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So, I don’t know much about you. Except that you value really old stuff…

And, you value me.

You’re the first person to do that in a long time.

anonymous asked:

WA fans post negative things in the SB tag daily, almost. So if the most common posts by a SB shipper that you see in your tag is asking for peace, I'd say that's better than the alternative. You are seeing this only from one side as if WA fans have done nothing antagonizing or worthy of retaliation. They have, so have SB fans. Only difference is when WA fans attack they are aggressive as fuck. Sometimes it's called for, but mostly it's not. Like the way you did to snowbarrify or whatever.

Oh, really? Please show me all these negative posts and no, the ones from WA fans asking where this supposed hate is and tagging SB does not count because those posts cropped up after this message and other messages to WA fans and in retaliation to you guys constantly invading our tags and then accusing us of invading yours. There was practically nothing before these asks happened.

I check the SB and Caitlin Sn*w tags constantly because I keep hearing these accusations and because I like Caitlin a lot and I see nothing but positive things. And I check on mobile too. The only negative SB post that I saw in the SB tag were two posts by some simplymaddiekat person (two posts by one person) and I personally sent this girl an anonymous ask to keep her hate out of the SB tag for you guys because I’m not a hypocrite. That’s more than I can say for your fandom.

Meanwhile, I used to see WA hate in the tags constantly, especially back when Candice was first cast (though you guys have learned better not to tag this BS) and I STILL see negative things on the Iris West tag. It’s cooled off a little because of the hiatus, but it’ll definitely be in full force once the show comes back on. Many of you find every excuse under the sun to hate Iris, including but not limited to how she’s supposedly “ugly” or she’s “useless” or she’s a “whore” or “ugh. i hate the way she breathes around the flash. she’s just thirsty for a superhero and not who he is as a person”

I know a bunch of people in the WA fandom crap on SB but as far as I’ve seen, they never tag it as SB and they always use different names for it. But you know what, this is a false equivalence yet again. WA-hate is rooted in misogynoir (and don’t give me not all SB fans are racist. I know that. Still doesn’t change the fact that shipping preferences are heavily skewed towards white cishet ships and that there are racists in your fandom). SB-hate isn’t rooted in any racism whatsoever. It’s the opposite. Many of us WA fans don’t like SB fans because the whole fanon ship started because a black woman dared to be cast as Iris West and the fans proceeded to demonize or try to erase Iris in order to justify their ship. WA fans get upset because many SB fans try to erase Iris when she’s the leading lady of the show or use the same tired excuses of why they don’t ship WestAllen that white fandom ALWAYS uses whenever black women are cast as romantic interests to white male leads. And you know what, white fandom tends to succeed in getting the black women erased or sidelined because they are vocal and loud about their displeasure. So why shouldn’t we be “aggressive” and loud about our displeasure of Iris-erasure? Why shouldn’t we be “aggressive” and loud if it drowns out their hate??

I seriously do not care about ship wars which is why I’ve never engaged before and I grew up in the Harry Potter and ATLA fandoms with all the Romoine versus Harmony and the Kataang versus Zutara wank. The ONLY reason I’m so active at defending Iris and WA is because this type of representation is huge to WOC. Don’t pretend WA “hate” against SB is a ship war, when it’s not. It’s about misogynoir and internalized racism in shipping preferences and how black women aren’t even given the chance before people are clamoring to support the white fanon ship. To pretend that it’s just some silly shipping war as SB fans are apt to do is SO disingenuous. THIS is why we hate seeing all those peace posts. You guys keep reducing it to something as trivial as shipping wars, when it’s really not. Stop equivocating WA and Iris West defense with the racist hatred we’re trying to fight.

Is anyone telling you to stop shipping SB? I’ve never seen WA fans do that, so I don’t get where all these people who say “aw, I’m sorry WA fans are so mean. Keep shipping what you want to ship” to SB fans that we reply to. We’re NOT saying that you need to stop shipping SB. All we want is for SB fans to stop demonizing Iris, for fans to stop erasing her from the narrative, and for you guys to stop invading our tag. Our tag is our SAFE HAVEN from having to deal with racists, from misogynists, from debates, from needing to defend WA and Iris. We don’t want it flooded with “peace posts” and we don’t want you invading our tags in general, which I’ve explained nicely (or at least not aggressively) before

And maybe I was a little too aggressive with snowbarrified this one time (even though I think it was more sarcastic than aggressive), but I’ve been SO polite in the past and because you guys constantly say we’re too aggressive about it and that we’d get so much farther if we were polite, but guess what–nothing has changed. You still post in our tags. You still cry foul when we point out racist double standards. You still get more upset at your feelings getting hurt than you do about the racism. Respectability politics has gotten me nowhere even though you guys keep saying it would. All it’s gotten me is 4 different messages from SB shippers telling me that not every SB shipper is racist, as if that somehow negates the fact that there are SB shippers who are racist.

