abc family

Disney should really bring back Sky High except, fuck that shit as a movie this time. Don’t do that, that’s a waste of everyone’s time.

You own ABC Family/Freeform, make that shit a teen show and put it on there. You own Marvel, give it a connecting comic line at the same time because like why not?

The idea is really good and would work better as a tv show anyways and superheros are the hot thing right now.

Do that shit.


The fact that Noah is wearing the shirt that Jake wore in the pilot episode….


ShadowHunters 2×06 All Malec Scenes

his mother killed herself when he was twelve
his father was shot in front of him the first time they met each other
his girlfriend was murdered
his other girlfriend has cheated on him
now he died and he was only 21

dont you ever dare to think your life hates you unless you are wes gibbins

also he was called waitlist from his own friends