Although Davis remains a staple in the episode, it was Falahee and Ricamora that stole the show. When fans last left Connor and Oliver, Oliver had deleted Connor’s acceptance letter to Stanford. When the premiere picks up, Oliver still hasn’t told Connor and instead discloses the information to Annalise. The secret doesn’t take long to circle back to Connor. Annalise tells him after she decides to offer Oliver a job. This all leads to an emotional scene between Falahee and Ricamora as Connor and Oliver break up. Falahee and Ricamora have grown together during the three seasons of How to Get Away with Murder. This episode is gut wrenching as Falahee tears up and Ricamora delivers a crushing break up speech. This makes me interested how Connor and Oliver’s dynamic will change now with Oliver working for Annalise. I’m interested to see how they grow as colleagues now that the relationship has ended.

Nora Dominick, Emertainment Monthly
ABC Orders Shondaland’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Sequel to Series – With First Look Teaser and Photo – Shadow and Act

The story centers on Rosaline (Lynch), described as a beautiful, intelligent and headstrong Capulet and Juliet’s cousin. Following the death of her parents, Rosaline is taken in by her aunt and uncle, Juliet’s parents Lady and Lord Capulet, and forced to work as a servant. She does her best to tolerate her aunt’s cruelty, and focuses on finding a way to free herself of the humiliation. She is eventually ordered to marry Benvolio (male lead Wade Briggs), a Montague.



I don’t care whether you’re abled or disabled.

At 8:30 PM, turn on ABC and watch the first episode of Speechless. This is the first show/movie that I have ever seen that stars an actual boy in a wheelchair as the main character. This is vital. You need to give this as many views as you can. Watch it. Promote it. Talk about it.

I hate cheesy sitcoms as much as the next person but we can’t let this one die off. 

No shit Emma and Hook wouldn’t invite you to their wedding after all you put them through. Especially when you gave them no pay-off other than “Emma says ‘I love you’ when there’s no crisis at hand!!!”  No matter how hard you try to spin it, that is not a big development.

And of course Hook is going to continue facing and paying for his villainous past, he is quite literally the only mainstay villain character who always does so, unlike Regina and Rumple.