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Two things we totally didn't need: HOME ALONE & LEPRECHAUN reboots

It’s a twofer Sunday, y'all! 

First things first—

There will be a new addition to the once sacred Home Alone franchise. From the running-on-fumes minds of ABC Family and Fox, Home Alone 5: Alone in the Dark will premiere during ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas this year. I give you the plot, courtesy of I Watch Stuff: 

“This sequel stars Christian Martyn as Finn, a recently-relocated eight-year-old Californian who fears his new house in Maine is haunted….. Finn sets up a series of traps in the hopes of catching the fiend, but when his parents leave him HOME ALONE (note: he’s apparently with his sister, so the title isn’t even apt anymore), he ends up catching something more tangible than spirits…”

Oof. We can just spend eternity worshipping Home Alone, le original, and block out any and all sequels from our brains. 

The second piece of superfluous production news comin’ at ya today is the announcement that the Leprechaun franchise is also being rebooted. Don’t turn away, you heard me correctly. Lionsgate has decided that after heading 2 tha hood, the only conceivable option is to just start all over. Because, all of the previous Leprechaun movies have been WILDLY successful, I guess. Lord. Hollywood really is out of ideas, huh?