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A Man Walks Into a Bar...

Requested by: Anon
Request: The team goes out for drinks or for someone’s birthday. Gibbs and reader’s relationship is still a secret and a guy starts hitting on reader and Gibbs gets all possessive and jealous!
A/N: Enjoy!
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They are such dorks. I love them.

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Interviews: NCIS! Michael Weatherly confesses all! Tiva! & Cote de Pablo confesses all! NCIS! TIVA! 

I just watched these interviews like an hour ago and i had to make GIF’s.

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For the Anon who asked for Gibbs and the reader in a relationship but since she’s a lawyer he pretends to dislike her when their paths cross on a case.

His phone rings and you groan softly. You can’t blame him for always being on call. He loved his job and was good at it and it was one of the things that attracted you to him. He doesn’t let go of your waist as he answers his phone with a clipped, “Gibbs.” You can hear the male voice on the other end of the line. “Uh huh. Okay DiNozzo.” He hangs up then and looks down at you.
“You have to go don’t you.”
“I do.”
“Will you be home tonight?”
“I don’t know.” You sigh softly then press a kiss to his lips. “I’ll be home as soon as I can. Lock the door.”
“Why is it that I have to lock the door but you don’t have to?”
“Because I’m a Marine and you’re a lawyer.” You shoot him a look and he laughs softly. “Lock the door.” He says before kissing you again then taking off. You go back to Gibbs house and do as he asks and lock the door. You change out of the dress you wore out and into one of his shirts then head down to the basement. You start working on his boat, sanding with the grain until your phone rings.
“It was Miller.”
“I saw him kill her.” The voice says, it’s a young voice and one that sounds familiar. “Tell NCIS.” They hang up and you know who it was, Mara Wright. She’s your only client who knows you’re dating an NCIS Agent. You pull the phone from your ear and then dial Gibbs.
“Hey. I know you’re working but I just got a call from a client of mine. They indicated that they saw someone named Miller kill a woman and to tell NCIS.”
“Any idea who this client was?”
“No.” You lie.
“You’re lying.” He calls you out.
“Yep.” You hear him sigh loudly. “Come on Jethro you know I can’t divulge that information.”
“Damn lawyer talk.” He growls and you laugh softly.
“I know. I’m sorry. I’ll talk to my client and see if I can get them to come forward.”
“We’ll check out this Miller connection.” He says.
“Love you.” You tell him and he pauses before responding.
“Uh huh.” You laugh then hang up. He’s always insisted on keeping his work and personal life separate, to keep you safe. But sometimes you wonder if there’s more to it than that.


Request: You and Gibbs announce your engagement 
Requested by: Anon
A/N: Just a little drabble I wrote a few nights ago. Hope you like it, anon!

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You looked around the office, not sure where Jethro could have gone. Of course, he’d leave you at a time like this. Smirking at the thought, you went over and sat in his desk chair. Even though you and Jethro had been dating for three years now, the team still eyed each other when you sat in his chair. You chuckled to yourself, laughing it off. They all stared at you, and you figured it was because Gibbs was standing close to you. Looking up, you saw him coming your way. Tony and McGee shared a look while Ziva shook her head slightly, barely smiling. “Hey, y/n,” Gibbs said, reaching over you to move some paperwork around on his desk.

“Hey, Jethro,” you said, smiling, “Brought you some lunch.” He smiled, kissing your head. He continued to do his work around you, never asking you to get up. He moved to sit on the side of the desk, picking up a file to look over.

“Uh, Boss?” Tony said, eyes not having left the two of you.

“What, DiNozzo?” Gibbs responded, slightly annoyed with the agent.

“I…you just…Boss, she’s in your chair,” Tony stated, dumbfounded.

“Yeah, DiNozzo, I see that,” Gibbs shot back, shaking his head. “I suppose that right comes along with being my fiancé,” he said, not looking up from a file he was reading.

All you could do was laugh at all of their faces. Ziva was the first to come up and congratulate you, surprisingly pulling you into a hug, followed by McGee. Tony just continued to sit at his desk, jaw practically falling off its hinges. Oh, how you did love your fiancé.

Gibbs’ team finding out that you’re their long-lost niece/nephew would involve:

  • Gibbs would immediately tell you that you could stay with him anytime.
  • Tony would make some insensitive joke about ‘Papa Dinozzo’ and how his dad must have done something…
  • Ziva has no idea to react and honestly she doesn’t really believe you at first
  • Abby INSTANTLY loves you and she hugs you and tries to give you cookies
  • McGee doesn’t know what to think, he just kinda stands there and stares at you, but he warms up to it
  • Ellie hugs you and gives you some food of course
  • Bonus: Ducky smiles all warm and wraps an arm around your shoulders and then says something super Scottish

~requested by ANON

Question (Gibbs)

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-Requested by anon

-Prompt description: The team doesn’t know you and Gibbs are dating until they place everything together…

-Authors note: I am so sorry this is poor writing, I have a lot going  mentally which means lack of creativity for me.

