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Safe & Sound - Chapter 21
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It’s Sunday and I haven’t updated for two weeks, so you know what that means…a new chapter of Safe & Sound, plus an apology. :’) Sorry for the wait, but I hope you guys like it! 

Featuring: the finale of Clarke’s Games (and how Abby deals with the aftermath), a very Kabby surprise, the return of Raven Reyes, and another trip into the woods. ;) 

How I’d personally like Otayuri to develop

Obviously, we’re all hoping for our own things out of this movie and so on, we’re hoping to progress and get to know the character’s personalities even more and follow them on more of their incredible journey. But on the topic of Otayuri?

I want it to hurt. 

I want to see stupid teenage pining and Yuri being a dick to Otabek because he can’t comprehend his feelings. 

I want Yuri to experience the most confusing and exhilarating time of his life with his best friend by his side, regardless of if they’re a couple or not. 

I want Yuri to learn about love because we barely, barely got there in season one, but I want him to experience it in the way we all do. The confusing and heartbreaking way, where nothing makes sense and everything is wrong until suddenly it’s not. Suddenly it happens and with a burst of fucking light Yuri finally fucking realises that love isn’t about sex appeal or what stupid crazy things you do for the other person, but it’s about how much you care for someone. 

I want Otayuri to be cannon, but I also want my heart ripped into a million pieces as the whole fandom howls and screams at the screen for Yuri being an idiot. 

I want the slowest of all slow burns because life is a fucking slow burn if ever I saw one.  

andreil: baltimore

happy baltimore day! here’s my contribution to fandom on this beautiful day, the day neil josten is finally in the system to become a real person

“Thank you. You were amazing.”

The words echo in Andrew’s head as soon as they leave Neil’s mouth. He doesn’t say anything else, but Andrew can tell there’s something more he’s itching to get out. There’s something in his eyes, something in the way they flicker from the rest of the foxes to Andrew, that stops Andrew from pressing for more. This isn’t the place, not right now. Maybe on the bus. They have all the time in the world for answers. And Neil promised Andrew anything for shutting down the goal.

As they’re shepherded out and towards the bus, the chaos that surrounds the team jostles Andrew and he blindly follows the orange uniforms. He can’t look out for the others, for Neil, and he spares a moment to hope that they’re capable enough to survive one rowdy crowd. As long as Kevin makes it to the bus, it’ll be okay. Andrew isn’t responsible for anyone else’s safety. Neil isn’t under his protection anymore.  

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Anonymous request for Andreil hurt/comfort: “How long has it been since you slept?” (I’m really sorry I answered the original ask with a “hey I’ll write this” instead of saving it to answer directly… hope you see this, anon!)

Neil stumbled out of the lecture hall, blinking his tired eyes at the afternoon sun slanting across the campus. His hands and feet felt numb and there was a cottony feeling muffling everything. He could barely tie his shoes that morning or write notes during class. Mostly he had spent the day staring, eyes blank, white noise drowning out his teachers and classmates. It was a dangerous state to be in. He knew how his mother would punish him for getting this far-gone. But if he was with his mother she would have made sure he slept every night, the two of them sleeping in shifts and watching out for each other.

Practice was a waking nightmare. Some of the haze burned off, allowing Neil to focus on drills but it still took all of his concentration. And the delay wasn’t helping, that nearly imperceptible gap between when something happened and when his exhausted brain finished processing it. Neil sprinted down the field, ready to make a play and score. But his eyes misjudged the speed and the trajectory of the ball and WHAM! The ball slammed into his helmet, sending him crashing to the floor. He dimly heard Kevin yelling at him as he crawled to his feet. The ringing in his ears was worse and spots flashed across his eyes. Neil took a step forward and tripped, going back down.

“Stay down.”

Neil obeyed. It was a relief to be told to stop, to rely on the hands gripping the back of his neck and his shoulder as he crouched on the court.

Without warning Neil felt his stomach rebel against him—

“Andrew—” he could barely speak. “Gonna be sick.” Neil tried to tug off his glove, wanted to cover his mouth, but he didn’t make it. Andrew barely had time to pull off his helmet before Neil threw up. He had skipped lunch and barely had any breakfast so it wasn’t totally awful but still…

“Oh Christ, Josten!” Kevin’s voice pierced through the haze, angry and loud. “You have to be shitting me.”

