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Used to work at walfart and in my state booze sales stop at 2 am. Had a cop come through my register, at least he said he was one, at 2:05 am. My register wouldn't scan booze of any kind after 2 am. He tells me "it's ok to let me buy this, I'm a cop" I grinned as I told him that one I wasn't breaking the law even for him, and even if I wanted to, I couldn't. My register won't let me. Not even for a cop. What cop does that though. Like really, I'm gonna break state law just because you said to?

A badge does not mean you’re above the law. Too bad we live in a country that is blind to that. Good for you not being bullied into breaking the law. -Abby

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It's the beginning of the month and I work at a big WIC/EBT-accepting store. Pray for us.

I realize the check process for WIC is a pain in the ass and that some recipients are just as bad as some customers paying by cash or credit, but this is very hurtful. I’ve been on food stamps and WIC before. Having to pull out the WIC checks or EBT card when paying is just so awful you have no idea. The judging look from not just customers in line but the cashier as well. Please don’t blame them based on their payment method. Blame them based on their behavior.

I once was buying milk and the cashier said as loud as he could when I was sliding my card “OH EBT”. I wanted to cry on the spot. The lady behind me turned up her nose and he just sneered.

EBT and WIC customers are still customers and there are a variety of customers. We have positive stories here as well as the bad ones. This just revives a whole lot of bad memories for me… -Abby

EDIT Even if this meant they’d be busier it’s still insulting.

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“she had a little rebel in her. a little chaos and a little gentleness. she didn’t say much and sometimes she would doze off. she would drift away, dream with the stars and that was ok. she had a little fight in her and everytime she built enough courage her voice would echo through the sky. she wasn’t complete but she had enough. there was a sceience to her genius, her madness, her beauty and there was nothing she couldn’t accomplish. she was unstoppable and everything she ever wanted she took, with nothing on but a smile.” — robert drake


Give me a woman who is strong and fierce, confident and kind. A beauty with grace and power, strenght and will. Give me a woman who scornfully laughs at the man who condenscendingly calls her „princess“ and thinks he has shown her her place. A woman who doesn’t need a man to save her. A woman who sees a throne and will reign with heart and brain. Give me a woman with a voice to sing songs of life and love. A woman with a dream she fights for. Give me a woman who is smart and kick-ass but doesn’t need violance to make her point. A woman who stands up for the weak and sick. GIVE ME A REAL WOMAN!

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So I went to a Zenny's at one point this summer. So the first thing I hear when I walked in was this costumer yelling at the employees for the food not looking exactly like the pictures on the menu. Like: Don't get mad at them?? It's really hard to get the food right and nothing's perfect.

Hell the “food” in the photos isn’t actually food a lot of the time. I’ve heard they use mashed potatoes to look like ice cream and glue for milk. There are various reasons why, including that mashed potatoes don’t melt. Anyway, yeah, no food product is ever going to look as perfect as in the pics or commercials. -Abby

EDIT Article about it. -Abby

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Ok but with the bills thing... people do both things. One time someone asked my coworker for a 100 for 5 20s and she handed him one, but he quickly turned around and said "hey you gave me a 10 not 100" so she took the 10 and gave him another 100...

^Yeah I had a similar thing happen to me, which is why quick changer immediately popped into my head. But if the guy was one he wasn’t smart about it because it’s not as easy to get confused about $20s as it is with a bunch of $5s and $10s. Same guy used to come into our store all the time to do it, but we were just supposed to do our best not to fall for it. No cops. Anyways, he learned quickly after trying to fool me enough times that it wasn’t going to work. He liked to target the new cashiers. Basically he’d do the “oh hey you gave me a $10 not a $20″. Then he’d claim he was still short or something. These guys talk FAST, so keep on your toes. That’s part of how they get you. -Abby

EDIT* This guy might have gone the “Oh, I accidentally gave you an extra 20″. You’d have already put it in your register by then so you’d have to either count it down or just take his word for it. -Abby

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this kid was whispering 'push push push' as he stuck his hand in and knocked everything over on a afraid i just faced. i went up to him and glared and whispered don't do that as his mother didn't give a fuck. he then scribbled with the make-up pencils like using a colouring book. fucking kids and useless parents.

I’m a bit confused about this one? Was this a two parter? We delete two parters for a reason since one part can end up eaten by tumblr or we have no clue what asks go together. I’m not the only one confused am I? -Abby

EDIT* What was the kid sticking his hand into? -Abby