abby and connor are checking out

The Signs as Just The 100 Things
  • Aries: Jasper with his Anti-Grounder stick
  • Taurus: Bellamy having threesomes
  • Gemini: Murphy pissing on Connor's back
  • Cancer: Octavia chasing a butterfly
  • Leo: Pound Town
  • Virgo: Raven saying to Connor, "You are the most beautiful broom in a broom closet of brooms."
  • Libra: Abby and Kane avoiding eye contact like children
  • Scorpio: Lexa checking herself out in the mirror
  • Sagittarius: Clarke and Wells playing chess like a couple of nerds
  • Capricorn: Monty Wearing a cardigan
  • Aquarius: Jaha shoving a baby in his space suit
  • Pisces: Lincoln slicing Cage's hand off