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Save This Show

Recently, I started watching Freeform’s new show The Bold Type, and it is amazing. So important for young women to watch. It is empowering. It has already served to make me feel like I am not alone in my life experiences. It is opening up a window to so many important conversations that need to be had about how women treat other women, about how men treat women, and about how people should treat people in general. The cast has some ethnic diversity (would like to see more as the show develops) and has LGBTQIA+ representation. It provides an accurate and also hopeful interpretation of how our world is today and should be.

ABC Family/Freeform has unjustly ended so many shows that have been important to me over the years because they don’t get as good of ratings as yet another Harry Potter Weekend. Help me save this show by tuning in every Tuesday. You don’t even have to watch it (although I would love it if you did). It just needs the views. If you do like the show, show it some love and free advertising through your social media.

I know. Who I am to ask you to do this? You don’t know me. I need this show. I need to feel the emotions and the empowerment every time I watch an episode. I need to know this show is reaching out to other people the way it has for me. I need to know another girl will not feel ashamed of where she is at in her love life. I need to know another girl will see how you can rise above anonymous hate on the internet. I need to know another girl will learn it is her job to lift other women up with her along the way to success. I need to know people can respect other people.

So please share this. Tag other shows this station has ended that you loved to hopefully reach out to other people who are sick of this one season cycle. If you don’t do this, at least do me a favor and be nice to people.

Pretty Little Liars/Gossip Girl Parallels

Hi guys I’ve been thinking a lot about the first season (and the entirety) of gossip girl and how it’s so much like pll! Enjoy!

There is a mysterious person controlling the social structure of teens by using social media

Aria and Serena both came back home after a drastic event

Aria and serena both have brothers that they care about deeply

Blair and hanna both used to have eating disorders and wanted to be queen b

Dan and Ezra are both writers who don’t really fit in with the glamorous lifestyles of the upper east side/rosewood

GG and PLL are both set in high society

In season 1 episode 10 of GG the pierces perform ‘secrets’

A/Gossip Girl wanted a place in society but did it by torturing people through technology

A/GG are both people who we are familiar with

If you guys find more similarities, feel free to message us! Thanks!

Maya and Alison Connection

Have you guys noticed that whenever someone dies in PLL you always see the body?

Kinda gross, I know. But just saying, you see all of the bodies except for…..



‘Alison’ (but we know she’s not in there)

I think that these two 'deaths’ are very important. Maya knew something about Alison. Maybe she knew Ali was alive or knows more about the A team or Ali’s killer than we think. But why show all of the bodies and not Ali and Maya’s? 


Post what you think! Why not?