“Fuck off,” Andrew growled. He helped Neil up, guiding him off the court. “We’re done for today,” he told Kevin and Wymack. Wymack sent them to Abby while Kevin complained loudly and told everyone else to get back to work.

Neil leaned heavily on Andrew, feeling more rattled by the impact than he should have. He hadn’t been sick like that since… well, since he had been tortured. It made him feel incredibly weak and dangerously vulnerable.

After an examination Abby announced that Neil mostly likely had a minor concussion due to his symptoms of nausea, vomiting, dizziness, ringing in his ears, sensitivity to light, and delayed reactions. Neil didn’t tell her that almost all of those symptoms had been present before he took a ball to the helmet. Because telling Abby would be admitting to her, and Andrew, the true cause of his sickness. Abby prescribed bed rest and banned him from practice for the next few days. Kevin would be livid.

Andrew didn’t speak the entire ride back to Fox Tower. He helped Neil get to their dorm suite, helped him to the shower, and left. Neil slowly peeled off his clothes and got in the shower. He had turned off the overhead light but left the sink light on. With the curtain pulled the shower was dim enough that he didn’t have to squint. The warm water felt amazing. Neil sat down in the tub and leaned back against the wall, letting the water drum steadily against his aching skin. He was so tired.

Neil didn’t know how long he had sat in the shower staring dazedly at the water spiraling down the drain. By the time Andrew finally decided to retrieve him the water had gone cold and Neil’s skin was pruny. Andrew huffed in exasperation but got Neil on his feet and dried off, hauling him back to their room and putting him to bed.

The room was dim and quiet and Andrew was close, sitting on the edge of the bed, his hands bunched in the cover while he watched Neil with empty, emotionless eyes.

“How long has it been since you slept?”

There was no hiding from the question or from Andrew’s intent gaze. Neil squirmed.

“I don’t know.”


Neil shut his eyes for a moment, the grittiness so irritating that he felt tears prick at the corners.

“Neil. How long.”

“Days,” Neil mumbled. “I think I slept on Sunday.”

The mattress creaked as Andrew leaned forward, getting in Neil’s face.

“It’s Thursday, you idiot. What have you been doing at night when you’re not sleeping? Because I know you didn’t get out of bed.”

Neil tried to shrug but he couldn’t, the sheets tucked in too firmly, Andrew’s weight pinning him.

“I just can’t sleep.”

“Can’t or won’t?” Andrew gently pulled Neil’s lower eyelid down and frowned. “You look like you’re turning into one of those red eyed zombies. Is that what’s happening? You got bit? You’re just waiting until we’re all passed out to eat our brains.”

Neil snorted and leaned into Andrew’s palm. “Yeah,” he murmured. “Biding my time.”


They stayed like that for several minutes, Andrew’s thumb brushing back and forth across Neil’s scars. It was so soothing that for a second Neil almost dropped off but the moment he started sliding into unconsciousness his eyes snapped open.

“What?” Andrew asked, moving his hand to cup Neil’s chin.

“I don’t know,” Neil admitted. “I feel anxious, like I did before Baltimore. I can’t shake it, even though I know he’s dead and Riko’s dead and we’re as safe as we’ll ever be.”

Andrew moved his hand down, trailing fingers along Neil’s throat, listening, considering.

“Yes or no?” Andrew’s gaze was careful, assessing. If he thought Neil wasn’t in a good place…

“Yes.” Neil tried to bite back on his eagerness. Yes, always yes.

Andrew started with a kiss, slow and calculated, his lips teasing Neil’s, pulling back and making him rise up, making him follow after Andrew. Neil kicked the covers off and moved over, making room for Andrew in his bed. His heavy exhaustion burned away with Andrew’s touch and a sigh escaped Neil’s lips as his back arched off the bed.

Afterwards Andrew came back to bed and let Neil press against him. Neil breathed in Andrew’s scent, listened to the rhythmic beat of his heart.

“How did you know?” Neil whispered.

“I can do math,” Andrew muttered. “You haven’t slept since Sunday. What happened on Sunday?”

Neil thought about it, remembered waking up sleepy and warm in Columbia. Remembered how Andrew had taken him apart, a hand over his mouth so he wouldn’t wake the others. Despite everything Neil blushed.


“Yeah. Oh. Junkie.”

