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“What the hell is wrong with you two” - Patty when she walks in on them half-naked with a fire burning on the floor, probably.

Alastair: You know, it was supposed to be your father. He was supposed to bring it on. But, in the end, it was you. Dean: Bring what on? Alastair: Oh, every night, the same offer, remember? Same as your father. And finally you said, “Sign me up.” Oh, the first time you picked up my razor, the first time you sliced into that weeping bitch… That was the first seal. Dean: You’re lying. Alastair: And it is written that the first seal shall be broken when a righteous man sheds blood in hell. As he breaks, so shall it break.

Dean + heartbreaking scenes - 4x16 “On The Head Of A Pin” 

I’ve been thinking about FAHC again lately and got thinking about Immortal FAHC in particular and like…. I love those headcanons about how old everyone in the crew is, and how Ryan is always presented as the oldest/one of the oldest, like he was around to see the actual Ides of March and all that, but then I got thinking what if he was actually the youngest of the crew?? Like obviously he doesn’t look it, but then, none of them look their age. Gavin is going on 600 and he doesn’t look a day over 25. And the whole crew is like that - they’ve got decades upon decades under their belts, they’ve died more times than they care to count (Michael jokes that he’s probably died so much that he actually can’t count that high). And Ryan realizes this and just…. plays along.

Listen, he’s always enjoyed history, both in school and just in his own reading, and it’s almost ridiculously easy to get them to believe that he’s over 1,000 years old. Jeremy is half-convinced that Ryan is actually closer to 2,000 years old for the longest time.

and then one day, somehow, they get talking about the first time they all died - because, while the years and the deaths might fade together after a while, you can never, ever, forget that first time - and Geoff is going on and on about how fucking awful it is to get trampled to death in a fucking stampede oh my god guys you have no idea - and Jack cuts him off and asks Ryan, and everyone is half-expecting to hear that he got crucified by the Romans or something, but instead what comes out is “oh, I got stabbed by this prick with a switchblade -” “SWITCHBLADE????¿¿?” “yeah, it was the 40s, everyone had a switchblade” “WHAT??¿?????!!¿?!?”

and that’s how the crew finds out that Ryan is only like 80-some years old and honestly that’s ridiculous, Jeremy thought that he’d been the youngest for ages, and he’s at least passed a century now, oh my god Ryan, are you serious?????

they tease him about it for the next 50 years, at LEAST


I am so here for a pop punk AU with these kids.
-Star is lead vocals
-Janna is on the bass and back-up vocals
-Ponyhead is on drums
-Marco is on guitar (which was previously Kelly’s part but then she ran away with Tad (“we’re gonna get hitched bitches”))
It’s like Jem and the Holograms meets Fall Out Boy it’s a mess. I might go into detail later.

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Has anybody requested multiple dialogue prompts for one story? Is that allowed? Like K, AH, and AU for Clexa :D

“Hurry up,” Lexa whispered, hunkered behind Clarke.

Clarke squatted in front of the door and worked at picking the lock. When it finally clicked, and she was able to swing open the door, she stood and looked at her girlfriend. “Why are you whispering?”

“We could get arrested for this,” Lexa said, and Clarke snorted.

“We aren’t breaking any laws, Lexa.”

“We just broke in.”

“To my house,” Clarke said. “Because I forgot my key.”

“It’s still breaking and entering, Clarke,” Lexa said, and Clarke tangled her fingers through Lexa’s, pulled her into the house.

“Baby, you’re high,” she said. She tugged her forward and pressed a soft kiss to her lips. “It’s okay.”

Lexa blinked in the dark. Her eyes felt sticky, like if she closed them, her eyelids would glue shut and she would never be able to open them again. She’d never been high before, had never had any desire to try it, but for some reason, when Jasper offered up the joint at Octavia’s party that night, she’d taken it. It had shocked Clarke, shocked everyone, really, but Clarke had simply held her hand and told her that if she wanted to try it, it was up to her, and that she would be there to take care of her now matter what. Now, Lexa was regretting it. She felt floaty and strange, and everything seemed suspicious.

“What if we get caught?” 

“We won’t,” Clarke said. “Just relax.” She tugged Lexa’s hand. “Come on, let’s go to bed. You can sleep it off. You’ll feel better in the morning.”


Both girls jumped at the voice that suddenly broke through the dark.

“Oh god,” Lexa croaked. “We’re caught.” She scrunched her eyes closed. “I might never get another chance to say this, Clarke, so you should know I love you. I love you so much.”

Clarke laughed and wrapped an arm around Lexa’s back. “You tell me that every day,” she said and kissed Lexa’s cheek just as the light flicked on to reveal Abby standing in the living room in her pajamas. She looked half-asleep.

“Sorry, Mom,” Clarke said. “I forgot my key.”

“Oh,” Abby said. “Okay, well, I’m glad you made it home safe. Are you girls going up to bed now?”


Abby’s brow furrowed as she looked between the two of them, Clarke holding Lexa up and Lexa’s eyes blown so wide they were practically bulging. “Is Lexa okay?”

“I’m high,” Lexa said, and Clarke closed her eyes, tried to choke down her laugh. “I’m so sorry, Mrs. Griffin. Please forgive me.”

Abby shook her head and sighed. She tamped down a smile and tilted her head toward the stairs. “Bed, you two.”

Clarke tugged Lexa along toward the stairs, and Lexa shuffled after her. “Can we brush our teeth first?” Lexa whispered as they went. “My mouth is fuzzy.”

Tyler Seguin #2

so this little imagine just kinda came to me, sorry i’ve been sort of shit with posting lately and i can’t find any inspiration but i hope you all liked this even though the end was horrible :)))

Word Count: 2,253

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It was the first official day of the teams off-season. Yet, here most of them were in Jamie’s backyard drinking some beers and splashing in the pool. Honestly you were glad Jamie and his wife, Katie, decided to have everyone over. It meant you actually got a evening off to sit and relax while slipping a martini and smiling as Katie rubbed her growing belly. 

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