abby x nick


y o u usually get what you w a n t  by now.

i’ve been watching Sleepy Hollow since started, and i pretty much thought that Abbie should be with Crane, but, here is the thing. By now we all saw how much Crane loves Katrina, of course, they have some shit going on right now, but they love each other, and i don’t think would be right that Crane end up with Abbie, they’re friends, and respect and protect each other, people are always complaining how others can’t understand boys and girls relationship, but there it is, i think Crane and Abbie are the best representation of the strongest friendship that i ever seen, so no i don’t ship them anymore, how ever i became to ship Nick Hawley and Abbie Mills, (but what about Jenni?) well i love Jenni, but i really like her with Capitan, anyways. Abbie and Nick, make perfect sense to me, they’re the two different sides of the same coin.