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Abs are important (for some)
  • Tierra and Abby: *talking about the abs in Noble my Love*
  • Jamie: Okay, but this show is cute like look-
  • Tierra: But are there abs?
  • Jamie: No, but-
  • Abby: But are there abs??
  • Jamie: No, but this dude is adorable and-
  • Abby and Tierra: She doesn't understand the importance of abs does she?
  • Jamie: Okay, but he is in charge of this advertisement com-
  • Tierra and Abby: *at the same time* absertisment *high five*
  • Jamie: Okay, is this what you want *shows scene in which dude in her show has no shirt*
  • Tierra: eh, they are better in Noble my Love
  • Jamie: Okay, I'm done.

​Sometimes I wonder if our favorite historical figures look at us from the afterlife and say “that’s my person. That’s my person and I will guide them thru the next seventy-five years” and then there’s others that are more “you read my wife and I’s letters one more time and I will end you.”


“What the hell is wrong with you two” - Patty when she walks in on them half-naked with a fire burning on the floor, probably.



“ Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people.  So don’t focus on writing characters who are strong.  Write characters who are people.’’ (original post)


“I left two men monitoring the radio. If there’s any word from Raven, they’ll call down immediately.”


We are here to make a better world. No amount of rationalization or blaming can preempt the moment of choice each of us brings to our situation here on this planet. The lesson of the ‘60s is that people who cared enough to do right could change history. We didn’t end racism but we ended legal segregation. We ended the idea that you could send half-a-million soldiers around the world to fight a war that people do not support. We ended the idea that women are second-class citizens. We made the environment an issue that couldn’t be avoided. The big battles that we won cannot be reversed. We were young, we were self-righteous, reckless, hypocritical, brave, silly, headstrong and scared half to death.

And we were right. I regret nothing.

- Abbie Hoffman, Vanderbilt University on April 1989.


“I have this new group of people that I consider to be like my fans and sort of my family..who kinda get all this stuff about me that–for a while, you know, some people were like,‘that’s weird that you do that’ or 'you’re kinda quirky’.. 'you’re kinda short’..'you’re kinda this, you’re kinda that.’ That stuff starts to mess with you as an actor–And suddenly to have that sort of validation…  People don’t like to hear the word,'validation’ but it’s nice to have people be like,'we’re cool with that, actually. And we like it. And we believe it,so we’re gonna go on the ride.’ Um…so, I’m touched.”- Nicole Beharie

Okay so I completely headcanon Erin as bi, but come along for the ride with me a second here:

Erase all that mooning over Kevin. Forget Phil. Now imagine that Erin Gilbert is as gay as the earth is round, she’s just infuriatingly straight-passing and hated that in college (Abby used to laugh at all the times men would back away from her red and stuttering when she turned them down in varying degrees of shameless: “i don’t do men” “I’m gay as fuck” “are you a woman? No? Than no.”) but honestly once she got to Columbia she buttoned herself up and kind of… took advantage of it? it was as simple in her eyes as keeping her dating life private, dressing a little more uptight and feminine, and taking platonic male dates to fundraisers once and awhile. Anything to “fit in”, feel “normal” enough to vie for that coveted tenure. She’d grit her teeth and bare it. It was just who she was.

But then the Ghostbusters happened. She starts living with these three women she trusts more than anyone else, one of them her childhood best friend, another pinging her gaydar so hard on first meeting that her heart almost blew right out of her chest… and then there’s Patty, who amazingly and hilariously feels no shame at sharing every dirty detail of the dates she goes on.

Erin starts “regressing” ecstatically back to her true form. She’s herself again, and damnit, the plaid comes back out (she’s never been beyond enjoying a good cliche) and she gets a little more carefree in her reactions to Holtz’s giddy flirting. But she doesn’t flirt back. Not yet.

She’s never had such a golden opportunity to prank someone…. never hidden her sexuality for such a fun reason before. She blushes and giggles and slaps the engineers arm but plays the part of the flustered straight girl.

Meanwhile Holtz is cornering Abby and asking something like “does Erin seem…. different to you? Did you know she likes Tegan and Sara?”
(Abby plays dumb because she can’t believe this girl’s gaydar is so bad and that her best friend is being so evil).

And Patty: “Patty baby, am I crazy or is Erin up to something?” (Patty has no idea either, so she helps Holtzmann not a bit).

Until one day, Holtz comes sleepily stumbling down the stairs on laundry day, in a plaid pajama pants and t shirt combo Erin hasn’t seen before. The T-shirt reads “say hey if you’re gay”

Erin leans against the kitchen counter, grins wide and shamelessly, eyes raking up and down Jillian Holtzmann’s form until the blonde gets visibly antsy. Flustered. Almost anxious.

And then Erin Gilbert nods at her and says suave and low as anything, “hey.”


If you watched season 6 of Dance Moms you know this kid had some hilarious moments and faces :P

Elliana Walmsley - Interviews and Funny moments on Dance Moms season 6!


How to know if you’re a perfectly innocent specimen:
*name is Jillian Holtzmann*