abc family

Everybody needs to go watch Andi Mack on Disney Channel because it focuses on a mixed Asian family. The main character, Andi discovered that her older sister is actually her mother, so we guess she got pregnant when she was young. This series shows how Andi handle this new situation. Also, her friends are sweet. There are a funny and carry boy named Cyrus who will question his sexuality and a joyful and sassy black girl Buffy who will deal with discrimation in school with her natural hair. I think now Disney tries to create more realistic tv shows with good storylines such as Lizzie McGuire or That’s So Raven. If you like Freeform/ABC Family, you should watch it because it kinda have some Switched At Birth vibes :)

  • me: let's watch Harry Potter again
  • me: *criticizes everything*
  • me: *cries over the music*
  • me: *points out every difference from the books*
  • me: *giggles over how cute and young they were*
  • me: *yells at the screen every five seconds*
  • me: *mentions every pottermore update and wiki article on Harry Potter ever*
  • me: *sobs over the incorrect characterization*
  • me: *literally does not stop talking*
  • me: let's watch another one

I’m not mad that the dirty dancing remake producers had a chance to make a movie about Baby and Johnny’s teenage daughter (ALYSON STONER BITCHES) exploring her recently deceased father’s legacy at the resort where he got his start and met her mother (who’s totally a doctor now) while also discovering a romantic interest (*cough* Adam Sevani *cough*) of her own and trying to get her grieving widowed mother to understand her and vice versa. She’s surrounded by people, by dancing, by her passion, and yet she can’t really feel anything and no one can really understand her because they only one who did is gone now. And she’s got to do all this while trying to come to terms with her dad’s death. I’m not mad. I’m writing that fan fiction now. I’ll fix this everyone don’t worry.