So frankly, I’m tired of being polite about it when it gets me nowhere. I’m tired that you guys are more quick to point out WA “aggression” than you are to call out racism. I’m tired that you guys ask to stop hatred, but you never do anything to actually stop Iris hatred. I’m tired that you like to point out that “not all SB fans are racist” which serves no point except to detract from the issue, but don’t do anything to actually combat the issue. I’m tired of the hypocrisy.

And maybe snowbarrified actually had good intentions, but the person’s reply to thisislostinlace rang as very hypocritical to me. I was being serious and not just snarky when I replied to snowbarrified, even if I was maybe “aggressive” about it. If this person really thinks that we shouldn’t be silent so that supremacy doesn’t win, then how come WA fans are bullies when we’re not silent about misogynoir??? If this person is serious about being vocal so supremacists don’t win, where is this person when SB fans say racist and/or misogynistic things about Iris???

Maybe I missed a post where this person called out all the racism in Iris hate, if so, please direct me to it and I’ll be the first to offer a formal apology to snowbarrified. (I checked out the person’s Iris West and WA tags and they’ve reblogged a couple nice things about Iris which is great, but I still don’t see a post where they call out the racism… There’s this post, but it’s one line that doesn’t seriously address the issues of Iris-hatred in the SB fandom and once again puts fighting racism on the same level as actual racism and reduces Iris-defense to a ship war, so it really doesn’t count as calling out the racism in the SB fandom). I don’t like being mean to anyone and I always try to be polite even when I’m pissed, but I’m tired of catering to your fandom’s feelings when you guys don’t seem to care about our feelings.

Do you understand how rare it is for WOC to have representation like Iris West on our screens? Do you understand how terrible and ashamed we feel about ourselves when mainstream movies, television shows, books, etc. constantly tell us that we’re not as beautiful or as worthy of love as white women? That our place is to be the best friend, but never the love interest?? Do you understand how truly better it makes us feel to see characters like Iris West, Joan Watson, Lacey Porter, Mercedes Jones, Bonnie Bennet, Braeden, Abbie Mills, etc? Do you understand how hurt we feel when fandom think these women to be undeserving of the male lead’s attention? When fandom tries to get these women killed or written off? It always starts off with vocal hate and then it leads to twitter campaigns and, what do you know, the WOC get sidelined and “it’s always been you, Jo” happens. Are you really going to demonize us for not wanting this to happen yet again???

If snowbarrified’s idea of “[not] stay[ing] silent” is to tell both WA and SB fans to spread peace, when WA fans are merely trying to protect Iris from being one of MANY black women erased from a show due to racist fans, rather than to tell the racist people in her fandom to stop being racist then I don’t care much about this person’s idea of being vocal. Yes, you need to spread love and positivity – which I do by making headcanons and writing meta and making fun edits on WestAllen and Iris and starting a WestAllen prompt week and ignoring all the SB stuff that isn’t racist against Iris – but you also need to respond to the actual racism. You can’t just ignore it and hope that it goes away on its own. Because, newsflash, it doesn’t just go away. It just makes the racists think they can get away with being vocal about their misogynoir. Spread love, but also stomp out the racist hate. That’s how you make sure supremacy doesn’t win.

I’m really done with the hypocrisy of your fandom. At this point, all it seems like you guys are interested in is being able to ship your white ship without feeling guilty about the racism in your fandom.

To which I say, screw that. I’m not going to stop being vocal about it just to assuage white guilt. (And white followers, please please please don’t feel defensive about this. I really don’t understand the need of people to say “But not all men” or “Not all white people” – If you’re not racist, then it doesn’t apply to you. Getting defensive and making the conversation about you only makes you part of the problem. Again, white followers, if you really are not racist, then it doesn’t apply to you). 