“I also got that e-mail from Stuart.”

Andrew didn’t say anything. Neil had already told him what Stuart had relayed. It was nothing new but it was still an unwelcome reminder of how, even with Andrew and exy and the Foxes, Neil was still owned by so many people.

“I should have paid better attention,” Andrew said.

“No, I should have just… told you. Not made it a big secret. It just hit me at a bad time.”

The anniversary of his mother’s death. The words went unsaid but Andrew understood. He stroked the side of Neil’s face, pushed his fingers into the auburn curls, tugging a little. Neil relaxed, let himself be comforted.

“Get some sleep, Neil. I’ll be here when you wake up.”

Neil closed his eyes and surrendered himself into Andrew’s keeping. Lost himself in the thrum of Andrew’s heart, the dragging weight of his fingers, the scent of his skin. He slept.

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Until Death Do Us Part

“Everyone thinks we’re dating.” Simon randomly announced in the middle of of his and Jace’s second weekly movie nights.

Jace hit the pause button on the remote and gave Simon a quizzical look. “And?”

“That doesn’t bother you?”


Simon stared at Jace. “It doesn’t?”

“Why would it?” Jace asked, raising an eyebrow. “I mean… aren’t we?”


“Aren’t we dating?” Jace repeated. “I mean, this is a date, right?”

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After the Madness HC

The roar of the crowd is the loudest he’s ever heard, and even after he leaves and heads back to the locker room it’s still ringing in his head. Yuri had a permanent smile on his lips, the kind of grin that lingers even when you totally have a cool new edgy image to uphold. Otabek follows behind, his fingers twisted with Yuri’s. 

The second they get into the locker room and the door closes behind him, the world turns silent. 

Yuri’s heart is still thudding in his chest even as he turns back to look at the brunette, who’d settled himself against the door. Yuri surges forward and Otabek’s arms immediately wrap around his shoulders as Yuri’s slip around his waist and his face smushes into Otabek’s chest. 

He can feel how quickly Beka’s heart is going, too, and it’s comforting knowing that Otabek had felt it, too. He’d noticed. 

“Yura?” Otabek asks softly, but Yuri only presses his face further against him, smudging his makeup on the soft material of Beka’s shirt. A steady stream of tears are falling over Yuri’s cheeks and they’re slowly making Otabek’s shirt kinda cold and wet, but he only holds him closer. “You did it, Yuri.” 

They aren’t sad tears, they both know that. The tears are from relief and the drop of adrenaline, and most of all pride. Yuri had tried to do something incredible, something unheard of, and he’d pulled it off, with his best friend by his side. 

Otabek will make fun of him for it later, how he’d cried after his most incredible and strangely erotic performance, but for now he just holds Yuri in the empty locker room and breathes with him. Beka’s usually expressionless face now has pride written all over it, and there are even a few tears of his own welling up behind his eyes. 

He’s never been so proud.

Change the story (Savitar x Reader)

Seeing as everyone freaked the hell out about the first part of this called ‘you can be a queen’ I’m writing a part two! It’s a bit shorter than the first one but I am writing a third part!
Here we go…

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Savitar. God of speed. A merciless killer. And the man who saved you.

The past few weeks with Savitar went by at a slow pace. It was mainly him making sure you were going to go through with everything. With using another time remnant to create Savitar.

It was possible. All he needed to do was to send the remnant from the past, into the future, and make him become Savitar. We just needed to convince Barry of the past to do it. That’s where you came in.

Savitar believed that you were the only one that could get through to past Barry. He said that he had always loved you, even while with Iris. If you convinced him to create the armor, and become the god of speed, then Savitar would be created with out Iris needing to die.

Today was the day that you were going to the past. Needless to say you were a little spooked.

“You can do this, trust me,” Savitar said taking your hand from your lap. Then Barry and Cisco had to ruin the moment.

“You wanna not comfort my best friend? That’s my job,” Cisco spoke sarcastically.

“Of course, why am I not surprised. Little Cisco and Barry are coming to ‘save’ you,” Savitar stepped closer to the pair as he spoke, “ever think she’s happier here? With me?”

“Why would she be happy with you? You are evil, you want to kill her friends!” Barry countered.

“Stop! Stop fighting please!” You yelled standing up putting yourself between everyone.

