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Interviews: NCIS! Michael Weatherly confesses all! Tiva! & Cote de Pablo confesses all! NCIS! TIVA! 

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So I finished the all for the game series

And yea
Help me
“but I’d still blow you”
“You want nothing and I AM nothing”
And and
“But my father comes to my every game” AJSSNKS. MY HEART
“Do you know you’re dating a prostitute?”
“QUEEN” tattoo
Renee my queen and my Allison my wife
riko can choke yes
It’s pretty obvious i love Andrew and neil and Kevin

Aaron is the only one i didn’t love immediately but we’re working on that


Request: You and Gibbs announce your engagement 
Requested by: Anon
A/N: Just a little drabble I wrote a few nights ago. Hope you like it, anon!

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You looked around the office, not sure where Jethro could have gone. Of course, he’d leave you at a time like this. Smirking at the thought, you went over and sat in his desk chair. Even though you and Jethro had been dating for three years now, the team still eyed each other when you sat in his chair. You chuckled to yourself, laughing it off. They all stared at you, and you figured it was because Gibbs was standing close to you. Looking up, you saw him coming your way. Tony and McGee shared a look while Ziva shook her head slightly, barely smiling. “Hey, y/n,” Gibbs said, reaching over you to move some paperwork around on his desk.

“Hey, Jethro,” you said, smiling, “Brought you some lunch.” He smiled, kissing your head. He continued to do his work around you, never asking you to get up. He moved to sit on the side of the desk, picking up a file to look over.

“Uh, Boss?” Tony said, eyes not having left the two of you.

“What, DiNozzo?” Gibbs responded, slightly annoyed with the agent.

“I…you just…Boss, she’s in your chair,” Tony stated, dumbfounded.

“Yeah, DiNozzo, I see that,” Gibbs shot back, shaking his head. “I suppose that right comes along with being my fiancé,” he said, not looking up from a file he was reading.

All you could do was laugh at all of their faces. Ziva was the first to come up and congratulate you, surprisingly pulling you into a hug, followed by McGee. Tony just continued to sit at his desk, jaw practically falling off its hinges. Oh, how you did love your fiancé.

Back Again: 2


When the plane touches down you’re instructed to meet an Agent named Morgan. He’s leaning against a black SUV, arms folded across an impressive chest.
“Agent Morgan?” You ask and he nods.
“How long have you been on the case?”
“About a month, we didn’t realize that there were more murders off base.”
“How many have there been on Navy bases?”
“This is six.” Your phone rings and glancing down at the screen you see the face of your boss looking unamused staring back at you. “Excuse me, it’s my boss.” You tell Morgan, as he’s asked you to call him.
“No problem. I should call Hotch too.” He says plucking his phone from the cup holder.
“Yea Gibbs?”
“You meet up with them yet?”
“No, Agent Morgan and I are on our way to the police station. Apparently that’s where they make their home base when they’re out of town. Want me to connect with the LA team? Let them know I’m here?”
“Any reason why?”
“No need. You’re part of the FBI team until this is over. No need to involve more NCIS.”
“Sounds good Boss. I’ll call later with an update.”
“Yup.” You’d actually gotten more out of him than you thought you would conversation wise. Morgan finishes up his call then explains how their team works.
There are seven of them. Only six out in the field but the last member, Garcia, is their tech goddess, Morgan’s words.
Their team leader is Hotch, a man who sounds like he’s no nonsense much like Gibbs. Except less of a functional mute.
Rossi is the oldest member of the team, having returned after retirement because he had a few cases he wanted to finish up. Some old ones that had haunted him.
Reid is a genius. In his mid-thirties he’s the youngest member of the squad but knows pretty much everything, and isn’t afraid to prove it. Morgan challenges you to stump him on a question but swears it’s not possible. You can tell he really admires the kid, no matter what he may say.
JJ is the newest to profiling, having started out as their press liaison she’s been with the team a long time just not always as a profiler. She also worked over in Afghanistan for a while, only to come back from the pentagon with a passion, and according to Morgan, great skill for profiling.
Prentiss rounds out the squad. She was an undercover Agent for a while, worked with Interpol, is back now and was much missed by her team.
“You’re easy to talk to.” Morgan says after a while, he seems surprised that he gave you so much information when you haven’t divulged really anything. But he’s not working with your team, you’re working with his.
“Thank you.” You give him a smile, “You seem like you’ve got a solid team.”
“We do. It’ll be nice to have your expertise on this one though. How did you join up with NCIS?”
“I was in the Navy. My best friend was murdered and Gibbs, my boss, promised he’d catch her killer and when he did the bastard worked on our ship. He’d been stalking her for a while and no one helped her so, when my tour was up I applied to work at NCIS and Gibbs remembered me from the case and agreed to take me on. Our team is smaller than yours, just four of us that are agents, me, Gibbs, Tony and McGee. We work closely with Abby our forensic analyst and Ducky and Palmer. Ducky’s the ME and Palmer is his assistant.”
“You’ve only got four field agents?”
“Yea, we all double up on jobs, Tim is really good with a computer, I do linguistics and Tony,” you pause for a second, “Tony’s a pain in the ass but he’s street smart. Gibbs is our fearless leader. Tony calls him a functional mute.” Morgan chuckles softly,
“Functional mute, that’s funny.”
“Please don’t tell him that.” You tell him with a grin, “I don’t want his head to swell any more than it already has.”
“As long as you don’t tell Reid what I said about him.”
“Deal.” You laugh as he pulls into the police station parking lot.
Here goes.

