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My alternate cover for Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake: Issue #3!!! SO EXCITING! If you’re sitting there being like, “hey, that looks familiar,” you’re right! It’s a parody of the famous Conan the Barbarian cover done by the almighty Frank Frazetta.

Thanx to AD Adam Staffaroni of Boom! Studios and, of course, Fionna/Cake creator Natasha Allegri. Go pick one up at your local comic shop around mid-January!


Dream Arcade is here!!! We could not be more excited to share this creative project and all of the fantastic artwork that went into it!

Dream Arcade is on display at Light Grey Art Lab through October 3rd. You can check out the permanent online gallery here, work on the online shop, and play the game on the Light Grey Website!

Thanks for your support and enthusiasm! 


two versions of my submission for the LADY KNIGHTS // WOMEN WARRIORS zine put together by Abby Boeh, Julia Scott and Roxie Vizcarra. This is where you can tell I’m not illustrator, because everyone else’s submissions are way more bad ass amazing characters than mine! I was thinking about post-mortem Medieval busts and wooden statuary more than awesome ladies in action. Anyway there’s going to be a literal ton of amazing people’s work in this zine that premieres at MoCCA fest this year so you should pick one up!



LADY KNIGHTS // WOMEN WARRIORS is coming to MoCCA tomorrow and Sunday at the 69th Regiment Armory in NYC! Table A12! (Along one of the walls!) We have a limited number of copies, so grab one early or you may not get one at all!

Our totally excellent table consists of Roxie Vizcarra, Julia Scott, Heather Danforth, and myself! We will all have other super great zines and prints for you to buy as well! Come say hi!

Artist Spotlight: Abby Boeh

 We’re starting a new feature this week– Weekly Artist Spotlights. This week it’s Abby Boeh, the artist for MER, our supernatural romance graphic novel coming out this fall.

Abby graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in Illustration and a concentration in Animation. Her work has gorgeous smooth lines and bright colors. As you can see above, she’s brought her A-game to her work for Roar. 

Comics fans have probably already seen her excellent Frank Frazetta tribute cover for Fionna and Cake.

She was a co-editor and contributor to the infamous Women Warriors zine.

Abby’s also been in a show for Light Grey Art Lab.

Getting excited for MER yet? Be sure to check out Abby’s portfolio site, tumblr, and twitter.