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hello yes have i mentioned that i love Marius

Friend: I just finished watching a show, what should I watch next?

Me: Hannibal

Friend: I want a crime show 

Me: Hannibal

Friend: I also want romance

Me: Hannibal

Friend: Hot guys would be a plus

Me: Hannibal

Friend: I don’t know I kinda-

Me: *Rips off clothes to reveal murder suit* HANNIBAL!!!!!!!!!!! *cries in corner*


God even without a face (FUCK!)and bandage it makes the most of the facial expressions that I sweat and go crazy…… BEST…..I JUST HAS NO WORDS… HOW TO DESCRIBE WHAT I FEEL AFTER ALL OF THIS………😱❤

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ShadowHunters 2×06 All Malec Scenes


OMG. David Mazouz as young Batman REACTS TO “The JEROME WHITE BAND TRAILER 3"😱🤘❤

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Here’s a request i got awhile back! Hope you guys like it! And Happy New Year!

Imagine holding a bow and arrow in your arm and a bag on your back. You trudged through the thick woods of Neverland to find your clearing. After living here for most of your life you had come to know these woods like the back of your hand. You finally saw the space up ahead, picking up your pace as you neared it. Once you finally broke through the trees you let out a sigh as the sunlight warmed your face despite the chilly air. You set down your bag and took out three of your best arrows, anxious to start your practice for today. You set an arrow in place, pulled back and prepared to loose it. You set your sights on the large oak in front of you and released it, watching proudly as it glided through the air and pierce the target. You bent down to pick up another arrow when you heard twigs snapping behind you. A smile crept onto your face as you listened to the footsteps creeping up to you.
After being in Neverland for years you had not only fallen for the island, but for the boy who lived there as well. Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up, had not only captured you and your family years ago, but your heart as well. When you were only six years old, you and your mother came to Neverland looking for something. Once you realized it was no longer there you attempted to leave the island, but of course, were stopped by Pan. Your mother vowed she’d find a way out one day, but even when you were just six, you had decided never to leave. While your mother was busy searching for a way off the island, Peter had found his way to you, showing you all the secrets Neverland had to offer. Now, that you were sixteen years old, there was no way you were leaving, even if miraculously, there was a way.
“You should know by now, Peter,” you said, anticipating Peter’s smiling face and his eyes that were greener than the forest, “it’s impossible to scare me!” You jumped around, only to feel the sinking feeling of dread creep into the pit of your stomach. Your mother, Regina, stood before you, her eyes harsh as she processed what you had just said, “Did you say Peter?” She asked. You tried to come up with a cover, but you had blown it. After ten whole years of keeping it a secret, this is how it ended? You quickly picked up your arrows, attempting you brush past her and back to your camp, but you were stopped by the firm grip of her hand on your arm, “Peter Pan?” She said, her voice rising to an unpleasantly loud tone.
“Yes! Peter Pan,” you yelled back, making her eyes widen in anger. She threw your arm down, making you stumble back. “How long?” She asked, crossing her arms.
“What do you me-”
“How long has this been going on?”
You looked down at the grass, already cringing before you mumbled, “Since we came here.”
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” she breathed before she continued, “(y/n), he’s evil-”
“Yeah, you’re one to talk.” You replied sharply, regretting it the minute it slipped past your lips. She stood there a moment, shocked at your harsh words before pushing past you, “It doesn’t matter now anyway, we’re leaving.”
You turned on your heel, watching her march into the trees wide eyed, “We can’t,” you said, but you were terrified of her response.
“We can now,” she said, causing the pit in your stomach to grow, “I’ve finally found a way. Now go pack your stuff.”
*Later that night*
You angrily paced around your room, racking your brain for a solution. You knew your mom would make you leave, even if it meant dragging you with her. You let out a groan, rubbing your temples as you stopped in front of your mirror. You closed your eyes for a moment as you took a much needed breath. You slowly let it out before you opened your eyes to see Peter standing behind you. You returned his smile with your own before you turned around to face him. He quickly grabbed your face in his hands and gently pressed his lips to yours. You smiled against him, wishing this would last forever, but your smile faded as reality washed back over you. You gently put your hands to his chest, pushing him away from you. Head leaned his forehead to yours, “What’s the matter?” He breathed, lowering his hands to wrap them around your waist. You looked up at him, studying every part of him with such preciseness, afraid this might be your last night with him. “We have a problem,” you said, resting your arms around his neck to twirl his hair in your fingers.
He laughed confidently, “I’m sure it’s nothing I can’t handle,” he said as he began to trail kisses down your neck, distracting you further.
“Peter,” you signed, only to have him wrap his arms tighter around you. His kisses became more intense as he started to make his way back to your lips. “Peter, it’s my mom, she’s make me-”
“I know,” he said, his hot breath creating chills on your skin, “don’t worry about it, I’ve got a plan.”
You lifted your hands to his face and made him look at you, “What kind of a plan?” You asked suspiciously.
He smiled, “You’ll have to wait and see, love,” he leaned in close to your ear, just barely brushing it with his lips, “I won’t let her take you from me, I promise.”