Gibbs’ team finding out that you’re their long-lost niece/nephew would involve:

  • Gibbs would immediately tell you that you could stay with him anytime.
  • Tony would make some insensitive joke about ‘Papa Dinozzo’ and how his dad must have done something…
  • Ziva has no idea to react and honestly she doesn’t really believe you at first
  • Abby INSTANTLY loves you and she hugs you and tries to give you cookies
  • McGee doesn’t know what to think, he just kinda stands there and stares at you, but he warms up to it
  • Ellie hugs you and gives you some food of course
  • Bonus: Ducky smiles all warm and wraps an arm around your shoulders and then says something super Scottish

~requested by ANON


I didn’t know that they offered you Attorney General. They didn’t tell me. I’m not on the inside. But if they had, and they should have, if they had - I would have said that, “David Rosen is a good and honest man who will uphold the constitution.” I would have said that, “David Rosen loves the law. He loved justice, apparently more than he loves me.”


Prompt: reader got food for the team and ends up helped the team raid a house leading to Gibbs getting hurt

Requested by: nobody

Words: 907

Warning: getting hurt

A/N: Yeah, I know I’m not taking request because I’m busy but I needed something that I came up with myself to get back into the swing of writing quality content.

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Back Again: 8


You’ve been on the ship for what feels like a year. Your timer goes off and you sigh, you have to go call JJ. Again. You feel like it’s a waste of time since you’ve got nothing new to tell her, and the last three times you’ve called she hasn’t had any new information. You make your way up to the top deck and once there you turn on your phone. You’ve got two voicemails from Tony. The first letting you know that the team has a case and to call him or Abby if you need anything. The second voicemail tells you you’ve got access to everyone who was on the bases during the kills. You go to your recent phone calls and tap on JJ’s number, as it rings you tap your fingernails on the railing.
“You NCIS?” A voice asks from behind you.
“Yea.” You confirm turning to face the sailor behind you. JJ’s phone goes to voicemail so you hang up. “What’s up?”
“Did your partner find you?” He asks.
“Yea, blonde guy, maybe six foot. Blue eyes. Came on board an hour ago.”
“Not yet, I thought he was coming later.” You lie with a smile. “Thanks for letting me know.” He nods and heads further down the deck. No one was meeting you, not that you’d been told about anyway. You thought he’d been talking about one of the BAU but none of the men in the BAU are blonde.
You hurry back down to your room and start sifting through the information. You search by NCIS agents first, while you don’t want it to be an Agent it’d be nice for this case to be over. After scanning through the list of names for two different bases you find a few matches. They narrow down to five at the next base and then one man is left when you look at the last list.
You’ve got him. You sprint back up to the top deck and call Tony first. As you expected you get his voicemail.
“Hey Tony. So I just found out that my new partner Aaron Hotchner and I are getting a a probie. His name is Nick Perry, let me know if you’ve got any information about him for me. Talk to you soon.” You turn and nearly drop the phone you’re so startled. Standing before you is a man with blonde hair and blue eyes, on his hip is an NCIS badge.