“Choose,” Savitar said rather harshly, “if you go with me Iris won’t die, and you’ll be happy with me. But if you go with them, I will kill Iris, I will be forced to harm you.”

“Like you said, I die anyway.”

“What?” Barry and Cisco say.

“Don’t worry about it boys, I’ll get to that part later,” you walked up to Savitar and whispered, “I’m sorry, but you know who I am as a person. If I can make Barry realize that everything will end okay for him, even if Iris does die. Then I have to do it.”

“I respect your decision,” You turned away and walk to Barry and Cisco, “I love you.”

“I don’t know how to respond to that right now. Try when we see each other again.”

“Come on (Y/N) let’s go,” Cisco grabbed your shoulder and pulled you away from the scarred man.

“Goodbye for now,” Savitar almost sounded sad to see you leave.

You had no words. You just turned around a looked in his eyes. Then left with Cisco and Barry.

Being back in the cortex was strange after being gone for the past few weeks. Everyone would give you short, pitiful glances. Iris would barely look at you.

You knew you deserved this. But you also knew that you could change how this story ended.

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When Jace was young he longed to see colors. To know what everything looked like. To not just see constant blacks and whites and grays. 

His father had told him it was a silly dream, that seeing the world in black and white, that was what was right. Colors can blind you, make you weak and vulnerable. Just like love. (Love is weakness. Jace refused to be weak.)

Jace believed him. 

He didn’t think about colors anymore. (Not even when he was covered in blood and bruises, no, he didn’t wonder how they looked with color. He didn’t. Not once.)


The first color Jace saw was brown. 

It was after he got back from Valentine, after he got kicked out of the institute. He was staying at Magnus’ apartment, Magnus and Alec had left, mentioning something about ‘alone time in Italy.’ Jace wasn’t really paying attention.  

Jace had crashed on the couch, staring at the tv without really taking anything in when Simon entered the apartment. 

Magnus was mentoring him and must’ve forgotten to mention to Simon that he wasn’t home that day. 

“Oh,” Simon said, after Jace told him Magnus was off with Alec somewhere in Italy. “Well, in that case, I guess I should, um, be going.” 

“Stay?” Jace wasn’t sure why he suggested it. But being alone didn’t sound too great. “I mean, if you want… We could watch one of those star movies you’re always rambling on about?”

“Really?” Simon looked shocked. 

Jace shrugged. “Yeah,”

Simon grinned. “Alright,”

So Simon joined him on the couch after setting up the first Star Wars movie.

Jace didn’t really pay much attention to the movie, instead he watched Simon, as the vampire rambled excitedly about different things that were happening in the movie. 

It was about an hour into the movie that when Jace glanced at Simon, he noticed his eyes. They weren’t black, or gray, but a softer color. Something warmer. Gentle. Like melted chocolate. Jace couldn’t help but stare. (Don’t fall in love. Don’t fall in love.)

He didn’t say anything about it to anyone. 


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anonymous asked:

At the end of tfc book three when Neil walks into the locker room grinning just after seeing Riko murdered... How do the foxes react when they find out why he was smiling?

Wow. Gonna have to pull out my books and reread that scene again. I don’t usually do prompts (is this a prompt? I’ve never actually gotten one so well, yeah…) but hopefully this is okay?

Also, apologies, this kinda turned into the foxes’ reactions to Riko’s death.

Andrew finds out on the way to the hotel. The adrenaline from the game and the win and the short questioning by the police finally dissipates and the bus is quiet except for a few murmurs for directions exchanged between Wymack and Abby. They are slumped in the back seat together, Andrew and Neil. The seats in front of them empty. Neil is still in a good mood and Andrew could feel it rolling off him in waves. Eye contact, a raised eyebrow, and Neil says, “Riko is dead.” And Andrew smiles for the second time since coming off the drugs.

Renee finds out when she gets a text message in the middle of the night. The small vibration and the light of her phone screen somehow doesn’t wake Allison. It is from Jean. He’s dead, is all it says and Renee knows instantly who. She shoots off a quick text in reply and sets her phone aside. The darkness presses in when the screen turns off. Renee is no longer someone who believes in murder and violence, but a small part of her that she tries her best to ignore is viciously pleased.

