abc book for adults

Chapter 3 - understanding the adult baby!

Over night despite finding an adults baby cot in the nursery, baby slept with me and due the weeing in the day, I had changed his nappy again before bedtime so he was clean and dry for his nights sleep! It was strange, baby usually tosses and turns all night, but last night he slept soundly in his nappy and so did I laying next to him!

It’s very early and I lay next to baby watching him as he sleeps, wondering what today would bring, am I ready for this I asked myself, can I be a good mother to this adult baby, I decided as baby was still soundly sleeping to go into the nursery again and have another look.

I quietly opened the door and went inside, if I am going to be babies mummy I need to try and understand all the things in here and get my head around why he likes them and wants to use them or why he wants me I use them on him! After seeing him sleeping, he obviously feels comfortable and relaxed in his nappy, so I’m understanding why he has such as stock of nappies, plastic pants, pins, creams and powders, it’s the cabinet of toys that I need to understand, I go over to the draws again! As I go nearer I see a row of books on the the top, I must have been so shocked about the draw contents to notice, their are baby books, abc, shapes, numbers etc. but there are adult baby books, books for mummies, the titles were, how to control your adult baby, punishment for naughty babies and understand the needs of an adult baby! Perfect I thought this i just what I need, I take the books and go over to the oversized rocking chair, sit down and start to read!

Snippets from the books:

1. It’s all about escapism, leaving the big bad world behind and hiding away in the nappy world.
2. Stress relief from high powered jobs, an adult who needs to escape away from the adult working world.
3. He is regressive. He is an Adult Baby, but more importantly, he is your partner.
4. The bond you can achieve with your baby is something most couples never encounter.
5. You also need to know what kind of baby he is to understand him, What does he like or dislike? What can he do and what can’t he? What are his fears and hopes? If you don’t or won’t identify him correctly as a baby, then you will probably fail at obtaining and maintaining a good Parent/Child relationship with him.
6. When you interact with your baby, you both acknowledge his existence and automatically communicate to him that you care.
7. No behaviour remains the same forever. No behaviour is intrinsically good or bad. As part of a decent Parent/Child relationship, we enhance and expand the good and we try to modify the bad. We discuss how to encourage some things, discourage others and allow other behaviours to appear and to flourish.
8. You alone hold the keys to helping your baby find solace and satisfaction in the hand that has been dealt to him.

As I read through the books, things become clearer, this baby needs looking after but he also needs discipline, structure, routine, humiliation, he wants to be punished for not being normal, he wants to be a sissy as this is ultimate humiliation. I also understand more about the sexual element of a mummy, adult baby relationship, we will still have sex, but this needs to be managed, babies can sometimes grow up after sex, so timing is key, they like to please their mummy before cumming as this can briefly end there need to be an adult baby, punishment can be very sexually pleasing for a mummy and baby can enjoy feeling inadequate as mummy pleasures herself at his expense! Toys can help you to achieve this and can be enjoyable for both mummy and baby! Well I had learnt a lot and I have lots of things to think about. I go over to the draws again and admire all the toys and imagine the pain, the humiliation, the control I could have and of course the pleasure! The thoughts going through my head were exciting me, I definitely want to be this babies mummy!