President Abbottoir of Australia - the suppository from London

On the eve of Abbott’s visit to the USA this aired on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO on June 2, 2014.

Actually it looks like Abbottoir has said ‘I’ve got your back, Bronnie. You go, girl’ or something equally misogynistic and contemptuous of peasants.

Image (but not comment) source: Kerry Wright
Tony Abbott backs Mike Baird's call to raise GST to 15% [like this wasn't Abbottoir's plan originally]
PM praises NSW premier’s proposal as ‘very sensible’ as state and territory governments look for solutions to their fiscal challenges
By Daniel Hurst

F: Mr Mean just can’t take the heat.

[NSW Premier Mike] Baird will take a proposal to increase the GST to 15%, without broadening the base to add currently excluded areas such as fresh food and education costs, to the Council of Australian Governments (Coag) leaders’ retreat on Wednesday.

The GST proposal is set to face resistance from many of the other states and from the federal Labor party. But Weatherill, the SA Labor premier, said on Monday he supported discussing the issue.

Weatherill said he was not prepared to rule in or out any options because he wanted to have a “constructive discussion” about funding health needs, but his preferred option was to broaden the GST to cover financial services.