abc family: twisted

Meet Lacey Porter.

A beautiful, popular, high school student with a heart of gold, a complex character with many layers, who was ruthlessly sidelined for…the most absurd, implausible, dubious plot centering on Jo Masterson, an unpopular (who so randomly became popular) high school student who is so absurdly self entitled it is not even funny. 

Lacey Porter had her life flipped upside down with family issues, lost friends, privacy invaded, and yet it was always…all…about…Jo.

One thing Lacey had was Danny…Chemistry unscripted…

but then that was taken away for…

and then the show was taken away because that is what happens when you try to shove shit down out throats.

Never Forget Lacey Porter. 

6/6 prefrences/imagines

Request: can you do a picture preference were your in a abc show pls and thx

A/N: I know connor came out but i decided to include him in this anyways



You play Jo in the show: Twisted


You play Amy on: The Secret Life of the American Teenager


You play Callie on the show: The Fosters


You play Bay on the show: Switched at Birth


You play Hanna on the show: Pretty Little Liars


You got to be a dancer on the show: Dancing with the Stars

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