2 Girls Building, Abbotsford, Melbourne.

Billy Kavellaris, the architect of a fantastically decorative new Melbourne apartment building, describes the project as “contemporary urban baroque”. Kavellaris, the principal of KUD Architecture, is spot on in categorising his 30-unit 2 Girls Building in Abbotsford.vThe building strongly exemplifies an emerging new fusion movement of art meets architecture and takes it way beyond perfunctory facade interest, and aims, Kavellaris says, “at creating contemporary urban theatre in a gritty urban context”.


Abbotsford was the stone-and-lime love of Scott’s life. It was his most cherished possession, but it also possessed him. He called it ‘the Dalilah of his imagination’, his ‘Conundrum Castle’ and his ‘flibbertigibbet of a house’ that would ‘suit none but an antiquary’. Architecture and interior decoration combine to make it an iconic building of the 19th century Scottish Baronial style. With its wonderfully eccentric collections and antiquarian atmosphere, it is a key site in the history of European Romanticism.
Decision to fly Pride flag at Abbotsford City Hall outrages Bible thumpers
The Pride flag is coming to Abbotsford City Hall.

This year’s Fraser Valley Pride Celebration is set to take place in Abbotsford from July 17 to 19.

To mark this celebration of the LGBTQ communities, Abbotsford council voted this week to hoist the Pride flag at City Hall from July 13 to 20. (Perhaps there’s hope for the flag at Surrey City Hall yet.)

But not everyone’s happy about this development in the local “Bible Belt”.

On a blog that promotes Creationism and attacks the scientifically-accepted theory of organic evolution, Richard Peachey of “Citizens for a Morally Strong Abbotsford” is calling on likeminded souls to flood the inboxes of Mayor Henry Braun and councillors with emails about their “error in judgment”.

Peachey writes in a post (warning: some of our readers will find the following offensive and ignorant):

In general, “Pride” groups have as their main distinctive their particular views on sex, and their sexual practices. They tend to believe that “anything goes” between (or among) consenting individuals. Such views and practices are typically opposed by Bible-believing Christians, as well as by others in our community. So the question is: Should our city council be offering official support to views or practices that many in our community regard as sexual immorality?

There is no doubt that the views and practices of “Pride” groups are fully legal. The federal government decriminalized a variety of sexual behaviours some decades ago. But does the fact that sexually immoral behaviours are legal make them worthy of celebrating?

Please be clear that “Celebration” is what this is about. Flag-raising signifies affirmation, approval, and endorsement, and the wording of the request itself specifies “Celebration.” But should our city leaders be sending a message to the youth of Abbotsford that sexual immorality is worthy to be affirmed, approved, endorsed, and celebrated?

Of course, if you support equality for LGBTQ people and the flying of the rainbow flag at City Hall, you can send your own message to the mayor and council.

Update (June 19): Richard Peachey’s wife, Gerda, has responded to this post.

Abbotsford House
Galashiels, near Melrose, Scotland.

Abbotsford is a historic country house in the Scottish Borders, on the south bank of the River Tweed. It was formerly the residence of historical novelist and poet, Sir Walter Scott, Bt.

Scott first built a small villa and named it Abbotsford, creating the name from a ford nearby where previously abbots of Melrose Abbey used to cross the river. Scott  built additions to his house and made it into a Scots Baronial mansion, building into the walls stones from assorted ruined castles and abbeys of Scotland. He gathered a large library, a collection of ancient furniture, arms and armour, and other relics and other curiosities connected with Scottish history. Today, Abbotsford House is a Category A Listed Building.

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Family asking for public’s help to find missing Abbotsford man

A desperate search is underway for an Abbotsford man who has been missing for more than a week, but the circumstances of his disappearance is only adding to the mystery.

Bhagatpreet (Preet) Singh Khangura was last seen April 3 at the Earl’s restaurant in Chilliwack. His truck, a black 2014 F-350 was found parked near the Fraser River off the Yale Road West exit. The 29-year-old businessman often used the road to unwind and catch up on work.

His family and friends are making a plea to the public for help to find him. They’ve increased a financial reward to $25,000 for information that leads to his whereabouts.

Ever since his disappearance, family and friends spend their days scouring the banks of the Fraser River, meters from where his truck was found abandoned, hoping for some clues that may lead to finding him.

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