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Friend: I just finished watching a show, what should I watch next?

Me: Hannibal

Friend: I want a crime show 

Me: Hannibal

Friend: I also want romance

Me: Hannibal

Friend: Hot guys would be a plus

Me: Hannibal

Friend: I don’t know I kinda-

Me: *Rips off clothes to reveal murder suit* HANNIBAL!!!!!!!!!!! *cries in corner*

TV Fandoms

Group A Fans: I love this show but I wished the writers wouldn’t do that thing that disregard the feelings of fans/actors/marginalized group or etc…..

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Annoying Ass Group B Fans: Well If you don’t like it, don’t watch!

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Group A Fans: Okay….

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TV News Outlets:  Your favorite tv show is cancelled!

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Annoying Ass Group B Fans: 

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Group A Fans: Well, you did say not to watch….. LMAO

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Doctor Shaun Murphy is slowly killing me with his pureness.

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He genuinely cares about others well being, and became a surgeon specifically to help people. He showed up at that family’s house at 1 o'clock in the morning. He didn’t have to, but he went there anyway despite the fact that he knew he could get in trouble. He carried that little girl (I think her name was Martine) to the car and did everything he could to make sure that she was okay. He may have problems connecting with people, but he’s compassionate. That’s what makes him the good doctor.

Still Star-Crossed was cancelled ( mainly due to bad advertising) and then you have the people who can’t get over their prejudices. People were so upset and INTIMIDATED by a black woman with darker skin tone being desired, indepedent, emotional, and treated with significance [in other words like a 3d person] to the point Italians™ [I originally wrote fake Italians but an Italian user informed they want to claim their racism] on tumblr said Rosaline, Escalus, and Livia existence in the show was “cultural appropriation” and erasure of Italians. A universe where its namesake city was never visited by the creator, the universe that was created by an Englishman, a cast with the majority (the majority being white) wasn’t italian either, and not to mention the blatant ignorance of African presence within nobility all over Europe, and erasure of Afro-Europeans today. (Read a fucking book)

People (especially on tumblr) always want to see diversity, but when a female and male don’t pass the paper bag test and are given significant roles it becomes a problem, because it challenges your implicit biases, the standard of fantasy, and representation of black people. The sad thing is the plot was actually good.

*I focused on Rosaline because SHE and the actress was the main target, black males are usually ignored or demonized - which was impossible with Escalus character.


God even without a face (FUCK!)and bandage it makes the most of the facial expressions that I sweat and go crazy…… BEST…..I JUST HAS NO WORDS… HOW TO DESCRIBE WHAT I FEEL AFTER ALL OF THIS………😱❤

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It always makes me laugh when..

Someone says they don’t like a certain couple on Grey’s because their relationship was “toxic”, but literally every couple on Grey’s has been toxic at one time or another.

Like hello do you watch this show? Dysfunctional relationships are a staple of Grey’s Anatomy…

My brain is making bizarre theories

Everyone is making random theories but I just realized.. WHAT IF ANNALISE AND WES WORKED TOGETHER WITH NATE TO FAKE HIS MURDER..HENCE HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. I mean everyone is forgetting that Annalise obviously wanted Ollie to clear her phone because something important was on there, some proof was on there. Maybe Wes really is in witness protection. Maybe the body they did the autopsy on wasn’t even Wes. Why else would the body go missing.

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Pretty excited for The Rickchurian Mortydate, think it’s gonna be an incredible episode no matter what.

The title is a pun on The Manchurian Candidate which was about presidential assassination, not gonna lie I could be slightly disappointed if that’s not about Evil Morty and I don’t get an undeniably clear backstory with no cliffhanger but thats probs not going to happen.

The preview sort of leads me to think that Evil Morty tries to gain some sort of power over every dimension, which is why the earth president needs to be involved maybe. Yeah I dunno but the alien infestation mentioned in the trailer is undoubtedly a side plot, I just can’t see it being anything else for a season finale.

I’m EXCITED guys, send me some of your thoughts!!