Kevin finds out next. Of course he does when the next day every exy related website is changed to black and red in honor of Riko’s passing. Kevin’s not dumb. He’s knows what really happened. And as he figures out the how and the when because the why is a no brainer, he remembers Neil’s smile that was a little too sharp around the edges, the easy way “Life” came out with a hint of breathlessness. It clicks and then the distraction of the mystery is gone and the grief hits like an exy ball to the chest with no padding on.

Allison finds out when she’s checking Facebook in the morning. Some girl from some social circle related to her parents posted a picture with Riko with some obnoxious caption on how he was gone too soon. Unfriend. Block. Allison doesn’t care. She goes on an unfriending spree as thoughts of Seth drift through her mind.

Nicky finds out in a similar way as Allison does. While Allison has Facebook, Nicky has Twitter. He follows the tag used for the Foxes upset, #TheKingHasFallen. The night before it was filled with taunts and jabs at both the Ravens and Foxes, but in the morning it is paired with a new hashtag. Increasingly mixed in with the exy results is #RIPRiko. It doesn’t take long for Nicky to google the news. “Holy shit,” quietly slips out of his mouth and because the news is too big and too extreme it bubbles up his throat and comes out again but louder. “Holy shit.” Aaron is still sleeping like the world didn’t just get turned on its head. Nicky launches a pillow at him and sends a text to the foxes’ group chat.

Aaron finds out when Nicky throws a pillow at him and besides grumbling and adding the pillow to his collection he doesn’t really care.

Dan and Matt find out at the same time. They are the first ones down for the continental breakfast the hotel provides. The news is on in the background talking about an upcoming storm. When Dan is making coffee and Matt is piling more eggs onto his plate, the news moves on to sports and like every good exy player, their attention is grabbed when news on Riko Moriyama comes on. The coffee overflows, the egg spoon drops, and that’s the moment Neil stumbles bleary-eyed out of the elevator. He takes one look at the screen with an action shot of Riko from last night’s game and the sides of his mouth twitch into a cold smile and then back into a neutral line of indifference. It is not missed by Dan or Matt. He nods a greeting, grabs two chocolate frosted donuts, and a carton of milk, and disappears back into the elevator.

“Did he just…?” Matt begins.

“Smile? Yeah.” Dan finishes a little bewildered. She picks up some napkins to mop up the coffee. She doesn’t really understand the complexities of the mess between Neil and the Moriyamas but the ease in which Neil moved across the room is similar to how he was after he came back to them from Boston. And that is enough for Dan.

Matt bends down to grab the spoon he dropped. He scans the area for a worker and puts on an apologetic smile when he hands over the dirty spoon. His eyes flint over to the elevator like the doors were going to open and Neil would come out again. They remain closed with the digital number above the door changing and finally stopping to the floor most of the foxes were on. A chill runs down Matt’s spine when he remembers the smile on Neil’s face. It’s so different from the happy upturn of lips that they sometimes startle out of him or even the fake “I’m fine” grins. The smile was something dark, sinister, vicious and weirdly enough it was also relieved. And that last emotion is what makes Matt shrug and move on to the bacon.


Wymack gets a call from the police around 3 am, just as he is finally settling down for the night. He holds in a sigh as his listens to the officer and starts the coffee machine provided in the hotel room. He thinks of the obligatory condolences card he would have to send that he knows none of his players (except maybe Renee) would sign.

 Abby gets a text message from Wymack moments after he gets off the phone.

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Today is the day (Savitar x Reader)

This is part three of You can be a queen.

This is going to be in a different POV cause reasons!

Warnings: Death, ending might make you mad, yeah that’s it.


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

It’s today. The day that Iris is going to die.

Barry was off getting what they needed to trap Savitar in the Speed Force. Iris and her dad were away on Earth Two with Harry, hoping Savitar wouldn’t know to look there. Barry didn’t know where they were, so Savitar didn’t. Hopefully.

After Cisco got disconnected with Barry while getting the thing they need, everyone was waiting around for Barry to show back up.

He ran in a little later in his Flash suit.

“We got what we need. Where’s Iris?” He asked. Before anyone could stop him HR answered the question.

“Safely stored away  on Earth Two with Harry Wells.”

Savitar turned to the group.


Iris was taken by Savitar.

HR felt responsible. So he made a plan.

Joe thought he was going to lose his daughter. So he made a plan.

(Y/N) was doing everything to help. So she worked harder than ever.

Barry was worried beyond belief. So he paced back and forth.