Finally you were getting a break from work with your boyfriend Gibbs. None of your other coworkers ever knew you are dating. It’s not like you are hiding the relationship from the rest of them it’s just they won’t take the hint. You had your head laying on Gibbs shoulder as you watched a movie when he got a call. He sat up with a heavy sigh and answered.

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Without You

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  Hello lovelies! I was watching the trailer for the new Anastasia Musical on Broadway. It looks amazing! Hope you all enjoy this story!

Gibbs x Daughter Reader

Gifs not mine!

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Back Again: 2


When the plane touches down you’re instructed to meet an Agent named Morgan. He’s leaning against a black SUV, arms folded across an impressive chest.
“Agent Morgan?” You ask and he nods.
“How long have you been on the case?”
“About a month, we didn’t realize that there were more murders off base.”
“How many have there been on Navy bases?”
“This is six.” Your phone rings and glancing down at the screen you see the face of your boss looking unamused staring back at you. “Excuse me, it’s my boss.” You tell Morgan, as he’s asked you to call him.
“No problem. I should call Hotch too.” He says plucking his phone from the cup holder.
“Yea Gibbs?”
“You meet up with them yet?”
“No, Agent Morgan and I are on our way to the police station. Apparently that’s where they make their home base when they’re out of town. Want me to connect with the LA team? Let them know I’m here?”
“Any reason why?”
“No need. You’re part of the FBI team until this is over. No need to involve more NCIS.”
“Sounds good Boss. I’ll call later with an update.”
“Yup.” You’d actually gotten more out of him than you thought you would conversation wise. Morgan finishes up his call then explains how their team works.
There are seven of them. Only six out in the field but the last member, Garcia, is their tech goddess, Morgan’s words.
Their team leader is Hotch, a man who sounds like he’s no nonsense much like Gibbs. Except less of a functional mute.
Rossi is the oldest member of the team, having returned after retirement because he had a few cases he wanted to finish up. Some old ones that had haunted him.
Reid is a genius. In his mid-thirties he’s the youngest member of the squad but knows pretty much everything, and isn’t afraid to prove it. Morgan challenges you to stump him on a question but swears it’s not possible. You can tell he really admires the kid, no matter what he may say.
JJ is the newest to profiling, having started out as their press liaison she’s been with the team a long time just not always as a profiler. She also worked over in Afghanistan for a while, only to come back from the pentagon with a passion, and according to Morgan, great skill for profiling.
Prentiss rounds out the squad. She was an undercover Agent for a while, worked with Interpol, is back now and was much missed by her team.
“You’re easy to talk to.” Morgan says after a while, he seems surprised that he gave you so much information when you haven’t divulged really anything. But he’s not working with your team, you’re working with his.
“Thank you.” You give him a smile, “You seem like you’ve got a solid team.”
“We do. It’ll be nice to have your expertise on this one though. How did you join up with NCIS?”
“I was in the Navy. My best friend was murdered and Gibbs, my boss, promised he’d catch her killer and when he did the bastard worked on our ship. He’d been stalking her for a while and no one helped her so, when my tour was up I applied to work at NCIS and Gibbs remembered me from the case and agreed to take me on. Our team is smaller than yours, just four of us that are agents, me, Gibbs, Tony and McGee. We work closely with Abby our forensic analyst and Ducky and Palmer. Ducky’s the ME and Palmer is his assistant.”
“You’ve only got four field agents?”
“Yea, we all double up on jobs, Tim is really good with a computer, I do linguistics and Tony,” you pause for a second, “Tony’s a pain in the ass but he’s street smart. Gibbs is our fearless leader. Tony calls him a functional mute.” Morgan chuckles softly,
“Functional mute, that’s funny.”
“Please don’t tell him that.” You tell him with a grin, “I don’t want his head to swell any more than it already has.”
“As long as you don’t tell Reid what I said about him.”
“Deal.” You laugh as he pulls into the police station parking lot.
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“Damn there goes my lunch money” {Requested}

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Requested by: @wanna-see-my-lease

Gibbs and Fornell sat on the stools Abby had around her lab, each of them watching the screens carefully, examining the situation at hand. It was Tony and you laughing at something stupid you had said, both males frowned trying to decipher if you were dating or not.

Jenny Shepard walked in with her arms crossed and eyebrows furrowed seeing the males not doing their jobs, Jenny cleared her throat making the men snap their heads to the female who threw them a curios look. 

