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I’ve been thinking about FAHC again lately and got thinking about Immortal FAHC in particular and like…. I love those headcanons about how old everyone in the crew is, and how Ryan is always presented as the oldest/one of the oldest, like he was around to see the actual Ides of March and all that, but then I got thinking what if he was actually the youngest of the crew?? Like obviously he doesn’t look it, but then, none of them look their age. Gavin is going on 600 and he doesn’t look a day over 25. And the whole crew is like that - they’ve got decades upon decades under their belts, they’ve died more times than they care to count (Michael jokes that he’s probably died so much that he actually can’t count that high). And Ryan realizes this and just…. plays along.

Listen, he’s always enjoyed history, both in school and just in his own reading, and it’s almost ridiculously easy to get them to believe that he’s over 1,000 years old. Jeremy is half-convinced that Ryan is actually closer to 2,000 years old for the longest time.

and then one day, somehow, they get talking about the first time they all died - because, while the years and the deaths might fade together after a while, you can never, ever, forget that first time - and Geoff is going on and on about how fucking awful it is to get trampled to death in a fucking stampede oh my god guys you have no idea - and Jack cuts him off and asks Ryan, and everyone is half-expecting to hear that he got crucified by the Romans or something, but instead what comes out is “oh, I got stabbed by this prick with a switchblade -” “SWITCHBLADE????¿¿?” “yeah, it was the 40s, everyone had a switchblade” “WHAT??¿?????!!¿?!?”

and that’s how the crew finds out that Ryan is only like 80-some years old and honestly that’s ridiculous, Jeremy thought that he’d been the youngest for ages, and he’s at least passed a century now, oh my god Ryan, are you serious?????

they tease him about it for the next 50 years, at LEAST


“What the hell is wrong with you two” - Patty when she walks in on them half-naked with a fire burning on the floor, probably.

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Please please please give an email address when a cashier asks for one. I don't care if it's made up. Some employers will get on to you if your email intake is low. Ah, isn't competitive retail wonderful?

If you can’t think of an email to use, just use a color, then an animal, then pick a number. Use whatever email service after that, hotmail being one of the easy ones I can think of, or gmail. That should make it easier to pick a fake email off the top of your head. -Abby

Submitted by my love @chaos-and-the-calm67 (I know you were excited for this so I hope I did it justice!!)

You knew that look. 

You would know that look just about anywhere. 

That’s the look Jensen always gave you when he would watch you get dressed in the morning. You always felt beautiful under his gaze and you would never get tired of seeing that sparkle in his eye telling you that he meant it. 

However, right now, watching him give that look to the new babysitter broke your heart. You watched from the other side of the kitchen, where he hadn’t noticed you yet, as he looked her up and down the moment she turned to put dinner into the oven. 

How could he do this to you? Was there something going on between the two already and you didn’t know about it? Or was he thinking it? 

When Abbie, the babysitter, turned around and leaned against the granite counter top smiling over at Jensen, you tried not to mess up your makeup. It was date night tonight and there was no way you were going to let this ruin it. You were just going to have to remind Jensen why he married you in the first place. 

You cleared your throat and Abbie immediately retracted and Jensen stood up, walking over to you and wrapping his arms around your waist, “There’s my beautiful wife. You ready for date night?” 

Giving him a tight smile you wiggled your way out of his grasp and headed for the door with him in tow. After you got him out the door and into the truck you said you forgot something inside. He told you to hurry and said he’d wait for you in the truck. 

You took your time walking back up the steps, walked past Abbie and your two year old daughter and into your bedroom to grab something so it didn’t look like you went back inside for nothing. Because what you told Jensen was a lie, you forgot nothing. 

Right as you passed by Abbie again, you stopped and turned to her with a fake smile. “Thank you for coming tonight on such short notice.”

“Oh you’re welcome Y/N, it’s really no problem at all.”

Nodding your head you made your way back towards the front door and went to reach out for the doorknob, “Oh and Abbie!”

