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Canada (Abbotsford) VS Australia (Melbourne)

Canada and Australia are generally identified as being fairly similar to each other however, here are some differences I have found between Canada, specifically Abbotsford and Melbourne, Australia!

Poutine (chips, cheese and gravy) vs FourNTwenty Meat Pie

Snow vs Rain/Sun/Wind

Toque vs Beanie

Buddy vs Mate

Mall vs Shops

University vs Uni

Tim Hortons vs Degani Cafe

Shrimp vs Prawn

Peppers vs Capsicum

Town Hall vs Rats (you have to be extremely drunk to go to both)

Mountains vs Buildings

Walmart vs Woolworths

Washroom vs Toilet

Tipping vs No tipping

Driving on right side vs Driving on left side 

Hockey vs AFL

Volleyball vs Netball

Hiking vs Treadmill

University of the Fraser Valley vs La Trobe University 

Finnigans vs The Brunswick Hotel (The Brunny)

Seven Oaks vs Northland

Dorm Parties vs Gatherings


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Okay, so I may have spent close to $1000 to see ADTR as an opening band, but it was 100% worth every single dollar.

I don’t even care that it wasn’t my first time seeing them. It’s been 3 years. They’ve helped me through way too many bad times. And I’ve never felt so happy in my entire life as I did last night. Short set list but every song was absolutely perfect. And their new songs are amazing live. They really need to do a Canadian tour soon so I can see a full set. But god am I ever happy. 

Blink 182 & All American Rejects were great too.