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Request: You and Gibbs announce your engagement 
Requested by: Anon
A/N: Just a little drabble I wrote a few nights ago. Hope you like it, anon!

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You looked around the office, not sure where Jethro could have gone. Of course, he’d leave you at a time like this. Smirking at the thought, you went over and sat in his desk chair. Even though you and Jethro had been dating for three years now, the team still eyed each other when you sat in his chair. You chuckled to yourself, laughing it off. They all stared at you, and you figured it was because Gibbs was standing close to you. Looking up, you saw him coming your way. Tony and McGee shared a look while Ziva shook her head slightly, barely smiling. “Hey, y/n,” Gibbs said, reaching over you to move some paperwork around on his desk.

“Hey, Jethro,” you said, smiling, “Brought you some lunch.” He smiled, kissing your head. He continued to do his work around you, never asking you to get up. He moved to sit on the side of the desk, picking up a file to look over.

“Uh, Boss?” Tony said, eyes not having left the two of you.

“What, DiNozzo?” Gibbs responded, slightly annoyed with the agent.

“I…you just…Boss, she’s in your chair,” Tony stated, dumbfounded.

“Yeah, DiNozzo, I see that,” Gibbs shot back, shaking his head. “I suppose that right comes along with being my fiancé,” he said, not looking up from a file he was reading.

All you could do was laugh at all of their faces. Ziva was the first to come up and congratulate you, surprisingly pulling you into a hug, followed by McGee. Tony just continued to sit at his desk, jaw practically falling off its hinges. Oh, how you did love your fiancé.

A Whole New World

Whoo, first one! Zairafauna suggested an Imagine where the reader and Abby assign the team Disney songs… enjoy!

“A whole new woooooorld!” Abby bursts, not cracking in laughter (very much unlike you, who was in stitches). “A dazzling- oh, come on, (Y/N),” Abby chuckles, grabbing your arm. “It’s a duet. We’re supposed to be in loooooove!” She oohs as she teasingly bats her lashes.
You laugh. Abby has been your friend for so long. You’ve formed a very sisterly bond with one another, and you’re basically two peas in a pod. No metaphor could match you two more.
“B-b-but wh-when…” you cut off in laughter, collapsing into an armchair.
“Oh, shush.” Abby laughed along, turning off the karaoke music for Aladdin. “But I’ll have you know I’m insulted, and I will never forgive you.”
“No, you totally will.” You nudge her, stepping up next to her. “So, that won’t be Ziva’s song.”
“What about that other song?”
“Disney has a lot of ‘other songs’, Abs.” You scoff, running your eyes over her Disney playlist. You two had hatched a truly wonderful scheme, a scheme that involved assigning each member of your NCIS family a Disney song.
“So, Tony is 'Hakuna Matata’. McGee is… 'Out There’? Are you really sure?”
“What?” You protest, “Quasimodo’s voice suits him.”
Abby merely shrugged and sighed, then turned back to the screen. “Ducky is 'Bare Necessities’, forget about your worry and your-”
“Palmer is 'Go the Distance’.Because we believe in him, of course.” You set down the sheet of notebook paper. “Ziva should be that Mulan song.”
“Reflection?” Abby questions. “No, the Man Song?”
The forensic scientist lowered the sheet. “What about Gibbs?”
“The Imperial March.” You straighten up, “Star Wars is technically Disney,” you call before you march around the lab in circles, singing. “DUN DUN DUN DUN DUHhhh…” You’re stopped by running into a chest. You look up slowly. “Uh. Hi Gibbs.”
The man sips his coffee (black, probably like his soul). Then he slowly smiles. Barely, but it’s a smile. “I just had to get the Bad Guy song, hm?”

Question (Gibbs)

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-Requested by anon

-Prompt description: The team doesn’t know you and Gibbs are dating until they place everything together…

-Authors note: I am so sorry this is poor writing, I have a lot going  mentally which means lack of creativity for me.

Finally you were getting a break from work with your boyfriend Gibbs. None of your other coworkers ever knew you are dating. It’s not like you are hiding the relationship from the rest of them it’s just they won’t take the hint. You had your head laying on Gibbs shoulder as you watched a movie when he got a call. He sat up with a heavy sigh and answered.

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Gibbs’ team finding out that you’re their long-lost niece/nephew would involve:

  • Gibbs would immediately tell you that you could stay with him anytime.
  • Tony would make some insensitive joke about ‘Papa Dinozzo’ and how his dad must have done something…
  • Ziva has no idea to react and honestly she doesn’t really believe you at first
  • Abby INSTANTLY loves you and she hugs you and tries to give you cookies
  • McGee doesn’t know what to think, he just kinda stands there and stares at you, but he warms up to it
  • Ellie hugs you and gives you some food of course
  • Bonus: Ducky smiles all warm and wraps an arm around your shoulders and then says something super Scottish

