTIFUL- PEACEFUL - ORGANIC - CHIC



My friend and food writer of New York magazine -Adam Platt told me his favourite new restaurant in New York City since last year is ABC KItchen. He doesn’t usually pick favourites but after an evening at this Jean-Georges Vongerichten utopia, I now understand. 

If you are familiar with the homewear and furniture store ABC HOME, you know it symbolises organic chic, post modern hippies unite with taste and sophistication from organic branches and flowers to old-world chandeliers and industrial age steel. All of these contrasts come together to feel like home. Like a safe haven. 

This restaurant has taken this concept and created a menu which stands for the same principles. Organic, Locally Sourced, Perfectly balanced cuisine with warmth and top service in one of the most divine rooms in the city. 

As a girl who cares for her figure but loves food there could be no better. The menu is tasty, vegetable friendly but still accomodates trends and everyones palate.

Roasted Beets with housemade yogurt

Our experience of Chef Dan Kluger’s “farm-to-table”  concept started with Roasted Beets with housemade yogurt. Although a very simple dish it was wonderfully fresh and well balanced. 

Roast Carrot And Avocado Salad crunchy seeds, sour cream and citrus

A Roasted Carrot and Avocado Salad felt very hippy dippy but was refreshing and delicious. I think for the price it is fair but anyone wanting something hearty or high level of execution may be underwhelmed as it is more about fresh ingredients and simple preparation. 

Raw Diver Scallops sea beans, serrano chilies and lime

The Raw Diver Scallops were divine. If I see Scallops on any menu I will order them and these were the best I have eaten in a while. Tender, Moist, fresh, thickly cut to enjoy the texture and the sweet flesh of the scallop was balanced with sea salt and serrano chillies. Plated on an adorable plate on ice it was undeniably exquisite.

Roasted Squash with parmesan and lemon

The Roasted Squash was yummy, slightly sweet from caramelization from roasting and punch from the Parmesan and acid from the Lemon it was very good, hearty but reminded me of something I would cook at home. But I think thats how they want you to feel. 


Black Sea Bass with chilies and herbs, baby market potatoes and spinach

The Black Sea Bass with chillies and herbs was very nice. Simple, refreshing, elegant but I’ve seen it before. We had dinner that night at about 10pm after an event and sadly the Pork was sold out! The early bird gets the pork! Noted. 

Overall the experience was wonderful with attentive wait staff and I would return in a heart beat. In a city where people eat out several nights a week this is the new direction of sustainable, beautiful cuisine that recharges your body and soul. 

A meal for two cost just over $200 with wine. 

Ommmm “Sweet and Meaty”

ABC Kitchen

ABC Carpet & Home

35 E. 18th St. 

(bet. B'way & Park Ave. S.)

Manhattan, NY 10003



The past couples of weekends (except for hyped-up-hurricane Irene weened) I’ve found myself at ABC Home, the F.A.O. Schwartz of gorgeous furniture. Located just North of Union Square my first trip was with Mackenzie who just happened to win a hundred dollar gift certificate to ABC Kitchen while there. Couple weeks I returned with friend Travis whose an interior designer, and saw everything except for his beloved Johnathon Adler chair while there. Figuring that my girlfriend who works at Architectural Digest, and my interior designer best friend you’d think I was dragged there, but in fact I think I’m the one itching to go back for a third time.

Maybe it’s just my new apartment I moved a month ago, and wanting it to look as awesome as possible. Above are a couple of pieces I’d seriously consider dishing out some cash for.