My brain is making bizarre theories

Everyone is making random theories but I just realized.. WHAT IF ANNALISE AND WES WORKED TOGETHER WITH NATE TO FAKE HIS MURDER..HENCE HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. I mean everyone is forgetting that Annalise obviously wanted Ollie to clear her phone because something important was on there, some proof was on there. Maybe Wes really is in witness protection. Maybe the body they did the autopsy on wasn’t even Wes. Why else would the body go missing.

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Killian Jones Imagine- An Encounter

You were never really one for love. A quiet night to yourself was all you looked forward to at the end of a long day. That is, until Hook showed up in Storybrook. Something about the exciting adventure a pirate brings drove your crazy, but you would never tell hime or anyone that. You love the way his eyes are so focused when he looks at you, and the way the thick veins pop out on his forehead when he gets upset. It’s the little things that drive you crazy. Ever since you joined the police force with your best friend Emma, Killian has had an eye on you, and she noticed. He would spend extra time around the station or he would find something wrong just so he could stop by. He lingers around so he can see you every chance he gets. You have always been beautiful but never one to draw the attention of all the males in a room. Hanging out with Emma has changed you from the timid girl you used to be. Your parents always taught you to be proper, and leave enough to the imagination. Emma was the opposite. She decided it was time for a change, so she dragged you against your will to get some new clothes. 

Not going to lie the new clothes felt great. You felt empowered, as if you could intimidate any person you wanted to. Now standing in the police station, you and Emma are reading through a case that was closed a little while back which recently had another lead open up. You are dressed in tight jeans that hug the curves of your legs, and a black leather jacket that shows off your little waist. To top it all off your lips are painted a burgundy wine color. 

“Hey Emma, you think this is too much for work?” you look at yourself in the mirror. 

The person you saw staring back at you wasn’t you. You looked completely different, and felt like it to. You went from zero to one hundred really quick and it shocked you. 

“Absolutely not! You know who would love it?” she eyes the door. 

You turn around on your heels and face the figure lurking in the wooden doorway. To your surprise stands Killian, leaning up against the door frame and biting his lip. 

“Might I say that I am in the presence of two fine young lasses here.” He inches closer to you. 

“What do you think Killian?” you say twirling around, flaunting your new look. 

He stands there for a few minutes, his piercing eyes burning into your skin. You take a step closer to him and lean in, your lips brushing up against his ear, your hot breath tickling his neck. 

“What’s the matter… Hook.” you tease drawing out the k. 

“Cat’s got your tongue?” you take a step back, a smirk plastered across your face. 

His eyes are wide open and dazed, the color in his cheeks come to life and flush to red. He takes a good look at you speechless. Your hand runs across his chest as you turn around and walk back over to Emma who is almost as wide eyed as Killian is.  Killian clears his throat in an attempt to collect himself. 

“The bloody woman.” He whispers. 

He walks back over to you as you now stand hunched over the cluttered table, case files sprawled out unorganized. You feel the prickly scruff of his beard brush against the back of your neck, his hand moving back the hair that is draped across your face. Your eyes lightly shut as you listen to the sound of his raspy voice. 

“That’s Captain Hook miss (y/l/n).”

You bite your lip to keep back a soft whimper. Killian knows what kind of effect he has on you, and you resent that fact. You spin around so that you are inches away from the captivated pirate. You could smell the musky cologne that radiated off of him. Deeply inhaling, you let his scent fill your lungs. His hand glides over your fingertips causing you to tense up a little. 


“Aye.” he leans in, his lips almost connecting with yours. 

He lingers for a minute, his lips almost connecting with yours allowing the tension to build up between you two. His hook slowly creeping up your side which minimizes the space between your bodies. Your heart seems to be beating so loud you swear he could hear it. Finally his lips connect with your momentarily before he spins around. Shocked, you stand there frozen in time watching as he heads for the door. 

“What do you think you are doing?”you squeak out. 

“Can’t a pirate have a little fun?” he teases. 

You run over to him, taking the collar of his coat tightly in your grip. Kissing him once again knowing that this time it felt right. This kiss is passionate and meaningful. Lust was on your lips as you felt the rise and fall of his chest. 

“Wow.” he mumbles. 

[author’s note: Again the Gif’s are not mine, all right goes to the creator. Also requests are open so I would love to hear from you guys on what you would like to see!]