~requested by ANON

A Nautical Serial Killer

“Agent Gibbs!” You can hear the aid trying to get his attention from across the bullpen. Probably trying to warn him of your presence before he gets to his desk where you’ve been waiting for nearly an hour. Hotch is not going to be happy. “Agent Gibbs!” He’s still talking to the brunette man whose not only keeping up with the older man’s quick gait but taking notes at the same time. Agent Gibbs finally glances up and seeing you at his desk stops in his tracks.
“Agent Miller?”
“Yes sir?” The aid says sounding nervous.
“Who is this?”
“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you sir. She’s FBI.”
“Thank you Agent Miller. I can handle this from here.” You say with a smile. “Agent Gibbs, I’m SSA Leah Snow with the BAU.” His companion looks confused. “Supervisory Special Agent, with the Behavioral Analysis Unit. FBI.” You reach out a hand which Gibbs looks pointedly at but doesn’t shake.
“I know what your letters meant.”
“I was clarifying for him Agent Gibbs.” You give him a small smile as you gesture to the other man.
“Agent Anthony DiNozzo.” He shoots you a flirty smile.
“Engaged Agent.” You hold up your left hand showing off the ring Hotch had given you.
“What can I do for you SSA Snow?” Agent Gibbs asks sounding bored.
“BAU thinks you have a serial killer and we want to help.”
“No thanks.”
“Agent Gibbs, we are the most qualified in the FBI to step in on this case and Unit Chief SSA Hotchner doesn’t want to take over. He wants to join forces.”
“Why should we?”
“Because we have a serial killer.”
“Two murders isn’t a serial killer.” Agent DiNozzo says with a small smirk.
“You’re right. But four is.”
“We only have two.” A third man says as he walks up. “Who’s this?”
“SSA Leah Snow, FBI. There have been four murders, two civilians in Delaware.” Your phone rings and pulling it from your pocket you see that it’s Hotch. “Sorry excuse me.” You answer the phone, “Yea?”
“We’ve got another body.”
“Understood. ETA?”
“See you then.” You hang up and look at Agent Gibbs. “Make that five victims.”

Title: Gibbs’ daughter
Fandom: NCIS
Character(s): [Daughter] reader, Gibbs, Abby and Tony
Warning(s): None
Requested by: Anon- I was wondering if you could write an NCIS reader insert where the reader is Gibbs’ daughter for a past fling and she starts dating Tony? (Reader and Abby are like sisters and look out for each other).
A/N: Hope you like it.

You had gotten a ride to NCIS head quarters with Abby, seeing as she practically begged you to go to work with her today, as well as bribing you with one of her two Caf-pow’s that she had in the car, the two of you were sat in the lab, on swirly chairs, the two of you had just finished a game, where you see how far the other could slide. 

“You should tell them” Abby smiled, taking a slurp of her Caf-pow, you tilted your head “I am” you responded, shaking your empty cup and putting it on the side next to you “it’s just a matter of when” she laughed, you nodded your head “dad is going to be so mad when finds out” you groaned resting your head on her shoulder “and Tony wouldn’t be?” Abby asked you, frowning at the now empty cup in her hand. 

“Tony would probably run away and never speak to me again” you joked, nudging her arm with your elbow “you’ll always have me” she giggled, tackling you to the ground with a thud, you groaned and the two of you looking up when you heard a cough “Tony!” Abby chirped, jumping off of you and pulling you up “are you two lovely ladies having fun?” he inquired with a curious look “yes” you both chimed at the same time.

“Good” he said, placing a kiss on you cheek, Abby gagged although she was smiling lake mad “by the way Abby, Gibbs is on his was, he doesn’t seem like he’s in a good mood” he told her, you bit your cheek and looked at Abby, who gave you a slightly worried look, you and Tony had been dating for about a month, both of you met because of Abby and you both hit it off right away, he was always nice and sweet, Abby often made a comment about how he’s acting different when it was just the two of you, she did however threaten Tony when you two first told her that you dating.

“What? What’s that look for?” Tony asked worried, looking between you and Abby “oh, nothing” you both said quickly, as soon as you heard the elevator chime you stepped away from Tony and the doors of the elevator flew open “Abby” Gibbs said holding out a Caf-pow for her “daddy” you smiled, instantly wrapping him into a hug, which he wasn’t expecting. 

“[Y/N]?” Gibbs asked, sounding pleasantly surprised,  wrapping his arms around you, a slight smile on his face.
“Dad?!” Tony squeaked out, a look of pure terror passing across his features, you threw an apologetic look over your shoulder at him and Abby whispering something in his ear “is there a problem with that Dinozzo?” your father questioned “awkwaaaaaaaaaaaard” Abby sang softly, you coughed and glared at her “shut up” you whispered, jumping on her back and placing your hands over her mouth, Abby quickly wrapping her arms around your legs.

“What’s awkward?” Gibbs asked “nothing” you shot back, Tony coughed and you glared at him “don’t you dare” you whispered menacingly “Dinozzo?” Gibbs asked, turning his attention to him, you knew that Tony would crumble under your dad’s intense stare. 

“MeandTonyaredating” you said quickly, sucking in a deep breathe to fill your lungs “I’m sorry what was that?” Gibbs laughed slightly, you placed your elbow on Abby’s shoulder and face palmed “she said, her and Tony are dating” Abby chipped in, you made a noise and looked at your father glaring at Tony “you so much as hurt her” he started, pointing a finger at Tony “you’ll hurt me back?” Tony squeaked out, backing away from Gibbs “no, she’ll hurt you” he stated, shaking his head a bit “and THEN I’ll hurt you” he finished. 

“Oh daaaaaad” You moaned, face palming again “so is it okay then?” Tony asked quietly, almost afraid to speak “yeah, just don’t go hurting her” he warned “oh my god” you breathed out, frowning at your dad “what? You’re still my little girl” he answered, shrugging his shoulders.


“I thought you said the weapon was made out of chestnut?”

“I did. That was a mistake. I got my slides mixed up before. But this is right. It’s aluminum, and it’s on the back of paint flecks.”