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Taylor Swift's 'Ready For It' Is Being Met With Enthusiasm And Glee
This time around, Taylor's being met with much more reverence.

Taylor Swift continues the slow crawl towards the release of her new album Reputation in November, now with the surprise release of a second single “Ready For It.” Taylor chose to skip the typical Friday release of new music, instead choosing to drop the song in the middle of the night after previewing “Ready For It” on ABC during the big college football clash between Alabama and Florida State.

The new track is set to be the opener for Reputation, and features a thumping production with plenty of rap-ish elements sprinkled in, including Taylor’s delivery of some of the lyrics, and while her first single “Look What You Made Me Do” was met with a more tepid response, “Ready For It” is getting the type of enthusiastic reaction more befitting for pop royalty.

Even with the mild response to her first single, it’s not all doom and gloom for Taylor. Her new music is set to be the soundtrack to the college football season on ESPN and ABC, and despite what the Twitter echo chamber may have been saying, “Look What You Made Me Do” has been a rousing success, smashing Youtube records and topping Billboard’s Hot 100 chart.

With the immediate reactions to “Ready For It,” the new single might soar to the top of the chart in record time as well.

anonymous asked:

Honestly is there no end to the trucks, can't watch the Thursday night abc shows, college football... she's everywhere and yet hiding herself in hoodies .

PRIVACY! But buy my crappy music! But leave me alone! But here’s a story of me and my totally real boyfriend do totally real things! But don’t look at me! But look what you made me do! But I lied first! But I don’t care!

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Well anon, I'd say if things were that dire perhaps she wouldn't be putting out a album, a huge video, the entire snake thing , along with accompanying merchandise and promo her face all over college football , abc and ups. The paps she used like a pro during 1989 . She is happy , not someone on the verge of a break down.

Did you miss my response to that anon entirely? No one here is saying she’s unhappy. Actually, I think the opposite is true: she’s very happy and wants to stay that way however possible.

One of the many reasons I’m happy with the coming of fall is that college football has returned in force.  Surprisingly, the best part of college football this weekend wasn’t any one game, but the halftime interview during Notre Dame vs. Michigan, in which a straight faced Brent Musburger tried to seriously engage Eminem while Kurt Herbstreit just lost it in the face of Eminem’s dead-eyed 1000 yard stare.  Yeah, I took a picture of my TV.  It was that awesome.  Despite appearances, Eminem was not whacked out on drugs, but just clowning around, and the interview that followed once he stopped was quite entertaining.