Top 10 Grey’s Anatomy Couples (As Voted By My Followers):

06. Owen and Cristina (Crowen)

“So I’d have something to say to you instead of the three words, that are…that are killing me. The three word that you know I feel, but I can’t say them, because it would be cruel to say them, because I am no good for you.”



Constance Zimmer’s as of yet unnamed character will hunt down new Inhumans for a mysterious new government organization. The character will debut inthe season three premiere.

Starring Gregg, Chloe Bennet and Ming-Na Wen, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” season three premieres Tuesday, September 29 at 9 pm EST on ABC.

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This was a comment from PLL's page and it's actually so detailed and organised

Still waitin’ for those answers though ! UnAnswered questions in Pretty little liars

About A:
Who exactly is Charles?
What is ‘A’s motive?

About the night Ali dissapeared:
Who hit Bethany Young with the shovel?
Who hit Alison with the rock?
Why did Jessica D. cover for that person?
How is possible there were two girls buried at the same place?
Who was buried first? Bethany or Alison?
Did anybody dig up grave again after burying the first one? Who did?
How did Ali’s bracelet end up on Bethany’s body?
Why was CeCe at the DiLaurentis house? Did Alison really call her?
And why was she wearing a similar outift to Alison’s?
Why was Bethany Young at the DiLaurentis house?
And why was she wearing the same yellow top? Or did somebody put it on her after she was killed to make her look like Alison?
Who was Melissa speaking to on the phone?
Where did Spencer leave the shovel after her encounter with Alison? How did it end up being used to kill Bethany?
What were Cece and Melissa talking about?
Who was Mrs. DiLaurentis talking to on the phone? What was the conversation about? What had happened?
What happened with Toby’s sweater? Where did it end up?

About deaths:
Did Nate truly kill Maya?
Is Maya really dead?
Who killed Ian? Or did he really kill himself?
Who killed Garrett?
Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis?

About Red Coat and Black Widow:
Who is the third Red Coat? (The one that got off the plane at the lodge)
Who is the Black Widow? Same person?
What was Red Coat’s plan for the Liars at the lodge?

About unknown persons:
Who was the girl in Ali’s room? (Ep. 1x01) - Ali?
Who was Jason hiding in his house? (Ep. 2x03) - Ali?
Who was Ali watching in Brookhaven? And was she really? (Ep. 2x21)
Who called Emily from Spencer’s phone that night? (Ep. 3x01) - A?
Who drugged Emily? (Ep. 3x01) - A?
Who dug up “Ali’s” grave? (Ep. 3x01) - A?
Who did Jason pay $50,000? (Ep. 3x04) - A?
Who called Emily at the cabin and then at the hospital? (Ep. 3x12) - A?
Whose body did Spencer find in the woods? (Ep. 3x21)
Who did Toby almost see in the woods? (Ep. 3x24) - Shana?
Who did Ali drive away with from the mask’s shop? (Ep. 4x04)
Who was the trouble blonde girl Dr. Palmer was talking about? (Ep. 4x04) - Bethany?
Who smashed Connor’s car? (Ep. 4x07) - Mike?
Who drove the car into Emily’s house? (Ep. 4x07)
Who tried to drown Jenna? (Ep. 4x09) - CeCe?
Who did Wren call? (Ep. 4x10)
Who put the knives in Jake’s punching bag? (Ep. 4x16)
Who was the blonde girl in the zoo? (Ep. 4x20) - Mona?
Who was Mrs. DiLaurentis giving the suitcase to? (Ep. 4x20) - Cece?
Who pulled the other girls out of the fire if Ali only pulled out Hanna? (Ep. 3x24, 4x24)
Who did Mrs. DiLaurentis write “I can’t protect you anymore” to? (Ep. 5x02)
Who was the girl behind the glass with Mona? (Ep. 5x03)
Who was the fragile patient on the roof with Marion Cavanaugh? (Ep. 5x07) - Bethany?
Who was Alison kissing? (Ep. 5x13) - Holbrook?
Who wrote to Ali into the jail? -Your friends will see you soon- Why wasn’t that note noticed by A? (Ep. 5x15)
Who was the blond girl that was seen at the storage? (Ep. 5x16)
Who is Varjack? (Ep. 5x21)
Who tied up Mike in the forest? (Ep. 5x24) - Andrew?
Who is Charles? -Varjack? (Ep. 5x25) -Charles?
Who made the call and threaten to kill Sara? (Ep.6x03) -Charles?
Who was the person in hoodie? (Ep.6x05) -Charles?

What were the bloody bandages that fell out of Jason’s trash from? (Ep. 2x05)
What happened in Brookhaven when Ali was supposed to meet A? (Ep. 2x21)
What actually happened that night? (Ep. 3x01)
What did Maya know? (Ep. 3x07)
What is on the NAT videos that could bring Alison’s family down? (Ep. 4x24)
What happened to Eddie Lamb? (Ep. 5x07)
What does Alison have on Noel? (Ep. 5x09)
What did Aria whisper to Mona? (Ep. 5x11)
Who was the other yellow dress for? (Ep. 5x13) - Bethany?
What was Spencer made do in the dollhouse? (Ep. 6x04)

La camiseta de Franco
Si Nuno Silva se hubiera presentado con una imagen del Che o de Castro o una gorra de La Pasionaria nadie habr
By salvador sostres

Claro, igual:

- La Pasionaria no fue una dictadora, sino una diputada elegida democráticamente por el pueblo español - ése que tanto defiende la derecha - 2 veces.

