abby and brittany hensel

ok guys i just feel like exploding because there are so many unanswered questions. you know those conjoined twins from tlc, abby and brittany hensel?

well apparently one of them is engaged and im so happy for her because she deserves someone to love her but at the same time i just want to judge that guy so hard because how are you even going to have sex. like is he some fetish weido guy or is he really just willing to look past the fact that his fiance has her sister attached to her and that they SHARE A BODY and just truly love her for who she is. like i cant even.. there is only one girly hole down there and what if the other twin gets married too then both their men are gonna have to work out some sort of sex/lovin schedule but just ew how strange and when they are having sex are both the girls going to be getting off or is the other just going to be textin or reading just trying to ignore the fact that her sister is having sex right beside using their shared vagina. i really just don’t understand any of this and i just want all the gruesome details so that i can sleep tonight

these girls have taught me a lot. they’ve taught me that it shouldnt matter one bit what you look like. these girls go out in public, unfraid of what people might say about them. they know they will get stared at all the time, but that doesnt bother them. they let it go. they cant help what they look like. i have so much respect for these girls. if they can go out in public and be confident and not care about what people might say. absolutely no one should give a single fuck about what they look like. girls are always complaining about how they cant be a size 0 or look like barbie. all girls care about these days is loosing weight because they’re too “fat.” i want those girls to look at Abby and Brittany and realize they go out in public not giving a single fuck. these girls KNOW they will get stares and girls in this generation are upset because they aren’t happy with their body size. i think its time for girls to stop caring about every little thing about how they look. everyone was made differently and they are all perfect in their own way. girls, stop caring about what you look like and learn from Abby and Brittany. It shouldnt matter what you look like, just do what makes you happy.

Photo above is of conjoined twins Abigail and Brittany Hensel. They have a reality show of their life that premiered yesterday but i forgot to watch it and have been watching it online instead and all i can say is wow. Those two girls have left me speechless … they’re amazing. It’s always so humbling to see people making the best of their situations and that is definitely what these girls are doing. They’re so optimistic, so bubbly, so lively and it’s just so cool that they just go with it and make it work. It’s so humbling and definitely puts things into perspective. There are always people worse off than you and i know that, but knowing that doesn’t usually change how i feel about my own situations, but seeing people who are worse off and noticing how easily they deal with it, how they don’t let it get them down and stop them from living life is … it’s amazing. Granted, they were like that from birth so they’re most likely used to it, so to them it’s probably not a problem as such anymore, but still. There are most likely times when they do maybe think about what it would be like to just be separate twins, maybe wonder about their future and marriage and all that .. maybe they do … maybe they don't  But all i can say is that they are pretty darned amazing and have helped me put things about my own life into perspective  A lot of the things i fret about, freak out over, worry about and stress over … aren’t as important as i make them. Sometimes you’re born a certain way or develop something, something awful happens to you, or maybe a string of awful things..etc. but you can either let it rule your life or show it that you’re gonna live happily regardless, and that’s what i see them doing. There are alot of different people with different disabilities and who have fascinating stories but there aren’t many people who inspire me …  these two girls, however, are definitely two people who have. Seriously. 

Abby and Brittany … I thank you <3