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Dunkles Schweigen an den Tischen
Les Misérables - Germany, Magdeburg (21.06.2013)
Dunkles Schweigen an den Tischen

2013/06/21 - Magdeburg, Germany - Opening Night
Thomas Borchert (Valjean), Markus Liske (Javert), Bettina Mönch (Fantine), Oliver Arno (Marius), Teresa Sedlmair (Cosette), Christina Patten (Éponine), Marc Lamberty (Enjolras), Peter Wittig (Thénardier), Gabriele Stoppel-Bachmann (Mme. Thénardier)


New photos of Ed from the other night at the TCA ABC Summer Press Tour!!

I feel like all I’m posting at the moment is Ed related things, I apologise! It’s just he seems to be the one with the most new photos recently! Hahah, I’m sure you’ll all live with photos like these though;)


Henry + casual outfit (part 1)


Tonight, Officer Jeffrey Newton was arrested for altering evidence, perjury, and filing a false report. He and fellow Officer Edward Brennan have also been charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice. In light of these charges, the Justice Department,under my supervision and with the full cooperation of Metro Police Chief Lawrence Connors, will open an independent federal investigation into the Washington, D.C., Police Force. But even given these actions, I don’t stand up here pretending justice has been served tonight. Brandon Parker is still gone.

ABC has released the trailer for Ed Westwick’s new show ‘Wicked City’. It looks amazing, even if Ed is playing a psychotic serial killer!! As far as I know, it’s set to start in fall this year. To watch the trailer click here.