Everyone else was desperate to get the Speed Force Bazooka to work.

This was it. Everyone was at Infantino Street, awaiting Savitars arrival with Iris.

“Flash, this is it. Now the moment is upon us, my assentation to become a god,” Savitar spoke in his menacing voice.

“Not tonight,” Barry said eyeing Iris.

“Show me you’re the hero,” Savitar threw Iris to the ground, “Let’s see what happens.”

“I’m gonna stop you.” And Barry took off grabbing the Speed Force Bazooka.

He shot Savitar, but it didn’t seem to effect him at all. If anything it made him stronger.

“I spent a eternity in a trap just like that. You don’t think I know how to prevent it from happening again?”

“The Philosophers stone. Savitar stop!” (Y/N) yelled running up to be at Barry’s side.

“Guys! Joe!” Barry shouted.

“You stuck me in the speed force for an eternity of hell! Now well come to yours.”

“No. Don’t do this.”

“Please,” (Y/N) pleaded.

“Now finally I am free of you,” Savitar raised his hand to Iris’ back.

“Barry,” she cried.

“I’m begging you!” Barry yelled.

“You loose Barry,” Savitar almost laughed, stabbing through Iris’ back.

“NO!” Barry screams running at full speed to stop Iris from dying.

Savitar ran off leaving Barry to catch Iris’ body.

“No, no, no, no. Come on. Please,” Barry was pleading while holding the lifeless body of Iris West.

She gasped a little a moved her head up.

“I’m sorry Barry. I needed to make up for what I did,” the words coming out of Iris’ mouth didn’t make any sense.

“What? (Y/N)! Get over here, please try and help her!” Barry yelled behind him but (Y/N) wasn’t there.

“Can’t help her,” Iris coughed, “if she’s the one dying.”

“What are you talking about?”

Iris dug in her pocket and took out the device HR uses to change how he looks. She held it up to her face and Iris, turned into the face and body of (Y/N).

“I couldn’t live and let Iris die knowing that you think I betrayed you.”

“We don’t think that! We love you.”

“That’s nice to hear.”

Another whoosh of speed and lightning brought Saviar to (Y/N)s side.

“What did you do?” Savitar must have gotten the memory of (Y/N) dying.

“Guess I can die knowing that Barry will be happy with Iris. Sorry Savitar,” she coughed, “but this time, you are the loser.”

And that was the end.

The end of everything.

Everyone lost something the day that (Y/N) died.

But no one thought what she did was selfish. No one thought that she did it just because she felt guilty about Iris dying. Everyone knew that she would have done it for any one of them. And that’s what made the situation worse.

Savitar was no longer a threat.

All because of a selfless girl, and a device that lead to her doom.


Life went on, well as much as it could.

Until that fateful day. The day when the breech opened up again.

“Hi! I’m (Y/N) (Y/L/N) a speedster from Earth 7. I need your help.”

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I’m very tired but I just started thinking like Wymack & Abby have So much stress to deal with when it comes to their Fox kids & like- do they have an outside support network? (apart from bee who kinda straddles that line between in/out of the Foxes). Or is it just basically…each other? Do Wymack & Abby have dinners out together & drinks in dodgy bars so they can rant and rage and unwind when things get rough? Do they hang out on Abby’s comfy floor cushions or Wymack’s dodgy couch & watch reruns of old sitcoms, laughinh along w the laugh-track, ears always straining for the sound of a knock on the door or their phones ringing & bearing bad news. Do they get proper vacations? Ever? Bc w Abby & Wymack they still seem to be looking after the Foxes on vacation? When do they look after themselves? When was the last time they had a good night’s sleep? Do they ever wake up together & think how peaceful the other looks, & can’t bear to wake them. Do they wake up alone & ache, bc sometimes it’s physically painful to deal w the world in its cruelty. Is that how Abby & Wymack end up semi-together- bc there is no one else & maybe there never really has been. And besides, there’s no one else who could understand how fucking much their Foxes mean to them, how they would give up everything to keep their Foxes as safe as they can. And maybe they have. Maybe for Abby & Wymack all they have left is the Foxes & each other, but it’s so much more than they started with. It’s family & it’s all they want & all they need. And they’re never letting go.

anonymous asked:

Top 10 reasons to love Fox Mulder.

