• Drake:Boo just because you got a sugar daddy who pays for everything for you?
  • Michaela:I don't have a sugar daddy, I've never had a sugar daddy, if I wanted a sugar daddy, yes, I probably could go out and get one because I am what? Sickening. You could never have a sugar daddy because you.are.not.that.kind.of.girl. Baby everything I have I have worked for and I have got myself. I've built myself from the ground up FUCKING BITCH! [throws drink]

The BEST LINE In  How to Get Away with Murder Season 3 Episode 5 “It’s About Frank.”  

ABC Orders Shondaland’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’ Sequel to Series – With First Look Teaser and Photo – Shadow and Act

The story centers on Rosaline (Lynch), described as a beautiful, intelligent and headstrong Capulet and Juliet’s cousin. Following the death of her parents, Rosaline is taken in by her aunt and uncle, Juliet’s parents Lady and Lord Capulet, and forced to work as a servant. She does her best to tolerate her aunt’s cruelty, and focuses on finding a way to free herself of the humiliation. She is eventually ordered to marry Benvolio (male lead Wade Briggs), a Montague.