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Goodmorning Elise! I don't want to bother but I have a question: do you think that Éponine and Enjolras could be friends? Let me know please and thank you for your time!

I mean… I definitely don’t think they would hit it off immediately. Eponine would be SO unimpressed with him. She’d listen to him preach the word of the Free and be like “Look at pretty rich boy thinking he’s going to make the world go round again!”

Part of her thinks it’s just a hobby horse, that he’ll get a new pass time soon enough. He’s way too idealistic, anyway. But Enjolras managed to prove her wrong, and her addition to ABC meetings is extremely valuable, because she knows stuff and lived stuff and she has things to say.

They get along fine after a while. After all Eponine’s Grantaire best friend, and Enjolras cares about the people Grantaire cares about