abby and cameron

GALLAGHER GIRLS CLASSIFIED WEEK DAY TWO // Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy - favorite romantic relationship -> abigail cameron and edward townsend

“Yes,” Abby countered, “because obviously a plane is never on the ground, like it is…say…now.”
“Oh, please.” Townsend shrugged off her worries. “If they know she’s on this plane, they’ll simply shoot the whole thing down.”


gallagher girls meme: [3/5] relationships >> abby x townsend

Even after the plane took off, they kept debating security perimeters and protocols. I’m pretty sure they argued for forty-five minutes about where the best place for cappuccino was near the Colosseum.

(also for ((belated)) ggshipweek)

  • Rachel Morgan: sharp black pantsuits, the sound of running water, the slight scent of perfume, laughing while being tickled (or tickling someone else), falling asleep in your kid's twin-size bed, Chinese takeout on a wobbly table, a stack of family photo albums, a perfect French manicure
  • Abby Cameron: skimpy lace nightgowns, eyeshadow palettes with an unnecessary amount of shades in them, coffee mugs with sassy quotes, monochrome workout clothes, a white duvet tangled on a hotel beds, French windows thrown open to let in sunlight, making terrible puns and then laughing at them, staying up late to look at the moon
  • Matt Morgan: a river flowing through the woods, early morning sunrises, family-size bags of M&Ms, a fire roaring in a fireplace, the feel of an old flannel jacket, worn-out punching bags in run-down gyms, the smell of wood smoke, old sheepdogs lying on older rugs
  • Joe Solomon: rainy days and wet asphalt, parts of a gun arranged perfectly on a table, perfectly grilled steak with a side of mashed potatoes, the smell of icy mountain air, flickering lights in a concrete room, old notebooks in a dusty metal lockbox, fading scars, the arc of a raised eyebrow
  • Catherine Goode: bloody and scraped knees, dark red nail polish, a half-empty box of matches, the sound of humming in a rocking chair, black turtlenecks, loud and melodious laughter echoing in a room, the scent of burnt rubber from screeching tires, worn and stained books of old fairy tales
  • Edward Townsend: a martini with a single olive, the muffled sound of an argument through an apartment wall, a barber's razor dragging down a cheek, stained carpets, the smell of scrambled eggs and toast, silver cufflinks, sleepless circles under bright eyes, the sound of an airplane propeller

Abby + Jude + Cameron // “This is a picture of my wife, Abby, shortly after having our son, Jude.  The picture was taken when our son, Cameron, met his baby brother, Jude, for the first time.”