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So I went to to Amy’s Baking Company… but I couldn’t get inside.

The re-opening was apparently only available via invitation or reservation. Either way they were completely booked.

Things I did see:

  • The place was LOADED with security guards all around. It was a bit frightening.
  • A couple walked outside of it with some paper and a guard chased them to relinquish it and tear it down. (yikes?)
  • Someone with a stereotypical Italian chef costume was promoting a pizzeria jeering ABC with a line similar to “[ENCLOSED PIZZA PLACE] does not hit their employees!’

  • Lots and lots of people sensing an awkward aura around it.
  • Some of the security guards noticed me but they just laughed at how much attention the place was getting.
  • I didn’t see Amy herself, but I did see her husband Samy a bunch of times from afar.

All in all it was kind of scary. Right now I have no idea what kind of things are going on inside the restaurant.

I am sorry if you were expecting a full review from me, but I just couldn’t get access!

Amy's Bakery Adventure (Part One)

Let me start by saying that I’m in love with crazy people. By “crazy,” I don’t mean individuals with an actual mental illness or disability, killers (not part of the stupid internet fan club for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev), or anything of that sort. Crazy people are very special humans who come in a variety of packages: they could be a family member who makes you dread going to Thanksgiving dinner, the homecoming queen with a princess complex, or your favorite reality star that gives you reason to actually watch TV on a television.

In this scenario, the basketcase is Amy Bouzalgo, who runs Amy’s Baking Company with her husband Samy (who is also slightly insane but much less fascinating). In short, after a bad review of her restaurant, Amy decided to take part in “Kitchen Nightmares”, only to dig herself a deeper grave and has since spearheaded the greatest meltdown I’ve seen in awhile. Feast your eyes:

God, I love it.

By the way, these people are assholes who yell at any customer who dares to complain about undercooked food which takes over an hour to receive and steals tips from their server(s).

Here’s the greatest part: they are stationed only half an hour away from my house.

So tonight, a friend and I decided to head over to Amy’s and document our findings, only for it to be locked and pitch black inside. Albeit, there were plenty of other “hungry” patrons ready to get kicked out with us. I was devastated until I found a little piece of paper on the window that read “Would you like to get fired by the craziest of cat ladies for asking a question? Call (480) 607-0677 to inquire about job opportunities.” My golden beacon of hope. I mean, I’ve been looking for another job. Why not take up this wonderful opportunity? Tomorrow I will call and hopefully get an interview (and a job - I doubt they have that many people wanting to work for them). We’ll see where this goes.

To Be Continued…

They should make a law an name is after these people.

And the law should be that if you, the customer, are ever face with screaming, yelling, threats of violence, cursing, demoralizing language, etc. by the management, owner(s), wait staff, or hourly employees of any business (not just restaurants but other service based businesses) AFTER you’ve received the service (like food, or a haircut) you don’t have to pay.

There’s no reason for this behavior, and it should be illegal quite honestly.


❄ So after I saw this link to the Gordon Ramsay Kitchen Nightmares episode on Amy’s Baking Company Bistro, I decided that I just had to check this out myself. I watched the videos and I went through a lot of the comments on Yelp. Most of them contained criticism, and a lot of others were just plain disturbing. 

This one, though, was just perfect. I’m still really blown away by how mature this girl is.

I don’t think that I would ever be able to approach a situation like this one like Nessy Guard did. ❄

I was reading the Yelp reviews for Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale.

I get she’s crazy, I get the food sucks, I get her husband is ape shit insane, I get the only good thing about their shop is the employees.

But shit like that *points up* in unnecessary. Again, she’s crazy, I vote that we can all be little flies on the wall when her and husband have their meltdowns, but we still can’t talk about them like pieces of meat.