She peered her head around the corner, raising her brow thinking you had something important to say, “ Yes ma’am?”

“You’re fired.”

Please tell me we didn’t have sex last night (1/4)

Summary: Waking up with the worst hangover ever Abby, a second-year medical student, has absolutely no recollection of getting home from last night’s party. So imagine her surprise when she wakes up naked in her bed with nobody other than Marcus, third-year law student and general pain in her ass, Kane. Just what the hell happened last night??!

Inspired by the following prompt: How about Kabby at university and they end up together in bed after a party? Bonus if they aren’t really friends but have a lot of unresolved sexual tension :D

Abby wakes up to a pounding head and her mouth feeling as dry as a desert. Groaning, she tries to open her eyes, but the light that’s pouring into the room quickly makes her clench them shut again.

I’m never drinking again

Not only is she experiencing what has the potential to grow into a massive hangover, her pillow also seems to be breathing? Realising that she’s not alone in her bed and that yes, she is naked and so is the body she’s lying on top of, Abby feels a panic attack coming up. Her body tenses as she tries to wrack her brain on how the hell she not only ended up naked with another person in her bed but most importantly with whom.

The last thing she remembers from last night’s party is playing several games of beer pong with Callie before ending up on a couch drinking, she thinks whisky, with, oh no, Marcus stuck-up Kane. Abby’s almost scared to lift her head, but she rationalises, even in her drunken state she wouldn’t have sunk so low as to sleep with Kane. Right?!

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what’s that? some miscellanoues fluffy Ghostbusters headcanons? okay, if ya’ll insist*

  • Abby and Holtzmann got into some disgusting food-related habits while they were working in their seedy basement lab together, namely never throwing anything away ever. Every couple of weeks Erin and Patty have to strap on gas masks and excavate the fridge to keep it from becoming a study in the various stages of decomposition.
  • Holtzmann: the friend who will literally pull your pizza crust out of the trash and eat it if you don’t.
  • There’s a part of the lab known as the Patty Corner that contains most of her very impressive NYC history library, which consists of both conventional books and a lot of scans of historical documents, newspaper clippings, and black and white photos. There are two duct tape lines separating this corner from the rest of the lab and if any freaky ghost science or god forbid the slime gets near Patty’s books there will be Trouble.  
  • Every once in a while Erin feels compelled to remind her friends how much she loves them by feeding them, finds a recipe online, and makes them dinner. They love her back, so they all very nicely pretend it’s edible and wait until she’s not looking to drop the leftovers out the window. The woman can’t cook for shit.
    • Abby’s been putting with this literally since high school, bless her soul.
  • Abby will unironically rock a fanny pack over her jumpsuit. Content includes: batteries, tampons, shit that lights up when there’s a ghost nearby, band aids, wet wipes, glasses wipes, pepper spray, duct tape, whatever Holtzmann crammed in when Abby wasn’t looking, probably a single fortune cookie.   
    • Somebody gets pictures of said fanny pack while they’re out busting and the internet goes wild. There are actual talk show segments dedicated to the fanny pack. Patty keeps sending Abby youtube clips about it and Abby can’t wrap her head around how this is even something people care enough to discuss it’s just practical
  • The firehouse gets paid for but cash is still pretty tight, so on ghost-free weekends the girls are usually driving out to the suburbs for garage sales or digging through dumps for spare parts. Even if they don’t find anything else Patty usually goes home with like seventeen books that she haggled down to like a nickel.
    • All hail Patty Tolan, Garage Sale Queen
    • If they find something really heavy they’ll sometimes stop and consider calling Kevin to help them move it. And then they’ll consider what the process of trying to direct Kevin out to their current location would be like and how they’d like to get home before midnight, and they find miraculously find the motivation to lift things themselves.
  • Erin never learned to drive and after what happened when the first time the other girls tried to teach her in the (new) Ecto-1 she is never going to. They don’t talk about it.
  • Holtzmann would probably rather cut off a finger than waste time shaving. Every so often she walks into the lab, announces the jungle is flourishing, and hikes up her pants for the other girls to admire. They’re all duly impressed.
  • You know that post about how Clint Barton would totally ask if he can get an Avengers discount at Starbucks? Abby. Abby all the time, almost anywhere she goes. It almost never works and it’s getting a little embarrassing. 
  • Erin was almost definitely an only child, but Abby really hits me as one of those people who has like 8 siblings and had to learn to be loud and fighty really young to survive with them. What I’m saying is that going over to Abby’s house in high school was an Experience for Erin. 
  • Kevin starts an Official Ghostbusters Twitter and it’s like a month before any of them even notice. It consists almost entirely of Kevin selfies and deeply unflattering candids of the girls that they didn’t realize he was taking. They can’t get verified because nobody thinks it’s real and Erin is pissed.
  • She starts holding hours long Q & A sessions and then gets even more pissed when she realizes there are far too many questions to ever practically answer.
    • “Holtzmann a lot of thes people just really want to know if you’re gay”
    • *Holtzmann cackle*
  • Patty let’s one of her friend’s kid’s Girl Scout groups come visit the lab, and suddenly they’re getting requests from groups all over the state. Boxes of free cookies show up. Crayon drawings of the Ghostbusters get hung up all over the lab. The girls posing for awkward selfies groups of elementary girls dressed up in little jumpsuits. Bless. 

