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Two Years Since Abby’s First Appearance - AbbyCatsUK

So here we are after two years of Abby, time does seem to have flown by since she took her first tentative but exciting step out into the world. Well actually it’s a little more than two years since I at least first saw Abby but only by a month or two. It is however, two years since I first uploaded a photo of Abby to the internet.

As it’s been two years since I first uploaded a photo I thought I would share a couple of progression photos with you all. The first of my three older photos is one of my very first attempts with a wig and make-up, I’m still terrible at doing my wings now, actually looking at those thin lines I think I’ve regressed!

The second photo is one of first I uploaded to reddit, there was quite a bit of improvement, even in the first couple of months. Although it looks like I went a little over board with the colour corrector. Covering my beard shadow is still my number one issue, I don’t feel I have 100% cracked it, I have seriously thick beard growth.

The finally, this photo was from around the one-year mark, things have improved a lot since the early days. Progression since then has been more about fine tuning, rather than whole scale change in routine.

Anyway I hope you found this post a little interesting look back through my development. Looking through someone’s progression is something I love, It’s a joy to see some progress not only in appearance but all confidence and grow as a person.

Lots of love to you all <3