abbys glee

okay so hayley made a post that sorta briefly mentioned the representation issues in glee and i know there are a lot but i need to vent about the one that bugs me the most because wheelchair

they were given SUCH an opportunity with Artie to make disability and the issues in the world that disabled people face A FOCUS and to actually say something and i feel like they started good and then just forgot or gave up or something. Aside from even the everyday stuff and the everyday physical struggles, they could have shown how people with disabilities are seen as SO WEIRD to the world. And with the fact that he’s in GLEE CLUB, it would have been so cool to see him struggle with finding a job on stage being in a wheelchair. I’ve always had stage dreams, like Rachel’s, but I sort of let them go because at the end of the day I had to realized that there isn’t exactly a ramp up to Broadway. But they should have taken that chance on Artie instead of letting him fade to the background anD THEN LETTING HIS DREAM BE BEING A DIRECTOR like they picked such. a. safe. career for him!! There is no struggle with being a director for someone in a wheelchair, none. IDK I’m just generally very let down by what they did with Artie vs. what they COULD have done. There aren’t enough disabled people on TV and in the media and they had a chance to really do something and they didn’t even care.

the season three finale of Glee with “Roots before Branches” and Finn letting Rachel go made me cry the first time but this time was way worse because he’s dead and he’s gone IRL and in the show and he ’s like “You’re gonna be a star, without me” and my life is ruined I haven’t cried this hard since I was an infant don’t look at me

this week’s episode of Glee was very Spencer-oriented and I just think he’s so uninteresting and his voice is ordinary so i give this week’s episode a 2/10 we are too close to the end of the show to have boring episodes

Highlights of the episode include actually hearing Roderick sing (however brief) because he does have an amaaaazing voice I love it, and the other highlight is making the sibling’s thing less creepy