*nobody asked for this at all. i just needed this.


A late entry for Ichabbie Valentine’s!


“Sometimes,” Abbie said into the silence bounding around the Archives of Sleepy Hollow, “It’s really annoying when you don’t reply to me.”

She glanced behind her to see if Crane had, indeed, paid attention. A stack of books sat before him and his nose was buried deeply in one of them. Incongruously, he held a piece of half eaten pepperoni pizza in one hand. It was something he was very grateful to the modern world for. She swore he intended to live on pizza and slushies, some days.

He didn’t even blink at her words.

“I mean,” she continued, “I don’t want you to pay attention attention. But when I want to talk to you about a demon or monster, sometimes it gets irritating when I have to repeat myself.”


She turned back to her own book. “But, whatever. Maybe I’ll text it to you instead.” Crane’s phone was another modern day object he seemed permanently obsessed with, after rejecting it for what had seemed like for-fucking-ever.

A thump. The tome Crane had been reading closed, and in a moment, he stood behind her.


Abbie turned her head. “So your ears do work.”

“As you had already gathered.” He bent so his lips were by the sensitive part of her neck just below her ear. “Would you like to know why I can oft be deaf to your delectable tones?”

Abbie hesitated. She wondered why she’d opened this particular can of worms. She swallowed, the air suddenly thick. “Sure.”

“Because, if I can’t hear your voice, I can’t think about you. About how much I should like to do this.” He pressed a kiss to the spot below her ear. “And perhaps this.” He stroked back the fall of her hair. Her skin tingled and she pressed her thighs together, unspeakably aroused by only these, the lightest of touches. “And this.” He slid a hand around to her waist and pulled her back into him, moving his clever mouth to the nape of her neck. “About how I would worship every inch of you for hours, if only you would allow me access.”

Her mouth was dry as a desert. “I’m gonna go right ahead and say you can… have access.”

They didn’t get a lot of research done that afternoon.

Sing About Tragedy

**This didn’t show up in the tag last night, so I’m trying again**

Summary: Abby finds out Marcus’ name wasn’t on Clarke’s list and must deal with the consequences of what it means for her relationship with her daughter and with the man she loves. Set in some alternate S4 future after Abby returns from Becca’s lab and Marcus gets out of whatever mess he’s in with Azgeda. :/

Author’s Note: This is the angsty-est 8,000-word thing I’ve written in a long time, but I just couldn’t let that list plot go without exploring the idea that Abby might find out he wasn’t mentioned. Don’t hate me. Cry with me instead.  

