katepearson  asked:

Why do you hate nick? (not accusing you of anything, i just want to know)

First of all, I think it’s a bit ridiculous that this is his 4th time being on a show that is part of the Bachelor franchise. It makes me really question his intentions. I’d like to think that anyone with a reasonable degree of intelligence would figure out that they need to look elsewhere after failing to “find love” on one of these shows multiple times. Winning couples on these shows don’t have good track records; they hardly ever last more than a few months. I have a very hard time believing that Nick wanted to do this for any reason other than trying to launch his acting and/or modeling career. I also think he comes across as really immature. He doesn’t seem to know what he wants, and he whines about having to make decisions that he should have known he would have to make going into this. Sorry if all of that seems harsh, but that’s just how I see him.