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“What the hell is wrong with you two” - Patty when she walks in on them half-naked with a fire burning on the floor, probably.

* Looks like the house party went downhill real quick…

** Oh, you think? Why are you even recording it?

A new draw-the-squad featuring all the skellies! :D Taffy decided to invite a few friends over for a little house party (the kids are all off doing their own things). But it seems to have taken a new route. 
Hope you all like it! :D

Taffy, Abbie and Morgana © @candy-undertale 
Spikey © @spikeyskelly
Sugar and Sour © @sugartalesans
Melon and Rotten © @missladytale
Lavender © @lavender-sans
Sylphy © @underfaerie 


sorry i’ve been MIA for so long; i’ve actually been working on this for a while! i kinda got the idea for this comic from my own life; this is supposed to be about cecil sitting down and thinking about where he is before he proposes to carlos (and also i just kinda felt like drawing little abby). please enjoy!

This is me and my poster that i painted for my drawing classes at college. It took me more than a month to complete and still rooney looks like shes hysterical and cate looks like shes about to cry. I tried my best and since tumblr loves Carol so much i decided to share it 🌸


I watched Whip It the other day and I really wanted to draw a badass roller derby girl, somehow it turned into Ghostbusters fanart?

I tried to come up with derby names for each of them but I’m bad at puns so if you have any suggestions send them my way! I was thinking Abby’s should have something to do with soup, but that’s as far as I got.

Ghostbusters: Abby/Erin (A3) 

@magicsophicorn slaying it with these requests. This is from the couples meme I had reblogged on my personal blog, and I absolutely love the kind of things I’ve been getting in my ask box! That being said, I’ll be closing requests on 11/01/2017 (January 11th). 

Thanks for submitting!