Ok let’s talk about Monster High

Not only are the main characters AND villains female, but they’re so varied! And they're not all white, either! And not just because some are blue or pink. Look at Clawd and Clawdeen Wolf

Not to mention that they DON’T just have AMERICAN characters! They have a Himalayan character

An Egyptian character that IS a Queen and IS rich but she’s just as awesome and just as loyal (even if she can be a bit mean)

See what I mean? They’re not all just white american characters - BUT WAIT! They also have a disabled character!

She can’t talk like everyone else! She can just mumble and groan like a zombie. her friends can still understand her (they’re monsters) but her speech definitely isn’t considered “normal” like everyone elses.

And ANOTHER thing; this cartoon DOES NOT EXCLUDE MALES (obviously, Clawd Wolf is a dude). They’re mainly goofs and idiots, but they’re lovable goofs and idiots, and on top of that they are loyal and strong goofs. 

Holt Hyde turns into a human (Jackson Jekyl) when he doesn’t have his headphones on which isn’t normal at all, and as a human he’s a stereotypical geek

And then Holt Hyde is a REALLY hot headed, very compulsive and cocky guy.


The main characters are very, VERY strong female characters, while still retaining their femininity where they want to keep it. They’re not all girly, and they’re not all brawly and tomboyish, either. Even their personalities are unique.

So, if you want cartoons/movies/toys with strong female characters, that are varied and unique, but ponies aren’t your thing? Monster High!


Monster High couples!

I’ve been trying to clear time to finish Invisibilly for ten thousand years so I can finally send him off to his owner. Every time I look at him on the shelf I think “I need to sit down and make some pants for that guy” but there never seems to be enough time…!

Basic Frankie and Lagoona are my two newest cuties! I got them secondhand from an eBay seller passing on her kid’s old dolls for very cheap, and they’re in fantastic condition! Lagoona is missing her necklace and one fin (her fin slots aren’t stamped in deep enough on one leg so it would have fallen out immediately), but I have more Lagoonas to borrow an extra fin from.

I don’t have a Clawd doll to speak of (yet, hopefully), so Lala gets Valentine! Rochelle and Invisibilly are based on the Dance Class episode, and Abby and Heath are the most perfect and romantic duo of all, of course.


I’m on a roll. Episode 5 is done.