Pairings: Kabby, and hella implied Raveric/Puppy Mechanic because I’m TRASH NOW AND THE TRASH CAN IS WHERE I RESIDE

Abby smiled as she moved through Medical, taking care to keep her steps as quiet as she could. For the moment, her only patient was Octavia Blake – freshly returned from another brush with death, which seemed to be a talent of hers – and two members of their camp had hardly left her side for the day’s duration.

Bellamy had set up a chair next to his sister’s cot, sat down, and proceeded not to move an inch for at least three hours. Octavia had yet to awaken – she’d been bruised pretty badly, and one of her legs had been fractured – this was, of course, factoring out the stab wound she’d sustained from Echo. With her hair fanning out in all directions like a raven waterfall, she appeared the most peaceful Abby had ever seen her. No matter how ardently she reassured her older brother that she was going to be fine, he seemed determined to be there the moment the anesthetic wore off.

“They’re both asleep,” Jackson noted, his gaze drifting from Bellamy to his companion as his lips formed a wry smile. “Didn’t you offer to let them know when she woke up?”

“I did,” she sighed, a slow quirk at the corners of her lips forming a mirror image of Jackson’s expression. Of all the things that had surprised her with the oncoming nuclear meltdown, this wouldn’t have come close to making the list. “They didn’t listen.”

Jackson’s smile widened. “As long as they’re resting,” he said, his focus switching to the test tubes of Nightblood they had managed to manufacture in Becca’s lab. Or rather, the person standing next to them, drumming her fingers absentmindedly against the countertop. Jackson asked permission with a glance, and Abby nodded. There was nothing more he could do for Octavia: now it was a waiting game to see how she felt when she awakened.

Abby watched as Raven met Jackson with a smile, and they began an animated discussion about the contents on the counter in front of them. At one point, she thought she even heard Raven laugh – a welcome change from her demeanor only weeks ago. Jackson, it seemed, had that effect on her. Thank you, Jackson.

Abandoned by her assistant, Abby’s gaze drifted to the man sitting in a chair on the opposite side of Octavia’s cot. Marcus had tried to find things to do in Medical for the past few hours as the sky darkened, for what Abby guessed was a two-pronged reason: to spend time with her and to be there for Octavia. The majority of his day had been spent in meetings; time with Clarke, Jaha, and others. Now, it seemed, the steady flow of duties had slowed to a trickle, and he had time to spare in awaiting Octavia’s recovery.

He hadn’t had time to tell her the specifics of what happened, but it was obvious enough that he and Bellamy had thought she was dead. From the weight in his tone and the regret in his eyes, she guessed their last conversation hadn’t been a pleasant one. It was a sharp, white-hot pain Abby knew all too well; when she had been in space and her daughter on the ground, regret and grief had almost swallowed her whole, sanded down the edges of her will to keep fighting for what was right.

Thankfully, she thought, they managed to salvage their relationship and come to an understanding about what happened to her father. To realize Marcus had gone through a similar stage, all while being captured by Azgeda…it was almost too much for her to bear. Octavia might not have been his daughter, but he certainly loved her like one: his relief at seeing her alive was enough to prove it.

As if her soft stare was enough to wake him, Marcus blearily lifted his head and found Abby looking at him from across the room. Instinctively, they both smiled. In the past she might have been embarrassed for him to find out she’d been watching him sleep. After all, it was an intimate thing – in sleep, he appeared weightless, unburdened, calmness and tranquility having filled in gaps where stress and anxiety vacated – and while she couldn’t say she’d never done it before they were together, it meant something different now. Every touch, every glance, every word was a treasure.

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“She use to be my Queen.” A Bellamy Blake/ Roan imagine series part 6

“I think I still love Bellamy.”

Bellamy flinched at your confession. He quickly ran out of the Ark as Clarke sat next to you with wide eyes.

“What?!” She whispered. You burst into tears as you clutched her tightly.

