abby ryan

Do you ever imagine yourself in your favorite show and make up your own character and the connection you have with your favorite character and what they would say and do. I don't know might just be me...

“Into You” by Ariana Grande | Choreography by Brian Friedman

at Millennium Dance Complex in LA

ft: Maddie Ziegler, Larsen Thompson, Jojo Gomez, Sean Lew, Kerrynton Jones, Richard Swagg Curtis, Whyley Yoshimura, Jal Joshua, Ryan Ramirez, Abby Lett, Madison Cubbage, Kierstyn Tupa, Samantha Long, Stevie Dore, Angle Gibbs, Samaria Barnes, Morgan Geraghty, Jazz Smith & Grant Smith

bobrovskies  asked:

emily connor abby sarah catherine jake ryan owen

emily is my significanr otter and actual love of my life. i’d die for her. i hope she knows that tbh

can i say connor mcdavid for this one bc idk anyone named connor that i actually like so. connor mcdavid? my boyfriend. also? elite.

abby is……interesting. dramatic, but she’s always been nice to me.

sarah is my cousin. shes great and i wish we were closer lowkey

catherine???? ahhhh???? i dont know anyone named catherine i think

jake is going to the same college as my best friend and i am JEALOUS. kind of a partier and a Jock™ but. good dude i guess?

ryan is……..good sometimes and yikes sometimes. knew him when he was a kid. so???? idk

ive never met anyone named owen actually. huh.