abbys rewatch

When Kane tells Abby ‘Please…don’t make this harder than it already is” and his hands are (literally) tied and you know he’s just dying to hold her and kiss her properly…but he can’t.

And THEN as they say goodbye and he cuts her off by kissing her, and he wraps her up so completely in his arms…it’s made so much more beautiful by the fact that a few moments ago, he was physically restrained. Like, he just fully went for it because he knew what it was like to have her so close and not be able to touch her, to show her how much he loves and cares about her through physical touch.

can we just talk about grandpa hino’s proportions in relation to these 13-14 year old girls for a moment

they are children, basically

he comes up to their belly buttons 

so he’s hella short

and he’s also really large proportionally (his head is bigger than their waists)

imagine him in real life



abby/marcus + endgame (2/?)

in peace may you leave this shore; in love may you find the next. safe passage on your travels, until our final journey to the ground. may we meet again.