Abby and David can’t be together. I can’t tell you why but they can’t.

bellamy + she’s home
  • (part one with clarke)
  • Bellamy getting back after two weeks of travelling with Octavia and Lincoln, searching out allies with various Grounder tribes, exhausted and weary to his bones, because it’s been almost a year, and stories of her dog his every step in the Grounder villages, tales of Clarke of the Sky People and the death she’d brought down upon their greatest enemy, the Mountain Men.
  • Bellamy stepping through the gates of Camp Jaha and knowing right away that something’s happened, because there’s a foreign buzz in the air, one that only crops up when something of significance has occurred.
  • Bellamy setting down his pack when a shout goes up–Bellamy’s back!–and bracing for the onslaught of news and hugs that always greet him nowadays from the Delinquents, while Octavia laughs off to the side, she and Lincoln moving off towards their tent together to drop their gear.
  • Bellamy patiently working through the small crowd of kids that turn out to welcome him home, not paying much attention to their words until Miller’s in front of him, hand settling on his shoulder, and saying that she’s home.
  • Bellamy feeling a rush of numbness overtake him as he stares at Miller and just asks Clarke? and Miller nodding, jerking his head back towards the remains of the Ark then leading the way through the kids, who’re still chattering to each other in excitement.
  • Bellamy having questions running through his mind but being unable to put any of them in the air as he hoists his pack up again and following Miller because this can’t be real, can it? He doesn’t know how many times he’s woken up from a dream of her having come back in the last eleven months and is just tired enough that he’s not sure he isn’t in the midst of another dream.
  • Bellamy catching sight of Clarke exiting the Ark with Abby and Kane in tow, blonde hair turning to shimmering gold in the dying sunlight, and realizing she’s searching the people–for him–because then she’s looking right at him and is starting to smile.
  • Bellamy dropping his pack and crossing the space between them in fifteen long strides–he’s not waiting for Clarke to come to him, not this time–and she waits for him, arms outstretched, and Bellamy wraps his around her, lifting her off her feet and burying his face in her shoulder.
  • Bellamy shuddering when Clarke’s fingers curl into his hair and feeling the warm moisture of her tears against his neck and just holding her tighter, unconcerned with how he can feel the toes of her boots bumping against his shins.
  • Bellamy breathing in her scent–sunshine and salt and Clarke–and letting the rest of the world fall to the background.
  • Bellamy letting out a choked laugh when she whispers “I missed you” against his skin, voice unsteady with her emotions and rasping out “I know. I missed you too” in reply, and he won’t say how hard it’d been, how rough those first months had been, because she doesn’t need that weight.
  • Bellamy finally setting her back on her feet, but not releasing her all together, his hands lingering on her back to keep her close and hers resting on his arms. Clarke having tears in her eyes and smeared on her cheeks–tanned, like she’s been in the sun, where she belongs--as she looks up at him.
  • Bellamy leaning down to rest his forehead against hers, smiling at the laugh that sounds like a sob that escapes from Clarke, because he missed her, he missed her, she’s not allowed to leave like that again.
  • Bellamy straightening and telling her as much–you’re not allowed to leave like that again, not without me–because it’s been a long year and he knows the value of communication now, the importance of saying what you mean, after having to shepherd the Delinquents on his own for so long, and savoring the warmth that steals into her blue eyes at that.
  • Bellamy wanting to kiss her, because in the long eleven month since she left him standing there, the memory of her in his arms and her lips against his jaw burned into his memory, he’s realized that she’s it for him, there’s never going to be anyone who compares to Clarke, but he doesn’t. Because he won’t risk scaring her off, not when he just got her back.
