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Do you ever imagine yourself in your favorite show and make up your own character and the connection you have with your favorite character and what they would say and do. I don't know might just be me...

16 Wishes [2010]

I didn’t want to be an adult, I wanted to be treated like one.

Plot: A 16 year old girl prepares a list of 16 wishes for 8 years, hoping they will come true on her 16th birthday. A fairy comes to give her 16 candles that make the 16 wishes come true. Her wishes go the wrong way and are permanent when midnight comes. She has one final wish to reverse her previous wishes.

Director: Peter DeLuise

Actors: Debby Ryan (Abby Jensen), Jean-Luc Bilodeau (Jay Kepler), Anna Mae Wills (Celeste)

Writers: Annie DeYoung


“Into You” by Ariana Grande | Choreography by Brian Friedman

at Millennium Dance Complex in LA

ft: Maddie Ziegler, Larsen Thompson, Jojo Gomez, Sean Lew, Kerrynton Jones, Richard Swagg Curtis, Whyley Yoshimura, Jal Joshua, Ryan Ramirez, Abby Lett, Madison Cubbage, Kierstyn Tupa, Samantha Long, Stevie Dore, Angle Gibbs, Samaria Barnes, Morgan Geraghty, Jazz Smith & Grant Smith


Happy Holidays, Debby!

I hope you’re aware of how many aliens adore you. you make us laugh, smile and just feel so much happiness. you  have such a likable and lovely personality. you work so hard and are so passionate about it. you always take time for us aliens and we truly do appreciate that. that’s something you don’t even need to do. you let us get closer to you and made us feel like we actually know you in real life. you are one of those idols who isn’t a celebrity to their fans, but a friend. you make us feel beautiful, confident, smart and loved. you are yourself which makes you so real and lovable. you’re so ground and so kind. it’s unbelievable.  you really are going to go far with your career and just go far as a person in general. 2014 is going to be your year. and we’re going to be here to support you like you have supported and believed in us. I hope you are having a great holiday with your family. you deserve to spend time with people you care about and relax. you deserve an immense amount of happiness in your life and I hope you always have it.

we will love you unconditionally,

your aliens.


thank you to those aliens who participated in helping myself put together this video.  those of you from twitter and the galaxy, etc.,  I truly couldn’t have done it without you. hope we all can always come together everyday to show debby our love. because that’s what it’s all about. 

~ @SLODTVDfan4ev

Song: Instrumental to “Unconditional” by Katy Perry

Person: Debby Ryan




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