abbys glee

Hi hello fandom and/or Ghostbusters people if you have 5 mins could you pls fill out this survey for me?? I’m exploring the importance of queer female fan communities (spoiler alert: they’re really important) and I need responses :) THANK YOU SO MUCH

Season 2 Information from the Panel

Ichabod has watched Glee.
Abbie finds out more about her family and the reason she’s a Witness.
Ichabbie have some patching up to do after Ichabod betrayed her.
There will be a new (female) police chief, who is much more of an obstacle for them. She has significant family history.
A bit of Beauty and the Beast situation with Katrina and the Horseman.
The sisters will still be having conflict, though they also get together and kick ass. And ‘every argument will get them closer in the end’.
Parrish becomes a 'personification of evil’, a 'very malevolent presence’. He becomes a very important figure in the township. There will, also, however, be a view of he redemption aspect of things. And his parents still want him to seek redemption, though he’s not as enthusiastic about the idea.
The outfit’s not going anywhere, no worries!