“I thought I told you I needed to see both of you in my office thirteen minutes ago” Jenny spoke “I’m just doing some surveillance” Fornell answered for the both of them Jenny raised her eyebrows before moving to the monitors.

 “Oh lord” Jenny pinched the bridge of her nose “Leave them be, we have to get ready to send them undercover, you can continuing watching them when they’re settled into their positions alright” She spoke with authority before turning on her heel and left the lab.

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anonymous asked:

ooo pick me!!! can i get a ncis one??? abby best friend x reader x gibbs - abby bugs the reader about her feelings towards gibbs and then gibbs is standing behind her. maybe have it in sign language or something. love ya writing

Abby Knows


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Show: NCIS

Summary:  Having Abby as your best friend sometimes can prove to complicate your life.

Pairing: Jethro Gibbs x Reader

Warnings:  Fluff!!!

Word Count: 989

Reading Time: 4 minutes-ish

Request: Yes!! Keep em coming!

A/N: This was actually pretty fun to write! Love the request too! Feedback is always welcomed ♥

Tags: @spaceemonkeyyxd @lucifersagents @emilyymichelle @ncisfanficsandmore @gabriels-trix

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Headcanon - Being married to Tony

-You would be his best friend as well as his spouse

-He would talk about you or bring you up in conversation all.the.time

-It would annoy both McGee and Ziva, but they would be happy that Tony was happy, they just wouldn’t say it out loud

-You would be friends with the whole team, and they would always “joke” that they liked you more than Tony

-You would often talk to Gibbs anytime you were worried about Tony, and he would listen and give advice

-Abby would be one of your closest friends and you two would often gossip a lot and Tony would always be paranoid that you were talking about him

-Tony would have a hard time leaving you in the morning, he just loved lying in bed with you

-But when he got home he would yell “Honey, I’m home!”


-He would only every show his really passionate and sweets side to you

-But Ziva and McGee would catch him sometimes and tease him about being so sweet to you

-Tony would probably get jealous easily, not a angry kind of jealous though, it would be the childish kind

-It was charming in it’s own weird way

-But you would always make sure he knew that he was the only one for you and that you loved him

-He would be SO romantic

-He would love to reenact the cheesy stuff from movies. Like roses trailing down the hall leading to a candle lit dinner

-He would also buy you flowers all the time, for no special occasion

-Tony’s sense of humor would always leaving you rolling your eyes, but laughing at the same time

-He loved your laugh, it made him smile

-Anytime he was in danger, the only thing he would think about that would keep him fighting was the idea of never making it back home to you

-He would NEVER let that happen. He would ALWAYS make it back to you.

Requested by anon


You and Jethro really did try to keep it a secret; what with Rule 12 and all. But when Abby suspected something, she will go to the ends of the Earth to find out what it was. Especially if it involved Gibbs. Maybe it was just a scientist thing.

Abby stood in front of Gibbs, her eyes narrowed and arms crossed over her chest. Gibbs stared back down at Abby, and for once, he couldn’t really meet her gaze as she questioned him about you. This is the only indicator Abby needed. Over the years, the scientist had learned the little indicators that Gibbs gave off.

“I knew it! I knew it!” Abby called, jumping up and down. Gibbs repeatedly tried to quiet her down, looking side to side as people began to stare.

It was at that moment that the elevator opened, and you came walking through. Abby bolted past Gibbs, a grin planted on her face. You stopped in your tracks, steadying yourself as Abby ran up to you and tackled you in a hug. “I wanna be a bride’s maid!” She demanded.

You peeked over Abby’s shoulder to Jethro, who was smiling and shrugging his shoulders.

Lawyered: 3

He doesn’t say anything, just wraps a hand around your wrist and tugs you along behind him. He pulls you into the elevator among confused calls of “Boss?” From who you assume are Tony and Ziva. He hits the down button as the elevator starts to move he flips a switch grinding it to a halt. The elevator goes dark except for the emergency lights.
“That can’t be good for the elevator.” You tell him before he grips your biceps.
“What are you doing here?”
“I came in my clients place. I wrote down everything that they said but couldn’t get them to come in.”
“So you thought you’d come instead.”
“You need the information right?” He just glares at you, “Right?”
“I don’t want you involved in this.”
“Too late Gibbs.” You tell him softly placing a hand on his chest. He hums softly his thumb grazing your jawbone he presses a quick kiss to your lips before flipping the switch to start the elevator.
“I’ll have McGee do the interview.”
“Okay. I can do this Gibbs.”
“I know.” He says, his blue eyes search your face and he steps away just before the elevator doors slide open. “This way.” The short tempered man is back, you sigh softly and follow him. He opens a door and gestures for you to go inside, you do swaying your hips a bit more than is necessary. You shoot him a smirk before he shuts the door.
You don’t have to wait long for McGee to come in and ask you questions. He’s kind but when you refuse to give him the name of your client he gets anxious.
“I can’t give you that Agent McGee I know that you don’t like that answer but you and your handsome boss are just going to have to live with it.” You tell him.
“If you could get them to come in.”
“It’s not going to happen, they’re too scared.”
“We can’t arrest him with a second hand eyewitness.”
“Then find the evidence Agent McGee.” You tell him softly, “I’m sorry, I’ve done all I can. Can I go home now?”
“Keep working on your client and stay in town. Just in case.”
“Thank you Agent McGee.” You rise then head out of the small room, Gibbs falls into step with you, not saying a word. He speaks again when you’re on the elevator.
“Go back to my place, lock the door.”
“Will you be home tonight?”
“If it’ll keep you there.”
“It will.”
“Alright then I’ll be home.”
“Before 3am Jethro.” He sighs loudly then nods.
“Before 3am.” You kiss him quickly before the elevator doors open and then he escorts you back out to your car. He looks uneasy. “Straight home.” He says.
“I love you.” He whispers before kissing you softly.
“I love you too.”


