abby munoz

Dear Abby,

It’s okay that you accidentally spit on my laptop and “oh snap Selena and Justin be holding hands in Mexico!” It’s cute, that lion cupcake corner creation you just sent it me and thanks for cooking my cupcakes while I’m out. Thanks for all the drawings, watching Modern Family with me, and for all those little things. I remember asking God for a little sister when I was a wee lassy, and my prayer was answered in a form of a white cutey sister who massages people and gives hugs for free! Love you sissy! Happy Birthday! Even though you might be taller than me (NOT YET..ish).

P.S. I wanted to enumerate everythang, but dawg, lets slow down on the cheese, we’re having deep dish pizzas later. (And I’m saving it for your debut. HAHA!)

Peace! Sister G-Beef