1. The way he leans towards you, into your, over you, chewing the inside of his lip and scrunching his eyebrows, and the way it makes you feel knowing that his intensified focus is directed towards you.

2. His legs, taking up all of the room on the plane, in the car, under the desk when you’re trying to find your way down between his legs and his knees keep knocking you in the side of the head as you giggle. But you never mind, you’ve always been small enough to compensate for his bigness.

3. You’ll never meet a man more confident in his beliefs, and yet still so open to those of others.

4. His voice, lulling you to sleep every evening and waking you up inside of a dream every morning. The first words that roll across his tongue in the mornings sound like thunder shaking the bones of your house, begging you to kiss the tiredness away.

5. His ability to allow himself to become open to vulnerability, and his understanding of the occasional necessity of this.

6. The way he feels and wants and loves bigger than anyone you have ever met. Every case he becomes emotionally attached to. Every family of a victim is given his personal phone number in case they need someone to talk about their loss. Every town he sleeps in becomes another home for him to reminisce when he is lonely. 

7. The tea tin you find in the floor in between his bedside table and his bed frame. You pick it up, intending to put it in the drawer of his nightstand so it doesn’t get lost, but end up opening it out of curiosity when you hear shuffling inside as you lift it. Inside are tickets. Hundreds and hundreds of plane tickets. As you start shuffling through, you realize that if you looked, you’d be able to find matching ones just like them somewhere in your own apartment. All of the places you have been together, nestled safely in this tiny box.

8. His unfaltering trust and support. When you were a child, you had your sister. Even after two separate lifetimes of growing in opposite directions, you could still read each others minds. When you lost her, it took you nearly three months before you realized that you had him. He rarely understands at first, but, God, he never stops trying to.

9. His hands. Resting protectively on the small of your back. Holding your shoulders, so narrow that his fingers meet at your spine, as gently as you would hold an injured bird. Gripping the hair at the base of your neck. Pressing into, bruising even, the porcelain skin of your hips. Tracing the slope of your nose downwards, catching on your bottom lip, the tip of his thumb slipping into your mouth. Holding your hand in his, always and always and always and always.

10. The way he loves you back. Everything you give to him he takes and consumes and loves and he uses it and takes it and amplifies it and hands it right back to you. Everyday you wake up, unsure of where your job will take you next. But you are always safe, warm in the blanket of his love. You never knew how greatly you needed a safety net until he volunteered his mind and his heart and his body for yours. You wonder if God made his hands so big to better hold and protect your little heart. 

“You had a crush on me? Dude that’s gay.” Simon teased, poking at Jace’s arm.

“We’re married, Simon,” Jace pointed out, rolling on his side to look at his now-husband. 

“Still,” Simon said, grinning at Jace like a kid on Christmas. 

“And who said the crush was in past tense?” Jace asked, raising an eyebrow.

“You still have a crush on me?” 

“We just got married, of course I still have a crush on you.”

Simon tapped his chin thoughtfully. “Can you call it a crush when you’re in an actual- married- relationship with said crush?”

“You’re a nerd.” Jace said, laughing softly.

“The nerd you married.” 

Jace grinned, surging forward to kiss Simon. “The nerd I married.” He agreed. 

Undetected (Team Flash x Reader)

Combining two requests, one from @mca-attack21 “31 with Barry when Zoom takes his powers.” and @onceuponateenpanwolfian “Can I get #4 #39 with Barry Allen?”

#31 Car Wreck

#4 No. Not you. Anyone but you.

#39 Being put in a coma

warnings: Car crash, death, brain problems, hospitals, coma

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Zoom taking Barry’s powers had been hard on him. Barry seemed out of it, as if without his speed, he was nothing, and it was driving him mad.

He knew that meta’s would attack even though the Flash couldn’t do anything, and he knew that robberies would continue, and fires, and everything that he tried to stop, would continue, and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Barry had promised you a while ago that the two of you would see a movie together, and he knew he had to keep that promise or he would have to deal with a slightly upset best friend.

“Oh come on Bar, you have to admit that movie was great!” You laughed walking out of the theatre.

“Okay, okay, I guess it was better than the sequel.”

“Sequels always suck. Well, most of them anyway.”

“I guess.”

“Cheer up Barry! You’re being a Debbie Downer! Let’s get you some ice cream and make your day better.”