And before any SB fan cries foul and says, “well this SB shipper is POC” - that kind of argument is called the association fallacy. POC liking SB doesn’t somehow negate the fact that there is a lot of racism in your fandom. Not to mention, POC can internalize racism as well…

So, tl;dr yes, I (and the rest of my fandom) am tired of these “spread peace” posts because the people who keep posting them are silent when it comes to Iris hate. Because these posts from the SB fandom have never once cropped up back in the early fandom days when all you saw in the Iris tag was hate about her being black. Because these posts keep putting us on the same level as the racists, as if being angry about racism is just as bad as racism. Newflash, it’s not. It really is not and anyone who thinks so needs to evaluate their lives.

I would love if I didn’t need to defend Iris. I would love if I could just reblog pretty things and come up with cute headcanons for my OTP. I would love if you could just reblog pretty things and come up with cute headcanons for your OTP. But no. Instead, Iris gets demonized and/or erased by fandom and I have to make time to defend her. Instead you guys decide to start fandom wank by invading our tag and calling us bullies in our inboxes. Thanks for that. How about you just stay in your lane and enjoy things about your OTP without needing to demonize or diminish or erase Iris, so we can stay in our lanes and enjoy our OTP? How does that sound?

P.S. If you really want to talk about bullies how about your SB shipmates who sent journalistiriswest hate about tagging Caitlin in a Sn*wSt*rm post? We don’t crap on people who post about Eddie/Iris in the Iris tag, yet we’re the bullies??? Okay… 

Just finished watching the Supergirl pilot

Honestly there were some clunky bits in it. There were bits of dialogue I thought were very clumsily done. CGI in some places was messy as well. But those are all to be expected from a pilot. The CGI in Agents of SHIELD pilot were just flatout terrible. 

I liked the focus on emotional tension. For characters like Kara and Clark who have near every power in the book, I’ve always said a writer should focus on emotional stakes and tension to write their stories instead of putting them against stronger baddies (like what is Doomsday? Nothing Death of Superman after all these years is pretty dull give me a Superman who’s AFRAID of Doomsday over a fight between Supes and Doomsday). 

The main cast is still really white, Hank and Jimmy help balance it, with six mains (Kara, Alex, Cat, Winn, Jimmy, Hank), but it’s still a two to four ratio and we can do better. There needs to be at least ONE women of color to join in Kara’s main supporting cast. I’m hoping once Winn goes evil we’ll get that if not - preferably - sooner. 

I read one essay in the Supergirl tag that basically tore the pilot apart with claiming the same romcom tropes but I honestly didn’t see them. Kara is one of the few heroes I’ve seen adapted to want to be a hero, for no other reason than she wants to help people. She doesn’t fall into it by accident (Barry, MoS!Clark), she doesn’t do it for vengeance (Oliver, Nolan!Bruce), she doesn’t do it for redemption (Tony, Bruce/Hulk), she just does it.

Kara actively pursues it, right from the start of the show. Her mission was always to protect, she just transferred it from her cousin to humans. So I liked how she actively sought to become a hero, it was a nice switch. 

Also her and James Olsen - who is a super cutie is that his superpower being super smooth? - have tons of chemistry. And I already hear the cries of “why can’t they just be friend?” well shut the fuck up nope. I hardly see people of color being love interest in media - especially black people. I mean look at how fandom treats Abbie Mills, Bonnie Bennet, fuck, IRIS WEST. 

Where were all the shippers mourning the lack of Carol/Tyresse who were comic canon? Noah had twenty times the chemistry with Beth that Daryl did (and was WAY less creepy seriously) but where were the shippers? Snowb*rries wanna ship Cait with Barry over Cisco who she’s way closer with and was more “jealous” - yeah Cait I saw you jelling over Snart - over someone showing interest in Cisco than Barry. But where are the shippers? Sure there are some, but compared to the white ships? I can already see people cooing over Winn - who’s freaking Toyman just like Cait is Killer Frost - and wanting Kara to just “see him” for the “nice guy” he is. Please. 

So yeah, I’m glad from the damn get-go they’ve established that James is Kara’s main love interest, and no I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Why is that a bad thing? Why all this “to romcom let them be friends” bs? 

Honestly the pilot wasn’t perfect, the show needs at least ONE more person of color (preferably a woman) on the cast, and other bits need to be smoothed out majorly. But I enjoyed it way more than Arrow, Agent Carter, or Agents of SHIELD so. 

Also Jimmy/Kara new ship would recommend