“I-I don’t know what to feel, Clarke.” You cried as you held you gently. Your heart felt heavy. You truly liked Roan and he was wonderful but he wasn’t him. You sniffed as you carefully collected yourself as you wiped your eyes. You were at war with your own heart.

“(Y/n) you cannot be stressing out. It could harm the baby.” Clarke said as you looked down to your bump with nothing but love in your eyes as you carefully placed your shaky hands on your bump. You laid back on the bed as you closed your eyes. You felt a kick in your stomach as you gasped. Clarke shot up with worry.
“What’s wrong.” She asked as you pulled up your shirt over your protruding stomach.

“T-they kicked…” You whispered as you grinned wildly. You sniffed in happiness as you placed her cold hand on your place you had just felt the kick. You giggled softly as she smiled brightly.

“Oh little one…you are so loved.” You whispered absentmindedly as Clarke watched.

“Can we get Roan?” You whispered in awe. She nodded as she grabbed a walkie talkie. In a matter of mere minutes Roan was barging in as you didn’t say anything.

“What is wrong-” You placed his large hand on your stomach. The baby immediately kicked at his hand as he gasped. He looked up at you and you smiled as he chuckled heartily.

“Oh strik won.” He whispered as he kissed your head. You both stared down at your bump with loving grins placed on your faces.

That night Abby came and checked on you before dismissing Clarke as she sat next to you with a sigh. You looked at her as she didn’t look at her.

“Abby…what’s happening…really.” You asked quietly. She swallowed hard as your breath hitched.

“There is no cure…is there?” You whispered as she nodded carefully. A shiver ran down your spine as you thought about how your unborn baby wouldn’t get to see Earth. You closed your eyes as you imagine how they would look. If they were a little girl you could see her…big blue eyes like her daddy’s, she’d have (Y/C/H) in braided pigtails so small and timid. You could see a miniature Roan, with your color eyes as he followed his father, mimicking him as he puffed out his small chest to be ‘tough’ like his dad. You smiled in your sleep, unaware of the dark figure in the corner of the room. Bellamy stood as he watched you smile in your sleep.

What could you be dreaming about? Could you be dreaming about when you and him were happy? Bellamy could only revisit old memories of when you were both happy.

It had been weeks after landing and you and Bellamy had been soaking in monsterless water as you splashed him giddily. He gave a mighty splash as you gasped. You hair getting wet as you faked being angry as you swam away from him. Bellamy’s face fell as he swam after you. He grabbed your leg and dragged him back to you. You immediately turned around and splashed him as his jaw dropped. You giggled as he wiped off his face. His hands flew to your sides as he began to tickle you. You giggled beautifully. What he wouldn’t give to hear that giggle again.

“Bellamy.”  Abby whispered as she stood. He slowly came out of the corner.

“Don’t tell Roan.” He begged as she nodded sleepily. “Go sleep. I-I got her.” He whispered as she shook her head.

“Abby.” He raised a stern brow as she sighed before laying on the cot adjacent to (Y/n). Bellamy slowly sat next to (Y/n) as his hand ghosted over hers.

“I didn’t mean to make you leave that night.” He whispered. He shook his head. “I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.” He apologized selfishly. He sat and watched her for a few hours as he watched her stir every so often. His eyes fell to her bump once she turned to face him.

He heard footsteps and Abby immediately woke up as Bellamy hid behind a curtain.

“Is she awake?” Roan asked as Abby shook her head.

“We’re leaving for the island.” Raven told Abby as she nodded before she looked over her shoulder to the curtain.

“Let’s go.” Roan crouched eye level with (Y/n) before kissing her forehead. “I’ll be home soon my queen.” (Y/n) merely rolled over as Roan chuckled. They left and Kane entered for his ‘shift’. He was more than happy to volunteer to watch over his sleeping daughter. She stirred as she sat up. Grinning as she saw her dad.

“Hey dad.” She yawned sleepily. Kane smiled as he hugged her.