Prompt: reader got food for the team and ends up helped the team raid a house leading to Gibbs getting hurt

Requested by: nobody

Words: 907

Warning: getting hurt

A/N: Yeah, I know I’m not taking request because I’m busy but I needed something that I came up with myself to get back into the swing of writing quality content.

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Imagine Abby sets you up on a date with Gibbs.

“Listen, I know that he is a little bit older, but he is like family to me, and you are like family to me, and I just really think that the two of you would make a super cute match.” Abby rapidly spit out the words in one breath. You had always found it miraculous the way that she could ramble on and on without taking a breath.

“Relax, Abs,” You laughed, “I’m sure it will be fine.”

“Okay, whatever you say,” Abby said hopefully. There was a lull of silence between each other, as Abby held in the words rapidly flying about in her head. Then she started spouting excited words again, “But it would just be so, so good if everything worked out between you two because then-”

“Abby!” You said, laughing, “I get it! You like both of us very much, and want things to work out on this date. Come on, he is going to be here any second.” You leaned back in the metal chair, looking around at the passerbys of the small cafe, “What did you say he looked like again, Abs?” You asked him.

“Greying hair, pretty serious face, black shirt. You’ll know him when you see him.” Abby said taking a sip of her coffee, not noticing that you were distracted.

“So, he looks like that?” You asked pointedly, nodding toward a man casually lingering behind Abby.

Abby swiveled around in her seat. She leapt from her seat toward the man you had noticed. She was all smiles. Abby threw her arms jubilantly around the man you now presumed to be Gibbs. As Abby released herself from the man, and you stretched out a welcoming hand to him. He accepted your hand blithely. You could not help but notice that he had an impressive grip.

You and Gibbs pivoted toward Abby, who was giggling like a little girl. She was practically jumping up and down.

“Yes, Abby?” Gibbs said, chuckling at her excitement, “Are you going to stand there like that all day?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m sorry guys, it’s just you guys are my two favorite people ever, and I’m so happy that this is happening right now. Okay, I’m going to leave you two to it. Bye.” She skipped toward the pair of you, wrapping you in a hug, and receiving a friendly peck on the cheek from Gibbs.

You and Gibbs watched her as she walked away into the distance. You sat down next to each other, enjoying a lunch of delicious coffee and effortless conversation. You realized that all of the things Abby had said over the years, praising the man that sat in front of you now, were true. He was kind, funny, and considerably handsome.

Once your lunch had disappeared and your coffee vanished, the pair of you silently, unanimously agreed that your lunch date was over. But you enjoyed yourself. A lot. And you did not want any of it to be over.

So, when Gibbs stood up to leave, gathering his casual jacket and other belongings, you found yourself to be disappointed, but you knew to just go along with it. You shook his hand, and it felt as if something was missing when he turned around to leave. You felt your heart fall in your chest.

“Oh, wait a minute,” He said, turning around unexpectedly, “I almost forgot. Call me.” He handed you a small square of paper with his number on it, a charming smile spread across his face. You found yourself to be smiling at the sight of the number.

The next day, Abby pulled you to her apartment, and made you spill everything about what you talked about on your date with Gibbs. You admitted that you really liked him. You enjoyed your lunch with him, and you made the mistake of confessing that you most definitely intended to call him back and schedule another date. At that point, Abby made you call the man that you had just spent the last hour talking about. She sat there, giggling while you and Gibbs talked.

When you hung up, you found yourself smiling widely at the prospect of finding out more about the mysterious Gibbs. You thanked Abby. After all, she was the one that introduced the two of you in the first place.

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Okay, just gonna say my ask box is open right now for NCIS and NOLA requests. I’m getting a little more confident on writing these amazing characters

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