Why Are Your Fav Abbrevs Totes Legit Hard to Spell?
You've seen them: Legit. Jealz. Rad. Totes. Def. Obvs. Probs. Whatevs. Proj. Tomorrs. Ridics. Fav. Dece. But you may not have known that there's a word for them: abbrevs. (And abbrev is itself an abbrev, obvs.) Linguist Rebecca Starr points out that while there are some earlier abbrevs, like commish (from commissioner) from 1910 and delish from 1920, the current abbrev trend has been increasing since the mid-2000s.

I’m on Mental Floss talking about the legit linguistics of abbrevs

Perhaps the best part of abbrevs is how they intersect with other slang, like acronyms. Most of the time, you just add an s or a z to the end of the acronym without actually abbreving it at all, as in lols and omgz, but acronyms with w are special. The best known are BTdubs (from “by the way” via BTW), dubsTF (from WTF), and FTdubs (from “for the win” via FTW), but I also found people on Twitter using OMdubs (“on my way” via OMW), BMdubs (BMW, as in the car), and even one guy who uses FWIdubs (“for what it’s worth”).

The “dubs” abbrevs really put the lie to the idea that people abbrev just because it’s easier, since all the w acronyms are actually shorter than their “dubs” versions.

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11 sexting acronyms from the 1930s

Sexting didn’t start with smartphones.

Abbreviating conversational phrases with acronyms isn’t unique to this decade or even this millennium. Friends and lovers exchanged hand-written letters with truncated sayings — both sweet and pornographic — as far back as Biblical times. Historian Simon Garfield chronicles this phenomenon in his book, To The Letter. […]

And while many early acronyms were used to save time, others were codes, meant to only be decipherable to the recipient. This was especially rampant in the run-up to and during World War II, when troops wanted to get a rise out of their sweethearts back home. They developed their own cryptic acronyms, many of which were sexually graphic, and scrawled them on the back of love letter envelopes.

“Soldiers were either too embarrassed to write the messages down in full or they thought the letters would get read and censored by their superiors,” Garfield says. Parents who discovered the meanings may not have been amused, but mail was seen as “essential to the maintenance of morale,” according to Garfield. Here are 11 of the most popular acronyms with soldiers in the 1930s. As a reminder, your grandfathers came up with these! (And some of them are definitely not appropriate for children.)

Here are 11 of the most popular acronyms with soldiers in the 1930s. As a reminder, your grandfathers came up with these! (And some of them are definitely not appropriate for children.)

1. FRANCE: Friendship Remains And Never Can End

2. ITALY: I Trust And Love You

3. HOLLAND: Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies

4. SWALK: Sealed With A Loving Kiss

5. MALAYA: My Ardent Lips Await Your Arrival

6. EGYPT: Eager to Grab Your Pretty Tits

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[150425] Park Sohyun's Love Game Part 11
  • DJ: I'm wondering, since you're the mathyung, have you ever felt behind the times? Especially with members like Sehun or Kai.
  • Xiumin: Uh... Well there is one thing that makes me feel that way. That... when you talk, it's called abbreviations, isn't it? Yes, that. Sometimes when they use words like that there are times I don't understand what they're talking about.
  • DJ: HAHAHA what, no way!
  • Guest: Xiumin is still young too! Maybe you're just not hearing them right?
  • Xiumin: There's that too, but I feel like I do live in a way that makes me behind the times.
  • DJ: Really???
  • Guest: But you know what things like Um-Ka* means, right?
  • Xiumin: Huh? ...I know what M-Ka means? (t/n: He's talking about the abbrev for M Countdown)
  • (DJ & Guest going crazy because they can't believe he doesn't know what that is)
  • DJ: OH MY GOSH Xiumiiiiin, fans please send him all the abbreviations you know!
  • Xiumin: Um, what does Um-Ka mean?
  • DJ & Guest: Oh my gosh are you serious right now oh my god
  • Guest: Actually no, the fact that you don't use abbreviations makes you more cool.
  • DJ: That's true, it's actually not a good thing to use those words.
  • Xiumin: Can I try to guess what it means?
  • DJ & Guest: Yes yes please do
  • Xiumin: Um-ka... (small voice) Umma Kawaii? (t/n: "Mom's cute") Is it something like that?
  • DJ & Guest: Kyaaaaa Umma Kawaiiiii~~~
  • (everyone laughs)
  • Xiumin: What is it actually?
  • DJ: When you don't have money and someone asks you 'how did you buy this' you say 'Um-ka', as in 'Mom's credit card'.
  • Xiumin: Oooh! Mom's credit card! I see...
  • *t/n: To clarify, Um-ka = Umma Card = Mom's credit card. Xiumin thought the 'ka' was for 'kawaii' which is cute in Japanese.

Imagine Chanyeol mistakenly thinking “istg” means “instagram.” He loves his Instagram and ends up writing the abbreviation at the end of each post as a sort of signature sign-off because it makes him feel cool. He doesn’t forget to add his favourite phrase, as well: “wtf” because he believes firmly in the message of “working that face.”

He receives an email just a few days later from Choi Siwon telling him not to forsake God’s sacred name and to please pray. Complete with Siwon’s personally-picked religious links and everything. Chanyeol appreciates Siwon’s concern but he’s still confused why he got the email in the first place. He replies with a “stfu” because he’s too lazy to write full-out “super thanks, friendly unicorn” (the highest of praises in his and Yixing’s dictionary).

He’s even more confused when he receives a box full of rosaries the next morning and a message that Siwon would be arriving within the hour with a prayerbook.



“@BTS_twt: 진짜 최고의 연극!! @ryeong9 려욱이형 짱 #한밤개 #한밤중에개에게일어난의문의사건 #꼭봐요 #홉이

“It was the best musical ever!! @ryeong9​ Ryeowook hyung was the best #Anincidentatnightregardingsomethingrelatedtoadog #youhavetowatchit #Hopie”

t/n: #한밤개 (shortened abbrev. of the musical title)

Trans by ArmyBaseSubs
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🤔I don’t know kids?!

😜Karlie had these Polaroids in pride of place behind her in her snap for us to see but it’s too blurry. (Top 2 and bottom Left hand image)

🌞They could well be the same as in her kitchen in the summer. (Bottom RHS)
But maybe slightly different pink colour background? Also people/background ratio seems different.

🤔I don’t think yesterday’s are from VS14. Maaaaybe lorde is the dark haired person? Bottom right of left hand sheet?

Can anyone see better than me?

UPDATE: Anon submission;

🤔Possibly her team from the Momofuku milkbar xmas party last year.

🎂Christina Tossi from MFMB (my abbrev) gave an interview yesterday about Karlie giving Taylor one of their birthday cakes.