“How’s my little grandbaby.”
“They like to kick me now.” You chuckled. You looked at your dad with big eyes.

“I know…Clarke told me.” Kane sighed as he rubbed her knuckles as tears welled up in her eyes.

“I still love him dad.” (Y/n) whispered as he held her head.

“I know you do honey…I know.”

“I love Roan too though…” You whispered sadly as you looked at him. “But Bellamy was my first love…” Kane nodded as you cried freely.

“I love this baby more than anything in the world…” You whispered as you felt another kick. Kane’s hand happened to be on the spot as his eyes widened.
“You use to kick that hard you know…I remember you looking up at me with your big (y/c/e) and gurgling. I know that whatever decision you make….you’ll make the right one.” He whispered as he kissed your head. Images immediately flooded your mind as you remember Bellamy doing that all the time throughout your relationship. It was one of your favorite things. You thought hard about you choices as you laid back down. 

What the hell were you going to do?  

Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach heads straight for the end of the counter and takes everyone else’s coffees for herself. When the baristas reprimand her for it, she demands to speak to the manager and complains that her drink isn’t as good as it used to be. The manager apologizes and assures her that the next drink she gets will be better, but she decides to quit drinking Starbucks instead. The entire store throws a huge celebration in her honor. She still freely offers her opinion about how Starbucks used to be.

I Thought I Lost You

Summary: Clarke gets attacked by one of their people in her own room and almost dies. Once Bellamy finds out about the attack, he takes it upon himself to not let that happened again.
Words: 5.219
Warnings: Violence, gun violence.

S/o to @asavelveteen for beta’ing my fic once again!

Bellamy was with Marcus, talking about their new plans late at night, when Abby radioed Marcus to get to medical ASAP because something serious had happened. Bellamy didn’t bother asking for permission, proceeding to follow Marcus without any further discussion.

“What happened?” Marcus asks the moment he walks into the Med Bay with Bellamy close behind.

They both see Harper leaning against a bed, holding an ice pack to her cheek, before their eyes shift to the bed on the opposite wall, following Harper’s gaze.

The moment Bellamy sees the blonde hair, his heart seems to stop. She’s sitting on the bed, Abby squatting between her legs with her hands up, cupping Clarke’s neck and turning her head from side to side, examining it.

“What happened?” Bellamy asks again since no one had bothered to answer Marcus, taking a few steps towards the two Griffins.

“Someone tried to kill Clarke.” Abby says lowly, her voice deadly calm. She let go of Clarke’s neck before lifting her gaze to Bellamy. “In her own room.”

An incredulous “What?!” escapes both Bellamy and Marcus’ mouths, both of them rightfully shocked by what they just heard.

“Grounders broke into Arkadia?” Bellamy demands more than asks, turning to look at Marcus who was now behind him.

“No.” they hear Harper whisper, putting down the ice pack to reveal her own purple cheek. “It was one of us.”

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Please tell me we didn’t have sex last night (2/4)

You can read the first part hereThank you so much for all of your likes/comments/reblogs, it really means a lot x

Abby doesn’t know how long she’s been hunched over the toilet bowl, but after what feels a lifetime, her stomach is finally starting to settle down. After taking several deep breaths, she slowly releases her death grip on the bowl before settling down on her bum. Letting out a miserable groan, Abby resolutely tries to ignore the fact that Marcus is still crouching next to her on the ground. He has stopped stroking her back, but he’s still sitting rather close.    

“Do you want me to get you something?”, Marcus asks softly, breaking the awkward silence that had descended over them.

Abby weakly shakes her head, “No, I think I’m-”, she starts to reply, but another wave of nausea hits her and she’s doubled over the toilet bowl once more. 

Marcus quickly gathers her hair again, but fortunately this time her nausea only lasts for a couple of seconds. As Abby leans back, she gratefully accepts the piece of toilet paper he offers her before wiping her mouth with it.

“Ugh. I’m sorry you had to see this”, she murmurs, feeling her cheeks flush from embarrassment.

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