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adhdninjachick  asked:

It's the beginning of the month and I work at a big WIC/EBT-accepting store. Pray for us.

I realize the check process for WIC is a pain in the ass and that some recipients are just as bad as some customers paying by cash or credit, but this is very hurtful. I’ve been on food stamps and WIC before. Having to pull out the WIC checks or EBT card when paying is just so awful you have no idea. The judging look from not just customers in line but the cashier as well. Please don’t blame them based on their payment method. Blame them based on their behavior.

I once was buying milk and the cashier said as loud as he could when I was sliding my card “OH EBT”. I wanted to cry on the spot. The lady behind me turned up her nose and he just sneered.

EBT and WIC customers are still customers and there are a variety of customers. We have positive stories here as well as the bad ones. This just revives a whole lot of bad memories for me… -Abby

EDIT Even if this meant they’d be busier it’s still insulting.

I need to take a break…