Barry smiled at your bubbliness and pulled you into a hug. That’s one of the reasons he loves having you as a close friend. You always bring out the best in people and you make other people happier, before making yourself happy.


You started walking in the direction of Central City Creamery laughing and talking with Barry, not really watching where you were going when you had to cross the intersection.

You turned and laughed at something Barry had said, and then heard a car horn blaring, then nothing. Not even Barry shouting your name.

Barry had made you laugh and you turned to smile at his joke when he heard the car blare its horn. Before he could pull you out of the way the car hit you.

Your body tumbled over the roof of the car and hit the ground behind it. When Barry got to you, you were already unconscious.

“Oh dear! I’m so sorry,” the man who hit you said running to where Barry was.

“Call an ambulance! Someone call an ambulance!” People were shouting around him.

”No. Not you. Anyone but you.” Barry was trying to get you to wake up.

Someone must have because paramedics pulled Barry away from you and loaded you into the car. They allowed Barry to ride in the back with you, but once at the hospital they told him to wait outside in the lobby.

Cisco and Caitlin arrived moments later, but Barry didn’t recall telling them about the accident.

“I was just going to call you, how did you know about the accident?” Barry asked after explaining what happened.

“Last time she got kidnapped I asked her if I could put a safety tracker in her. It tells me her vitals and her location because she gets injured so much. I saw her vitals drop and then saw her moving here so Caitlin and I got here as fast as we could.” Cisco explained.

“How is she doing?” Caitlin asked.

“I don’t know. She got knocked unconscious before I could get to her. I was so out of it I didn’t even see she was injured. I could have pulled her out of the way but I don’t have my speed and I got distracted because she was laughing.”

“It’s okay Bar. Come here.” Caitlin pulled Barry into a hug as a nurse came and found him.

“Did you arrive with (Y/N) (Y/L/N)?”

“Yes. Is everything okay?”

“So far, yes. There is just some information we are missing and you are one of the people on her contact papers.” The nurse handed Barry a clip board to fill out.

“How is she?”

“The worst of her injuries were on her head. She’s gone through some severe brain damage. We aren’t going to be able to measure it till she wakes up though.”

“But she is going to wake up right?”

“She’s going to need to fight. I’ve never seen someone with this much brain damage survive this long. I’ll tell you when she’s been moved to a room.”

“Thank you.”

A few hours later the nruse walked the group up to your room.

“I don’t know how to explain this but, she should be up right now. The doctors believe that when she hit her head that she damaged some on the nerve endings and went into a coma. I’m sorry to say that we don’t know when or if she will wake up.”

“Is there anything we can do?”

“Stay with her. Who knows she might be able to hear.”

Over the next few weeks people from Team Flash came and went. Barry regained his speed and Zoom was defeated. But you were still in a coma.

The team was in the cortex after Barry caught a thief, half expecting for Barry to have to run out again to save the day. That’s when they got the call.

“Hello? Yes this is Dr. Snow. What? She’s- what? Okay, thank you.”

“What was that?” Iris asked.

“(Y/N) is awake.”

The team never moved so fast. Barry actually waited for everyone else before getting to the hospital.

They all walked in and saw a nurse rewrapping your arm.

“Thank you,” you whispered to the nurse before she left you alone with your friends.

“(Y/N/N),” Cisco whispered crossing the distance to your bedside. He grabbed your hand and lightly hugged you, careful not to hurt you.

Everyone came to you and gave you hugs, but Barry was lost in his own world.

“Bar? You okay?” You ask drawing him out of his thoughts.

“Yeah. Just thinking. How are you feeling?” he answered shortly.

“I think I’m okay.”


But you weren’t okay. It would take four months for the brain damage to kill you.

No one expected it. The doctors all said you were fine.

Everyone was at Iris and Barry’s new apartment when you began getting dizzy.

“I think I’m gonna call it a night guys. I’m not feeling to well,” you bid your goodbye and hugged Barry telling him you’ll see him the next day at Jitters for your weekly coffee date.

You made it home, and in the door, but one step up the stairs and you fainted.

The cause of death was said to be blood clots in the brain that passed by undetected. Barry was mad that the doctors didn’t see it. Barry was mad that he didn’t see the symptoms. Barry was mad that it wasn’t him who got hit that day.

Most of all Barry was sad. Sad because he lost his closest friend to something he could have prevented. And he blamed himself.

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