  • Bellamy realizing that Kane and Abby have been joined by David Miller, that all three are rather amused, and that Raven (Wick bearing down on her, because he has trouble losing sight of her for long) is standing with Monty and Harper nearby, watching the proceedings.
  • Bellamy looking back down at Clarke and contemplating spiriting her away, because she’s obviously been here for a day or two, but instead shifting to slide one arm across her shoulders, keeping her close to his side (it’s going to be hard to let her go more than a few feet away for a while) as he turns to face the Arkers’ leaders.
  • Bellamy giving his report to Abby and Kane about the outcome of the two-week trek into the mountains with his sister and Lincoln, aware of Clarke slipping her arm around his waist, leaning against him in quiet contentment.
  • Bellamy feeling Clarke tense beside him when Octavia and Lincoln join the little powwow, and tightening his arm around her as he eyes his sister, knowing where the stress was coming from, but also knowing what Clarke doesn’t, that he and Octavia have had several loud arguments about her opinion on Clarke’s leadership skills.
  • Bellamy waiting as Octavia stares at Clarke with a blank face, impatient for her to make up her mind, because if she keeps this up, Clarke is going to try and step away from him and he isn’t ready to have her even a couple of steps away at this point.
  • Bellamy letting out a quiet sigh of relief when Octavia finally shrugs with an offhand glad you’re back, Clarke, things aren’t the same without you bossing us around and not missing the way the woman at his side slumps in relief even as she responds with a thank you, octavia.
  • Bellamy steering the conversation back to business with one-minded purpose–the sooner they’re done here, the sooner he can find a quiet corner to talk to Clarke in–and letting Lincoln and O put in their opinions and observations on their expedition’s results.
  • Bellamy tangling his fingers Clarke’s loose curls without even realizing he’s doing it.
  • Bellamy sharing a significant glance with Abby when they’re done, before glancing down at Clarke, finding her already watching him, and murmuring come on.
  • Bellamy clasping one of Clarke’s hands in his, taking them away towards the fence surrounding Camp Jaha, ducking behind the shrapnel that shields Raven’s Gate for some privacy–heavens knows there isn’t a lot of that here.
  • Bellamy and Clarke settling down cross-legged, her close enough that her legs overlap his and her blue eyes filled with relief and hope and contentment as she looks up at him.
  • Bellamy letting his hands settle on her legs, needing to touch her, because he’s still not sure this is real, it’s been so long.
  • Bellamy asking after a long space of quiet where they just watch each other if she found what she was looking for, and feeling the lingering knot in his chest ease further when Clarke nods with a low I did, Bellamy, thank you for letting me go. (He wants her to say his name forever.)
  • Bellamy trying to shrug it off, as if it hadn’t been as hard as she made it out to be, but failing because it had been, it’d been harder to watch her walk away than pulling that lever with her hand trembling beneath his.
  • Bellamy stilling when Clarke reaches for him, her fingertips–her hands are cold–brushing his cheeks, slim fingers combing back his unruly hair with care as she soothes eleven months of pain away with a few simple touches.
  • Bellamy closing his eyes and letting his head droop into her touch, wishing she didn’t affect him so profoundly but not wanting to have it any other way.
  • (clarke whispering i’m sorry for leaving you, bell, i’m so sorry. i had to go.)
  • (bellamy shaking his head ever so slightly, as long as you’re okay now.)
  • (i am. i am. i needed to find myself again and i’m going to be okay now. quiet but sure.)
  • (just… don’t leave me like that again, okay? i can’t lose you, clarke.)
  • (okay. i won’t. pause, breath, then her lips against his forehead, lingering. he feels her smile. i have so much to tell you.)
  • (the feeling’s mutual. the kids have done a lot of growing up.)
  • (thank you for looking out for them, bellamy.)
  • (anything for you, clarke.)
  • it’s going to be okay.