- El Che y Castro NO son parte de la historia de España, pero claro, habrá que mencionar a alguien de izquierdas para demostrar que el fascismo sufre una opresión y una hipocresía tremendas, ¿verdad? Total, si cuela, cuela.

Es más, si nos ponemos a dar datos vergonzosos, Franco también gana: se estima que el régimen de Castro y el Che ha ordenado unas 8000 ejecuciones desde 1959. El señor Franco, al que tanto defiende esa propaganda facha que se hace llamar ABC, ejecutó entre 150.000 y 400.000 personas en 40 años, sin contar los ejecutados en campos de concentración (cerca de 200.000).

Así que sí, señores del ABC, sí: presentarse en una rueda de prensa en España con una camiseta de Francisco Franco es una VERGÜENZA, como lo sería llevar una de Hitler en Alemania, de Mussolini en Italia o de Varela en Argentina. Llevar una camiseta con la imagen del líder de cualquier régimen asesino es ser un miserable.

Pero bueno, como en España - una, grande y libre - no es delito hacer apología del fascismo y del Franquismo, pues nada. La camisetita de marras se pondrá de moda y se podrá comprar en El Corte Inglés dentro de 3 días.


ok, http://JoeVince.Tumblr.com, first of all - the comments thing on Tumblr sucks, so I have to do this crap now in order to respond.

Alan Moore wrote “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow” because DC was doing Crisis on Infinite Earths, and they wanted a denouement for everything that came before.

In one fell swoop, Alan Moore managed to kill every character he liked as a kid, and spit venom at the idea that the characters had changed from when he was a kid, AND he spat that venom at DC’s latest event at the same time.

It was kinda like saying, “OK, you guys do not want to play MY game anymore? Fine, then I am gonna take my ball and go home, and NOBODY gets to play any games anymore, so nah-nah.”

He killed all of the characters, and turned Superman into a human being that said he preferred the quiet life of not being noticed. That is a pretty cut and dry case of a writer being upset about the directions a character has taken.

If you want a love letter to Silver Age Superman by Alan Moore, read his “Supreme” stuff.

Dude, I like the stuff that Alan Moore has written. I like it a lot. It is brilliant, brilliant stuff. I also see it for what it is.

Alan got expelled from high school for allegedly dealing drugs. He then went on to create comics. V for Vendetta and MiracleMan being his big starts. He then did Swamp Thing. And then Watchmen, and on and on.

V for Vendetta is a comic written by a very angry young man that blamed his government and the politics of the time for his situation. It was a great comic book, but it was also shaped by his experiences and troubles, as all great work is.

MiracleMan was a reboot of a UK SHAZAM-KnockOff character from the ‘50s. The character essentially decides to do away with the inconveniences of being Human by the end of Alan Moore’s tenure. Neil Gaiman picked up the reigns by having MiracleMan continue his reign as absolute ruler of a paradise wrought from superhuman efforts. a paradise brought on by massacring a huge number of people in London when MiracleMan fought Young NastyMan.

Swamp Thing was defined primarily by the fact that Alan chose to write Swamp Thing as a plant that thinks it is a man, and not as a man that became part plant.

Watchmen is a deconstruction of SuperHeroes in general.

Batman: the Killing Joke does not re-read very well. Seriously. It comes off weird. Both the Joker and Batman act out of character throughout the whole book, and the origin that Alan gave the Joker absolves him of a lot of responsibility. Alan Moore suggested that the Joker really is crazy, instead of him just being a sociopath that likes to mess with Batman. It actually hurt the Joker’s credibility as a villain in my eyes. Joker is a great villain because he has everyone believing that he is crazy, but he is actually just the flip side of the same coin as Batman, and he knows that Batman knows that too.

his run on WildCATs was about the WildCATs finding out that the war between them and the Daemonites had ended in their home Galaxy centuries before. Basically, Alan Moore showed that the WildCATs were fighting a pointless war.

Supreme, his great love letter to Silver Age Superman, also slyly took pop-shots at Rob Liefeld, who was publishing the book. Alan Moore wrote his version of Supreme as being one of an endless number of different versions of the same Superman knock-offs. It was great, but it also had a nasty undertone.

Alan wrote his best stuff when he did the first two volumes of League, the ABC stuff was great, and “From Hell” stands at the top of his best work, at least IMHO.

Love that the wonderful costume designer behind @Astronautwiveclub @ericdaman_style chose to feature our Pinup Couture wicker handbag in this weeks Ok! magazine Style article.

Our very own @elc719 is one of the featured actresses on the show playing one of the charismatic wives and many Pinup Girl Clothing pieces have been sprinkled into this mini series.

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