aquafells  asked:

does the librarians have a similar, uh, feeling? atmosphere? (idk what word to use) to primeval at all? because from what I've seen from you posting it seems like it might

Ummmm???? Yes and no???

It’s not nearly as dark and violent as Primeval.  Primeval is fun but let’s all be honest, it is also brutal.  Lots of characters die, and violently.  There are a lot of broken timelines and really emotional cliffhangers.

The Librarians is like cotton candy for the soul.  It is funny, it is sweet, it has real moments of drama and pathos but it usually ties itself up in a solid conclusion by the end of the episode (or 2-parter), so you are rarely left hanging or hurting.

also, and I’m being honest here, its muuuuuch lower budget.  The special effects are TERRIBLE.  Most of the time they are clever enough to get around it, but in the rare episode that relies heavily on greenscreening or other CGI, you can just tell.  It’s bad.

BUT THAT DOES NOT DETRACT FROM THE SHOW’S JOY.  And if you’re saying similar in terms of a group of lovable nerdy goofs finding family together as they save the world from ~~very secret~~ catastrophes, then yes, it is quite similar to Primeval :D